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Lulahltj14:  sostobe:  pinkfaerie:koi424: Thanks! Yay charters!!!!

<br />

Novella:  So sorry to hear this!

bananasareyellow:  I am SO impressed with those tests! I took a Clearblue Plus test today that came with my digital – what crap that thing is! My first blue dye test and it was negative. Took my last FRER and it was positive but still so dark. Ok, no more test…well, at least not the expensive ones! πŸ˜‰

Lulah:  Our Valentine’s was quite. No card or flowers from Darling Husband – he’s so hit and miss with Valentine’s day! We had a romantic dinner of home made hamburgers followed by an hour and a half of trying to get Dear Daughter to sleep. Normally she goes to bed no problem so this must have been her Valentine’s gift for us. That followed with a bath and early bedtime. 

AFM, this pregnancy is shaping up to be very different from last time. with #1 I had no symptoms at all – no nausea, cramping, spotting, etc. Which acutally was awesome because I was in hot, hot Borden, Ontario in August on a stressful course. This time I have had 4 or 5 days of nausea, wanted to puke at 5am this morning, have had cramping (it’s pretty bad this morning), and during a middle of the night bathroom trip I wiped pink blood. But as far as I know, pink is generally OK, especially post BD (which we did). My temperature went way up this morning too which was reassuring. I will probably temp a little longer and then stop.

Our parents still don’t know! Finally got on Skype this morning only to find out my dad was napping! And then Mother-In-Law came over and didn’t notice DD’s sister shirt! Darling Husband wanted her to notice on her own so she still doesn’t know yet!

I submitted an intake form for the midwife clinic I wanted, so hopefully they have space! They are two of the four midwives from the last clinic I was at, and they branched out on their own and opened the first one in the end of town I live it (there are no doctors out here either). It’s also in walking distance of my house which is nice. I’ll also be making an appointment with the military doc on Monday too for when I’m back to work (still on maternity leave, less than two weeks left! ). That doc just takes care of the administrative side of my pregnancy, mostly, and can refer me to acupuncture, prescribe meds, etc.

And lastly, our parents still don’t know! Mother-In-Law didn’t notice DD’s shirt when she was here and Darling Husband wanted her to notice it on her own, and when I Skyped my parents, it was only my mom because my dad was napping!!!

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mrshollinger:  Great now I want chocolate peanut butter ice cream πŸ˜‰

We didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day. Darling Husband was on an overnight snowmobiling trip with a few guys.  They wanted to do it family day weekend because the trail passes are free. Guys being guys, I don’t think they realized that Feb 14th is a meer two days before Feb 16, I think he felt a bit guilty! I did get flowers though, I’m not a big fan of Valentines day anyways. I’m also taking a few courses so I’ve been trying to catch up and get ahead on them just incase I do get hit with bad morning sickness. It’s a good productivity technique I’m finding πŸ™‚

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NewfieBullet:  I used a “Best Sister Ever” shirt to share the news with my Darling Husband and both sets of parents. The reactions were kind of mixed. Darling Husband figured it out almost immediately, as did my mom. My Mother-In-Law didn’t get it at all, and both of our dads figured it out from the moms’ reactions. 

I’m 6 weeks 3 days today, and still not experiencing a ton of symptoms. I’m just trying to remind myself that I didn’t experience a lot in the beginning with my daughter, and I’m not experiencing anything worrisome either. I’ve got about a week and a half until my first appointment, so hopefully I will get a little reassurance then. For now I’m just doing my best to relax and stay positive. 

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NewfieBullet:  Have you thrown up yet or are you just nauseous?  Last night at dinner I took a bite of strip steak and hit a peice of fat and wished I could have spit it out but was at a nice restuarant!  I went to the bathroom afterwards and wished I could have thrown up (yeah, I’ll regret saying that soon for sure lol)  I like how your telling parents but I cant believe you did tell her before she left, that would kill me! haha  We are going to tell my mom at 8wks on her birthday (3/14) with a gift that screams “baby/grandma”  opening via skype.

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I think I spoke too early about the lack of symptoms. I’ve been sick all day and I couldn’t even eat. My Darling Husband did laundry and I folded it, but the detergent smell was so strong that it didn’t help at all. I started to feel sick last night and it got worse today. I’m off to bed, hoping to feel better tomorrow (it’s 11.30 pm here). Good night, everyone! 

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akbanana:  Ours were born at 38 weeks–had to be induced in the end as they don’t like you to carry past that here in the UK. The only difference so far is that I’m not as sick… yet, lol. Last time I was throwing up until 22 weeks. πŸ™ Hopefully it won’t be that bad for you! Twins are amazing and well worth the pregnancy–sickness, aches, complications and all. Ours play together really well now and I sometimes think they’re probably easier than a singleton because they entertain each other!


