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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 1st

Engagement Length: 22 months

Colors: Wine, Orange, Beige, with hints of chocolate brown, gold and bronzr

Theme: Fall/Beach Island

Wedding Party(#s): 1-MOH, 7-Bmaids, 1-BM, 6-GM’s,

Ceremony (where, time): Church- 2pm

Reception (where, time): Golf Club- 5:30pm

Dress Style: A-line strapless with a lace train

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair (pro): mostly down with some loose curls.  Maybe pinning up half of it. Veil for Ceremony, Hair feather for reception. Make-up (pro)- pretty πŸ™‚

Honeymoon Location: Costa Rica

Flowers: Orange and wine calla lillies

First Dance Song: Undecided- Maybe Into the Mystic, or You are the Best Thing…

Centerpieces: Can’t afford floral….  Large glass “bubble bowls”, with pillar candles.  Some will have cranberries and some will have sand.

Food/Menu: Filet or Sea Bass

Cake Flavor:  Cupcakes :)- probably funfetti flavor and red velvet.

Favours: Scratch Tickets

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Shower (when/what): End of August- at a restaurant on the beach.

Bachelorrete (when/what): End of July in Florida.  Theme “always a bridesmaid”- thats right- my girls are all going to where bridesmaid dresses out on the town!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 1st!

Engagement Length: 12.5 Months

Colors: Purple and Silver with some pinks and greens thrown in with flowers.

Theme: Vintage

Wedding Party(#s): 1-MOH, 1-Bmaid, 2-GM’s

Ceremony (where, time): Chapel at 1:00 pm

Reception (where, time): Following ceremony at pavillion by chapel then to restaurant at 3

Dress Style: Luxe Taffeta, A-Line with a-symmetric gathering, sweetheart neckline and a beaded Private Lable G belt

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair (pro): In between full updo and half up half down. Makeup (DIY): Plan on buying MAC foundation and use the rest as what I have. Following one of the blogger bees tutorial for the eyes.  

Honeymoon Location: Local or minimoon

Flowers: DIY silk. Already made with pinks and purples for bouquets and green and purple for the bouts.

First Dance Song: Can not find one we love.

Centerpieces: None as of right now. We are planning on not doing them.

Food/Menu: TX Land and Cattle 

Cake Flavour: Haven’t decided but we are DIYing this and keeping it simple (this is the kind of thing where a vintage theme works in my favor)

Favours: None

DJ/Band/Ipod: Ipod

Shower (when/what): TBD but there will be one

Bachelorrete (when/what): Time TBD but we have plans to go to one of those privat kareoke rooms and drink and sing and whatnot then go back to someones place and play lots of dirty bachelorette games and whatnot. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 1st

Engagement Length: …4 years? (We got engaged in college and wanted to wait until careers happened before we got married)

Colors: Chocolate Brown & Fern green — lots of warm fall colors to pop

Theme: Fall & Art Deco

Wedding Party(#s): 1-MOH, 1-Man of Honor, 5-Bmaids, 1-BM, 6-GM’s,

Ceremony (where, time): Local Park overlooking a huge lake and the city @ 5:30

Reception (where, time): A fancy wine bar starts at 6:30

Dress Style: A-Line Full body lace with teirs of detail… its stunning, and only a silly-tall girl like me can wear it! Bwahaha!

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair: (pro) a loose textured twise at the back of my head with double beaded headbands! Makeup: Undecided, we’ll see how I feel in a couple of months!

Honeymoon Location: Alaska! (Next summer)

Flowers: NONE! We’re using wheat and brancehes and ferns and eatables to decorate

First Dance Song: Soul Meets Body – Death Cab for Cutie, dance lessons booked, hopefully its awesome.

Centerpieces: Different sized vases placed on different height birch logs with a variety of filler topped with a small pillar candle

Food/Menu: Potroast or Roast Chicken

Cake Flavour:  ‘Not So Thin-Mint’ ‘Pumpkin Spice’ and probably Lemon but we’re doing cupcakes, so we’re getting a lot of choice!

