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UGH rude people suck… I was previously engaged and I had a friend say… oh its so similar to your “other” ring. I wanted to scream. Yes, I was with a bad guy in the past and made a bad decision, but this is the right guy and my taste in jewelery hasn’t changed… grrr.

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“Oh, that’s your engagement ring? Hm.”

“Well I see someone’s trying too hard to be different.”

“I hope you don’t think that’s a diamond.”

“Are you trying to pretend that’s a diamond?”

“I bet you wish you had a real ring, huh?”


And they keep going. People are jerks. I learned to mentally make the fisting motion and say something passive aggressive. 

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MY sister (my own sister ugh…..) Asked me when she first saw the ring

“If you and FH had more money would you have gotten a different ring?”

I promptly responded, we picked the ring bc i loved it…not for the price…adn walked away. Now its really weird because i just won a verragio diamond ring thats much more “flashier” then my current one…but both FH and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it (very similar to my original one…just bigger!!)

The setting comes with ALL the diamonds (valued at 3700) minue the center stone which will be another 5-7000. My other sister who just got engaged with a huge solitaire diamond said…

“Oh well thats lame with not center stone, pretty cheap..how much are you going to sell it for?”



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I agree with Starklin- normal secure people don’t say those things.  I have seen rings before and thought what is that? Or my gosh it is WAAAYYY TOOOO Big!  But I would never in a million years tell the girl wearing that ring something like that.  I usually tell the little white lie that I love your ring!

@octopus- I have an Aquamarine too.  I have had people ask to see my ring and then not saying anything at all.  Which leads me to think they don’t like it or weren’t expecting the non-diamond.  I usually feel compelled to tell them the reason behind the ring.  Which is silly because I shouldn’t justify anything to anyone.

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@scissors: I LOVE your ring!

A friend of mine made a passing comment about non-diamond e-rings recently and how they’re ‘weird’ (in her opinion) and I jumped all over her about how the tradition comes only from jewelers marketing them as such and how diamonds aren’t even the most rare stones in the world and whatnot. She shut up pretty quickly.

People seem to have these ideas of what is “supposed” to be “right” and they don’t even know where they come from most of the time.

Haha, then again, I’ve got a diamond on my finger, because J loves all things traditional.

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I’ve mostly had really nice things said about my ring but there were a couple doozies:

1.  “I hate rings.  They’re a symbol of the Wedding Industrial Complex.”  Actually this ring is a symbol of our commitment.  And, not-that-it’s-any-of-your-business, is made out of recycled gold with a conflict-free Canadian diamond.  Bite me.

2.  “Is it bronze?”  Um, no.  It’s rose gold.  Idiot.

3.  “Wow, it’s huge!”  This is sort of nice, but makes me uncomfortable.  It’s a .5 carat, which is actually smaller than average, but I feel like I’m some kind of shallow, trophy wife when people say that. 


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I’ve gotten mostly nice comments on my ring. However when I got it my mother did say “Wow, that’s a rock”. It’s .8 so it’s not a ridiculous rock, but my mother never had an engagement ring.

I had a friend ask how big it was (“How many carats is that thing?”) and I told her I didn’t know because I didn’t feel like telling her. She told me her ring was .4 carats and went on and on about it being VVS2 and how awesome it was and how much it cost. Frankly, I’m just not comfortable talking about how much Fiance paid or how big my ring is.

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Fiance and I stopped into a “Jewlery Store” to get some links taken out of his watch.  I put it in quotes, because it a jewlery store in a dying outlet mall that mostly sells large gold chains and large gold things to put on the chains. 

While waiting for the owner to take out the links we figured we’d look at the wedding bands they had just for the heck of it.  While looking the other gal in the store complimented my ring and immediately followed her “that’s beautiful” with and “Is it real?”  I wasn’t really sure how to take her question, and gave a simple yes.

Fiance had a good laugh about it after we left.

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I very often get the poor girl look or the ever so present “oohhh” and tons of snerky comments. The I tell them he made it for me, by hand. He sacrificed his favorite butcher knife to make it for me. Then its “OMG he made that!? Out of a butcher knife!? So romanitic!”

Yup, My baby’s good!

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@spaganya:Yea, I let a lot of things go out the window once I became a bride2be! My sister was the 1st to ask to see my ring and she put it right on! And then my next thing was that I wouldn’t show anyone pictures of me in my dress.. I gave that up the day I ordered it.  I guess with all the excitement I’m not really thinking too much about the superstitions involved (even though I tend to be prettty superstitious!!)

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@tksjewelry: OK, that’s pretty awesome — I think we’re gonna need a picture of that one, please! 🙂

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Most comments I got were nice. But there are two that I can’t stand:

1) “Is it real?” especially after where the ring is from

2) “HOW MUCH DID IT COST?” or “Did he spend his 3 months income?”

One of the gal that I know researched and kept asking, “Was it $$$?  $$$? or more than $$$?” It drove me crazy.

There are no “BAD” e-ring or wedding band.  Whatever works for the couple.  

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People comment on our rings with phrases and questions like, “Is that rose gold? You know, you’re not technically married if you don’t have gold or platinum.”, “Did you choose that? I’d get a better ring if I were you.”, “Wow! Rose gold huh? My ring, which will be platinum will be much more suitable for an engagment ring.”, “Did you buy your rings from the toys for a quarter?”

Our rings (engagement and wedding bands) are rose gold antique.

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People are so rude sometimes 😛

I just had someone who I don’t really know that well notice my ring and say “Aw that’s a cute promise ring. Won’t it be exciting when you get a real ring?” I was not impressed obviously. My ring is definitely not a promise ring because I’m pretty sure those don’t come in a set with a wedding band 😛

I love my ring and anything bigger would’ve looked silly so I’m glad he chose the ring he did and if someone doesn’t like it that’s fine, they can get a different ring lol.

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@k8sk8: You should’ve said to your boss, “As soon as I get that $10k raise I deserve, I am on my way to get that larger ring. ;)”

I picked out a vintage-looking ring and heard a comment about it looking old. I considered it a compliment. Then later, I heard someone wonder aloud about why I would buy a used ring. I guess to them, vintage = used. Not that I am opposed to buying a used engagement ring. If I found mine used, I would totally get it!

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