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NewfieBullet:  I finally got a positive on my FRER this morning (9dpo) – 2 days after my OSOM and wondfo were positive! I have 4 more FRER in my stockpile, and I do remember them being much better at showing progression than wondfos, so I’ll keep peeing on them every 3 days or so just to see the lines get darker.

Twiglets:  38 weeks with twins! Good for you, mama. That’s awesome.

So many second-time mamas on this board – will be interesting to see how similar/different everyone’s pregnancies are the second time around!

I called today and made my first appointment! March 24th – I’ll be just over 8 weeks. Finding it much easier to be patient waiting for the first appointment this time around. With DS I was going nuts at this time!

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BunnyJaques:  ugh I am so nauseous too! Mine seems to be from morning till mid day then again at around 9pm πŸ™ im going to sleep really early cos I just feel awful. Hopefully it only lasts the first trimester! 

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I updated the EDD list. I like to make lists. πŸ™‚



-10/1/15: smartandcute2boot, daisybee90, traceyjoy

-10/2/15: pinkfaerie, misshollinger

-10/3/15: Twiglets, Newbie1982

-10/4/15: Itj14, BrookieCookie9, Pollywog, akbanana (twins!)



-10/7/15: Miss Damask

-10/8/15: CrazyDogLady

-10/9/15: GMplusTN

-10/10/15: kittenmittens



-10/13/15: BunnyJaques


-10/15/15: mco06

-10/16/15: koi424, sostobe, Mrsbabygirl, ginmar

-10/17/15: strawberry24, LillKitty, kg1185. SoontobeMrs0831




-10/21/15: brlabrat

-10/22/15: Lulah

-10/23/15: bridget2727


-10/25/15: NewfieBullet

-10/26/15: Klr32





-10/31/15: bananasareyellow

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Novella:  Aww, so sorry to hear this. FX for the next try.

NewfieBullet: How crazy that your parents didn’t notice! I know they will be so excited when they do πŸ™‚

AFM, finally starting to have more regular symptoms, but even then, they’re touch and go. (As a PP poster said, I know I’ll long wistfully for these calm days soon enough, but at least right now it does feel nice to have that reminder each day.) Lots of pulling in my abdomen, some of which feels crampy. Also, holy sore boobs! My cat jumped on my lap last night and stepped on my chest, and it took everything I had not to reflexively send her flying! Doing okay nausea-wise, but lots and lots of bloating. Also, I took a digital yesterday (18 DPO) and it was fun to see the big ol’ “Pregnant”! I can’t wait for my first appointment in two weeks, it feels like a lifetime away.

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BunnyJaques:  Ohh nooo. That’s some terrible nausea! Mine hasn’t gotten that bad yet. Are you feeling better at all today? I’ve found that eating just a little bit here and there has really helped the all day on again off again nausea I’ve been getting.

CrazyDogLady: Lol, clueless MIL! Our announcement is going to be pretty obvious, but I still fear it’s going to go right over my MIL’s head. 

WOW I’ve missed a lot this weekend! It was our anniversary yesterday. We didn’t make a big deal out of it which was really nice. Had a great dinner and just enjoyed the weekend as much as we could. At the end of this week we’re going to be telling our parents. I’ll be just shy of 6 weeks. Darling Husband has found it hard not to tell his dad but he isn’t really looking forward to telling his mom because we know there will be tears. They’ll definitely be of happiness, no worries! He just doesn’t want to deal with the tears. It’ll be the first grandchild on both sides as Darling Husband is an only child and my only sibling, my brother, passed away 2 years ago this Thursday. We figure we can tell my parents on the anniversary of my brother’s passing to give the day a happy note. It’s going to feel even more real once we tell them.

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Due date:

October 25th

How many DPO were you when you got your BFP (if you were tracking?):

I was 10dpo!

How long did you try before your BFP?

This is my first cycle TTC since having my Dear Daughter

If trying for awhile, what was different this month?


Any symptoms yet?

Not many! Tired, increased CM, and hungry!

What are you most excited about?

Welcoming my sweet little baby, and seeing my daughter as a big sister

What are you most nervous about?

The one thing I learned through my last pregnancy, is you can be nervous about everything… so I’m choosing to be calm πŸ˜‰

What will you miss most while pregnant?

Turkey subs… I craved it so bad last time, and have already started to!

Who have you told so far?

I have told a lot of people… pretty much everyone but my parents and I havent anounced on fb.

Include a picture of your BFP if you want!


13dpo and 14dpo


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Also, can I be added to the fb group? We have on for when I had my dd, and its way easier for me to communicate on that!

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Could I be added to the FB group as well please? 

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