Favours: again… undecided

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ….. + KARAOKE for later πŸ˜€

Shower (when/what): Not sure if I’m having one

Bachelorrete (when/what): Probably the weekend before the wedding when my Maid of Honor and Man of Honor get into town. What’s going to happen? I have NO idea.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2011

Wedding Date: October 1st

Engagement Length: 14 months

Colors: Chocolate Brown & light pink

Theme: none

Wedding Party(#s): 1-MOH, 2-Bmaids, 1-BM, 2-GM’s,

Ceremony (where, time): Reception Site at 2 pm

Reception (where, time): Coctail hour from 3 to 4:30 , Dinner from 5…. dancing still 3 am? lol

Dress Style: Mori Lee Jullieta 3078

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Haven’t finalized

Honeymoon Location: Haven’t finalized but most likely Disney land

Flowers: Gladiolous bouqets and rose petals on the tables

First Dance Song: haven’t decided

Centerpieces: 3 large vases with ivory floating candles, rose petals (pink) and fake diamond thingies

Food/Menu: filet mignon or chicken breast

Cake Flavour:   vanilla rasberry, red velvet and coffee crisp (a layer of each)

Favours: donations to the hospital where FI’s father passed away

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ… my brother

Shower (when/what): Not sure

Bachelorrete (when/what): no idea

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

Wedding Date: October 8

Engagement Length: 25 months

Colors: Dark purple (not sure of the exact color yet) and gray, with hints of orange

Theme: wedding? haha

Wedding Party(#s): 1 Maid/Matron of Honor, 7 BMs, 1 Bridesmaid or Best Man, 5 GMs

Ceremony (where, time): Reception site, but outdoors overlooking the vineyard.  Probably starting at 5:30

Reception (where, time): Cocktail hour from 6-7, also outside overlooking the vineyard.  Reception from 7-10:30, inside.

Dress Style: Jim Hjelm 8962, ivory with platinum sash

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Definitely pro for both, because I cannot do either.  For hair I’m hoping to have loose curls, mostly down, but with the ability to put my hair up during the reception (dancing).

Honeymoon Location: Greek islands for 1 week and then Italy for 2 weeks!!

Flowers: I really don’t know.  Definitely purple and orange (I want the bridesmaids’ bouquets to be orange).

First Dance Song: We haven’t decided yet, but definitely a country song

Centerpieces: Undecided. He’s requested candels, so I’ll start there!

Food/Menu: We have our tasting in May and will be able to choose two entrees, which will be served with salad, bread, veggies, and a starch (all served family style).  We are also doing appetizers during cocktail hour.  We will have an open bar as well.

Cake Flavour:   We haven’t figured out our cake yet, but I would love red velvet

Favours: Another one we haven’t figured out. Either food or wine related.

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Shower (when/what): Two showers – one in August and one in September.  Each will be at the host’s house.

Bachelorrete (when/what): Vegas in August!! I can’t wait!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 22nd

Engagement Length: 13 months

Colors: Deep turquoise, navy blue, aubergine, burnt orange, gold/brass, and champagne

Theme: Peacock feather minus the peacock feather

Wedding Party(#s): MOH, 1 Bridesmaid or Best Man, Best Man, 4 GMs

Ceremony (where, time): Old train station, 5 pm

Reception (where, time): Same old train station, 7-ish pm

Dress Style: Can’t answer this, fiance is in the room. lol

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): My hair is practically buzzed, so no style necessary. Makeup is pro.

Honeymoon Location: Puerto Rico

Flowers: No fresh flowers, I find them to be wasteful. All handmade from Etsy!

First Dance Song: Do You Realize? by Flaming Lips 

Centerpieces: Lanterns with candles, mason jars with votives

Food/Menu: Various Italian stuff (half is vegetarian because I am)

Cake Flavour: White almond, white with lemon

Favours: Tea and honey

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Shower (when/what): Mystery! (To me at least) 

Bachelorrete (when/what): Another mystery!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 7th

Engagement Length: 19 month engagement

Colors: Burgundy, Black, Ivory, Golds.

Theme: Romantic

Wedding Party(#s): 1-MOH, 2-Bmaids, 1-BM, 2-GM

Ceremony (where, time): Historical House (Lougheed House), 4:30pm.

Reception (where, time): Historical House (Lougheed House), 6pm – Cocktail Reception. No sit down dinner. 

Dress Style: Taffeta Dress. Strapless, drop waist, a-line skirt. Short train. 

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair (pro): very curly up-do. Makeup (pro): no idea yet.

Honeymoon Location: no idea. possibly Thailand

Flowers: The only flowers for the whole day will be my bouquet. Red Roses.

First Dance Song: No dance.

Centerpieces: wrought iron, glass candle cup (shimmery gold), tea lights. 

