(Closed) October 2013 babies…part 2! (:

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@figgnewton:  So many October babies! I love it!

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Estimated Due Date: October 20, according to my app

How far along: 5W5D,according to my app

Next Appointment: 3/12 – consult, 3/15 – US (YAY!)

How are you feeling: anxious, excited, happy

Is it what you expected: not sure what I expected!

What are you researching: I’m a total worrywart, so I’m researching MC symptoms (what a downer!) and normal symptoms.

What have you bought: I’m one of the crazy ones who shopped pre-TTC and during TTC, so we have Trumpette socks for both genders, gender-neutral A+A blankets, a handful of stuffed animals (e.g. Jellycat), random/unique board books, Kate Spade diaper bag, Skip Hop diaper changer, and Lifefactory sipper/baby bottles. Everything I bought (except the books) were at a steep discount. I also replaced all my original skincare (with salicyclic acid) with eco-friendly Lush products and stretch mark toning oil.


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Estimated Due Date: October 27, 2013

How far along: approximately 4w4d

Next Appointment: My first appointment will be March 11th! 

How are you feeling: Surprisingly good! Excited and hopeful. Not very many symptoms aside from some cramping this afternoon, which of course I called the advice line about. And of course they told me it’s normal. 

Is it what you expected: Not at all…I definitely expected to “feel more pregnant.” 

What are you researching: Risks, miscarriage, statistics, maternity clothes & fun ways to tell my family.

What have you bought: So far, only the baby shoes that I bought to tell DH I was pregnant. 

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Honey bee
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Estimated Due Date: 10/17

How far along:  6w2d

Next Appointment:  February 28 (next thursday!)

How are you feeling:  Crampy, constipated and tired.  Oh yah, and very very very scared that something is wrong.

Is it what you expected:  I very much expected to be nauseous by this point as I have such a sensitive stomach.  I definitely didn’t expect the constipation to be this bad.  And I didn’t think I would be this scared and nervous that something was wrong πŸ™  

What are you researching:  Ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, maternity clothes and nursery themes (quite a wide range, haha). 

What have you bought:  A pregnancy journal (which I haven’t started until we see the heartbeat), and a Avengers onesie that I gave my DH when we got our positive.

Do you guys have spot specific twinges?  i swear I have a “blinking” twinge in the same place around the same time each night.

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Estimated Due Date: 22nd October 

How far along: 5 weeks 3 days

Next Appointment: 21st March (GP), 2nd April (introductory OB appointment) – I’ll be doing shared care between my GP and OB to keep costs down

How are you feeling: Tired and emotional! On and off nausea but full on MS has yet to strike…maybe it won’t?? lol jks of course it will

Is it what you expected: It never is πŸ˜‰

What are you researching: VBACs mainly, risk factors for MC as well

What have you bought: Nothing yet but I’ve got my eye on a Lion King baby swing and nursery set. Too cute – I’m thinking a Lion King theme nursery theme actually πŸ™‚ Also a new pram – I would love a Baby Jogger City Select with capsule. We’ll see if the budget stretches…

My doctors appointment went well. HCG levels were consistent with dates. My doctor is going to try and find the heartbeat on a doppler next month, but he’s not optimistic we’ll hear anything. Finding an OB was a task! I want to do VBAC and 3/4 of my recommended OB list turned me down flat! Finally got in with a lady OB who delivers at a hospital that is 45 mins away from me. Feeling a bit flat about it πŸ™


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Estimated Due Date: October 29th

How far along: 4 weeks, 3 days

Next Appointment: I’m due for my annual check up on Monday, but our first prenatal appt isn’t until March 18.  The wait is killing me!

How are you feeling: Completely normal actually so far, which I didn’t expect.  I think MS will hit full force around 6 weeks though so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can!

Is it what you expected: Nope, I thought I would have symptoms right away and never thought I would forget I was pregnant occassionally!

What are you researching: I started a private baby registry of things I saw moms recommend on the bee, also pinning nursery ideas, maternity progression photos, and newborn photo ideas.  Started looking into how to prepare our dog for the baby’s arrival.  She has been an only child for 7 years!

