OCTOBER 2019 POAS – INFERTILITY EDITION (12+ Months and/or Seeking Treatment)

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goldenbrown :  YAY so exciting!!! Will you be transfering 1 or 2 embryos? 


For me–Roller coaster of a week. I went ahead and scheduled monitoring for tomorrow. Our clinic has only received one denied claim so far so I’m hoping we can get the IUI done Friday or Saturday and they will only have 1-2 claims we will have to pay out of pocket. Worst case scenario all of the bills hit and we just cancel and BD like crazy (which we’ll be doing anyway)

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BeepBopB00p :  Just 1. My clinic is conservative and doesn’t do two at once. Ugh sorry you are still dealing with the insurance issue. Hopefully you can still go through with the IUI. 

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I’m so happy we decided to still go. I cancelled yesterday’s monitoring appt but went today and had 1 HUGE follicle. My lining was also 11+ mm. Such a difference from last month (2-3 follicles growing and we were struggling to get 8mm lining). I’ve been gluten free for a few weeks now and I’m wondering if that has helped (at least that’s what I’m telling myself!). IUI will be tomorrow if I already surged on my own or Friday if I need to trigger, waiting for blood work! Ahhh!

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8dpo today and not even worried about testing this month. It’s sad that this process has turned into this. I dont even have tests at home. No symptoms of anything whatsoever. Temp had made a slight downturn. I was hoping it was my month because I had INSANE ovulation pains. Like post c section level pain. But we also stopped BDing pretty early and really should’ve added another day or two on there *shrugs*

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MrsHawkeye :  you know your in IF territory when you stop stocking pregnancy tests :(. But fwiw I think your timing is great!

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I wasn’t going to comment because I don’t know the date for my FET yet, but I want to try and get excited so I decided why not!


Your age/partner’s age: 32/33

Baby #: 1

Cycles TTC: Too many to keep track of

Current CD/DPO: I am CD 2

Usual cycle length: 28 Days

Ovulation date or procedure (and what kind): I have an appointment for my first scan for my FET cycle on Friday 11th Oct, very excited.

POAS/Beta day: I have no clue, I have never done an IVF transfer. Maybe the very end of October. If I could be marked as the 31st I can update when I know more laughing

Known fertility issues: Unexplained

BFP plan: FET with PGS normal embryo <3

Trying anything new this month?: I am taking Progynova (sp?) starting tomorrow and a lot of Progesterone after ovulation.

For Fun – Do you have any fall traditions for you and your spouse, or family in general?: Well, we call it Autumn and it is my favourite season. My husband and I like to watch movies and just be cosy. It’s the middle of spring where I live though!

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So my AMH was 1.6 which they said was okay and my other levels were “good” although they didn’t go over all the numbers. Maybe I really need to ask that question. My pre-medicine TSH was a 3.8. They’re hoping to get me around a 2. I guess we will see how this goes. I finally got to have another talk with my husband about calling to schedule the SA and it was a very productive conversation so I hope he does it soon. I refuse to nag him anymore. He’s gotta be on board as much as me and I don’t want to be acting like his mother. I’m hoping he’ll get it together after our talk tonight. anev :  

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Good luck to you and hope everything works out for you BeepBopB00p :  

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Finally had first appointment with fertility clinic a few weeks ago. I’m going to have sonohysterogram done this month and will follow up with fertility clinic appointment for next steps, but we won’t be able to do cycle monitoring or any type of procedure until at least next month.


Your age/partner’s age: 35/37

Baby #: 1

Cycles TTC: 16

Current CD/DPO: CD 2

Usual cycle length: 27-31 days

Ovulation date or procedure (and what kind): Around Oct 17th

POAS/Beta day: Oct 28th

Known fertility issues: We have not been diagnosed at this point

BFP plan: Continue temping, OPK, preseed, CoQ10, ALA

Trying anything new this month?: I started seeing a Naturopath and will begin accupunture

For Fun – Do you have any fall traditions for you and your spouse, or family in general?: I enjoy all the pumpkin flavored things!

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Well, I can be taken off the list for this month. I O’d a couple days ago and we never BD’d. I also just found out that I have a small mass on my uterus, hopefully just a fibroid, only 1.6 cm but it’s going into my cervix apparently. Found on the pelvic US my PCP ordered. Anyways, as an ex-oncology nurse I immediately freaked, cancelled my RE referral and asked just to see a regular OB/Gyne just so I could get seen sooner (they’re all in the same clinic/group). Hopefully that wasn’t a mistake but there’s also no way that I’m willing to wait more than a month to get in and have this checked out by a Gyne specialist. At least now I have a reason for my pelvic pain, and possibly an easy fix for my infertility but it’s going to be a long few weeks before I know what this thing is. Ugh.

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MrsHawkeye :  I found expired FRERs in my stash the other week, turns out I haven’t bothered to pee on sticks for a long long time lol. Sorry you’re getting to that stage too, infertility really sucks 😥

redroses76 :  Sorry about the mass they found. Hopefully its just that, a fibroid 🤞 sending positive vibes!

AFM: 9dpo, just waiting for my crazy LP to inevitably end… what will it be, 17 days? 22 days? Who knows anymore 🙄

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Well, I’m at the point where I need support from people who get it, so here I am. Hi! Sorry you’re all in this crappy boat with me.



Your age/partner’s age: 33/34

Baby #: 2

Cycles TTC: 13

Current CD/DPO: CD 59, several failed attempts at ovulation thus far. 

Usual cycle length: ~32 days

Ovulation date or procedure (and what kind): Who knows at this point? This may end up being an annovulatory cycle.

POAS/Beta day: ?? October I hope? Fingers crossed I ovulate asap.

Known fertility issues: unexplained secondary infertility

BFP plan: 

Trying anything new this month?: Started acupuncture a few weeks ago. Trying to have more chill (haaa!)

For Fun – Do you have any fall traditions for you and your spouse, or family in general?: I like to bake, so we’ve been making a list of all the fall goodies to make!

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IUI done. My husband SOMEHOW missed the freaking cup for collection, so we had to delay it by 3 hours and re-collect which resulted in way lower numbers (4 million post wash, last cycle was 21 million). But we only need 1 and we BD on trigger night and will again tonight, so I’m choosing to be optimistic!


luckily, my crappy insurance company is also slow letting the clinic know about the denials so we only had to pay an extra $100 so far this cycle 🙂 so happy we didn’t cancel

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