Food/Menu: Passed Apps: Beef Welingtons, sun-tried tomato risotto balls, Quiche Tartlets, Ham Croquettes, Spanakopitas – vegetarian, Proscuitto wrapped Melon, Roasted Vegetable Caponata in Phyllo Cups – vegetarian. Stationary Apps: Cheese Platter, Antipasti Platter, Vegetable Platter, Polynesian Pork Meatballs

Cake Flavour: Cupcakes, red velvet, buttercream icing.

Favours: no idea.

DJ/Band/Ipod: iPod

Shower (when/what): no idea!

Bachelorrete (when/what): no idea !!! 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 1

Engagement Length: 18 months

Colors: Dark green and white with gold accents.

Theme: none

Wedding Party(#s): one matron of honour and two bridesmaids; one best man and two groomsmen

Ceremony (where, time): in front of a lake at a resort in Ontario, Canada, 11:00 am.

Reception (where, time): Lunch at 1:00 pm at the same place, but inside. There will be free pontoon boat rides on the lake for our guests in-between the ceremony and reception.

Dress Style: White, strapless, A-line with pickups and bling

 Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair pro, up with curls; makeup undecided.

Honeymoon Location: no idea, but not right away.

Flowers: Fall colours: reds, golds, yellows, etc. Some red roses.

First Dance Song: Not sure yet, maybe “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

Centerpieces: wooden three-tier cupcake stands painted white with green trim, with cupcakes.

Food/Menu: Served meal starting with caesar salad with or without crutons. Choice of tandoori chicken or angus roast beef with vegetables and mashed potatoes or a vegetarian sundried tomato risotto. Then gluten-free cheesecake or an as-yet-undecided lactose-free alternative.

Cake Flavour: Cupcakes: chocolate, lemon and vanilla.

Favours: Chocolate bars that double as escort cards. They’re going to have wrappers in our colours and then on a piece of vellum I’m going to tape around in a band I’m going to put each guest’s name and table number. They’re going to be on a table by the entrance to the reception area.

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Shower (when/what): First one the first weekend of June, which will double up with invitation making in the same weekend for my bridal party and closest friends. Second sometime in August with other side of the family.

Bachelorrete (when/what): no idea !!! 

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 29

Engagement Length: 1 year

Colors: Neutrals. Beige, Taupe, Green, White. 

Theme: Rustic/Vintage

Wedding Party(#s): one matron of honour and two bridesmaids; one best man and two groomsmen

Ceremony (where, time): Outside of winery on cliff overlooking valley, 5pm

Reception (where, time): Winery inside finished horse stable, 5:30pm

Dress Style: Ivory ballgown

 Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Makeup and hair both pro

Honeymoon Location: Costa Rica for mini-moon, Italy for honeymoon

Flowers: Wildflowers DIY

First Dance Song: Probably “This Year’s Love” by David Gray

Centerpieces: wooden crates, old scrabble letters, milkglass vases

Food/Menu: BBQ!

Cake Flavour: No cake. We’ll have pie, ice cream and a s’mores bar. 

Favours: Hot chocolate

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Shower (when/what):  Most likely late August

Bachelorette (when/what): No clue yet!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 1

Engagement Length: just under 10 months

Colors:Dark red and shades of purple

Theme: no theme, but will be casual with aspects that reflect who we are

Wedding Party(#s): one matron of honor and one best man

Ceremony (where, time): church that I went to growing up at 2:30pm

Reception (where, time): church hall probably starting around 5 or so.

Dress Style: strapless white, sweetheart neckline, asymmetrical waist, a-line skirt with chapel length train. has crystals and beads on it and a lace-up back.

 Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): hair is pro, going to try to diy makeup

Honeymoon Location: 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise

Flowers: going to leave this up to florist, but they will be red, purple and white.

First Dance Song:not sure yet, probably let Fiance pick this one out

Centerpieces:haven’t decided. right now I am leaning toward using lanterns

Food/Menu: probably a choice between chicken and a beef dish. haven’t totally figured that out yet.

Cake Flavour: we are having a cake buffet. definitely red velvet, probably white and then choose a few other flavors. thinking about doing banana for groom’s cake.

Favours: not sure about this yet either

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Shower (when/what): whenever someone plans for me.

Bachelorette (when/what): probably September and I think there will be a stripper. haha.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 1

Engagement Length: 15 months

Colors: DB’s Sangria and orange

Theme: I don’t really have a theme…just winging it!  πŸ™‚

Wedding Party(#s): 1-MOH, 2-Bmaids, 1-BM, 2-GM’s

Ceremony (where, time): Country club room overlooking the golf course @ 5:30pm

Reception (where, time): Country club ballroom @ 7:00pm (cocktail hour starts at 6)

Dress Style: http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Taffeta-Side-Drape-Gown-with-Beaded-Lace-WG3011

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): I’m still in the process of growing out a pixie…so it’s hard to tell!!!!