What have you bought:  I’m embarrassed to admit this but while TTC I bought a couple bella bands.  I gained a bit of weight from our honeymoon and the holidays and unfortunately some of it has stuck around.  My work pants were a bit uncomforatble, so I gave in and bought a bella band and rationalized I could also use it when we got pregnant!  Not buying anything else though until we are at least out of the first trimester.  I’ll stick to compiling my lists of things I want to buy for now!

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Helper bee
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Estimated Due Date: 10/10

How far along: According to my app, 7 weeks 1 day

Next Appointment: Next Wednesday, 2/27 will be my first!

How are you feeling: So tired. Nausea comes and goes, doesn’t seem too bad today thankfully. Been having cramps on and off since before my BFN. 

Is it what you expected: I thought for sure I’d be throwing up constantly, but I haven’t yet thankfully!

What are you researching: Trying to stay away from Googling things because I’m a total anxiety monster…but I have been researching new bras and maternity clothes! My jeans are getting tight. 

What have you bought: Just some books so far.

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Estimated Due Date: 10/8

How far along: Approx. 7w3d, hopefully we’ll have a better idea after my appoinment.

Next Appointment: First appointment is March 8th, still TWO weeks away!

How are you feeling: Tired, swollen/tender boobs, awful bloating, no MS yet (knock on wood!)

Is it what you expected: Yes and no, I was expecting horrible MS so it’s been a pleasant surprise. I did NOT expect my boobs to grow so quickly or to be so bloated. Pretty sure people are going to start catching on!

What are you researching: Everyting! Names, nursery ideas, maternity clothes, weight gain/exercise, cloth diapers, etc. I’m really trying to stay away from the health stuff as it makes me really anxious.

What have you bought: I ordered some maternity clothes last week. Premature, I’m sure, but Gap was having a huge sale! My next purchase will be a heartrate monitor to use while running and maybe some bigger bras πŸ™‚

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I’ve been nauseated every morning all week, but no puking.  This morning I decided to finally give in and just puke, and I’m so glad I did – I feel so much better!  I think I need to make my breakfasts smaller – half an english muffin instead of a whole, etc.  Currently taking some tiny bites of strawberry applesauce and it’s staying down just fine.

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Estimated Due Date: 10/11/13

How far along: 7w1d

Next Appointment: 3/13

How are you feeling: Sligtly nauseous.  Occasionally I get really tired, but when it passes I usually feel okay.  Certain food aversions are starting ( mostly meat… but only big hunks if that makes sense, ew). I am also trying to eat a little less at night because that is when it seems to be worst. Boob sare really sore, especially on the outside, I actually shrieked when DH touched it.

Is it what you expected: Yes, I am glad the sickness hasn’t been worse since I have a faily sensitivie stomach

What are you researching: just general pregnancy things, clothes and nursey design.  Also trying to decide if we should do something special to tell our families.

What have you bought: Mayo Clinic’s Guide to a Healthy pregnancy and a couple of yoga dvds, but I need some prenatal yoga dvds too.  I also need bigger bras, 


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Holy smokes! 32 babies on the list!

Estimated Due Date: Oct 24th

How far along: 5w3d

Next Appointment: Feb 26 – first apt. I’m so excited!

How are you feeling: Nauseous in the mornings, but good in the afternoons. My boobs are killing me. I feel like at least if they got bigger too it would be a fair trade, but no change so far πŸ˜›

Is it what you expected: I guess so? I didn’t really know what to expect, but I “feel” pregnany with all this nausea.

What are you researching: Everything, lol. Water birthing, safe foods, maternity leave pay, baby products…

What have you bought: All the big stuff. A department store near us is closing and had huge clearance. We have a crib, pack-and-play, high chair, car seat/carrier, stroller, breast pump, monitors, and a few outfits. I thought DH would say I was crazy wanting to go sale hunting, but he’s really excited. He keeps grabbing little things on his way home from work. πŸ™‚

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