Honeymoon Location: Lake Tahoe/Yosemite national park

Flowers: Purple calla lillies for me, an orange/white mix for the BM’s

First Dance Song: Undecided. 

Centerpieces: Possibly floating flowers…meeting with the florist next month!

Food/Menu: Choice of entree: Chicken or fish with a vegetarian option, not sure on the details yet

Cake Flavour: Assorted cupcakes!!  Mocha cola, lemon, chocolate peanut butter, cookie dough, vanilla, chocolate orange…the list goes on.  πŸ™‚

Favours: The goal was little bottles of maple syrup…but I’ve come to learn that they cost more than I want them to…so we may be rerouting on this one…

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Shower (when/what): My Maid/Matron of Honor says it’s in the worke but I’m not allowed to know anything about it!  πŸ™‚

Bachelorrete (when/what): Same as above!!

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Buzzing bee

Wedding Date: October 8th

Engagement Length: 14 Months

Colors: Eggplant purple and antique gold, with hints of burnt orange.

Theme: Rustic/vintage/country??

Wedding Party(#s): 1-MOH, 2-Bmaids, 1-BM, 2-GM’s, and 2-Ushers

Ceremony (where, time): In front of a winery @ 6:00pm

Reception (where, time): In the back of the winery at @ 7:30pm (cocktail hour starts at 6:30)

Dress Style: Ivory mermaid with light beading.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair (pro): low, loose, updo. Makeup (pro): Airbrush. 

Honeymoon Location: Rivieria Maya, Mexico.

Flowers: My bouquet is a mixture of dark purple silks. The other bouquets will be fresh purple flowers.

First Dance Song: Unchained Melody.

Centerpieces: Tall cylinder vases filled with brown and gold branches.

Food/Menu: Pasta bar with 3 different sauces and chicken.

Cake Flavour: 1 layer strawberry with white chocolate ganache filling, 2nd layer almond with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting, 3rd layer chocolate with either caramel or peanut butter filling.

Favours: s’mores

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Shower (when/what): One is August 6th. Not sure of the other.

Bachelorrete (when/what): I’m thinking it’s the weekend of September 3rd and 4th. Haven’t finalized yet.

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  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 8th

Engagement Length: 19 Months

Colors: Bright Coral, White and Black Lace.

Theme: Flamenco Fun

Wedding Party(#s): 1-MOH, 1-Bmaid, 1-BM, 1-GM, 1 Flowgrl, 2-Ushers

Ceremony (where, time): Cathedral Church @ 1pm

Reception (where, time): Receiption overlooking botanical gardens @ 6pm

Dress Style: Princess style. The sweetheart bodice is fitted to the hip and then the tulle flares out. Mantilla cathedral length veil.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair (pro): leaning towards a half up half down do with loose curls. Makeup (pro): Happy to go wth a bit of smokey on the eyes but keep the rest light and soft.

Honeymoon Location: Hawaii

Flowers: Roses – Bright coral ones for centrepieces. Bride -White roses, BM’s – Will have black lace fans with a spray of roses attached.

First Dance Song: Undecided. FI is deciding on this one.

Centerpieces: Silver candelabra’s with coral roses in the middle.

Food/Menu: Entree -seafood, Main – choice of chicken/beef. Main – Lemon tart.

Cake Flavour: Fruit

Favours: Mini Olive Oil Bottles

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Shower (when/what): Sunday 11th. It will be for afternoon tea. The BM’s will organise the rest, that’s all i know for now.

Bachelorrete (when/what): Sat Sept 24th. I know there’s going to be some cocktails, partying and maybe some strippers. Who knows what the girls will plan.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Wedding Date: October 9th

Engagement Length: 15 Months

Colors: Burgundy, teal blue, dark purple, gray

Theme: Urban vintage peacock

Wedding Party(#s): 1-MOH, 3-Bmaids, 1-BM, 3-GM’s, 1 Flower Girl & 1-RB

Ceremony (where, time): Historical mansion, afternoon

Reception (where, time): Historical mansion, evening

Dress Style: Taffeta with lace. Strapless mermaid style

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair (pro/DIY): Getting treebraids professionally done then will DIY a side swept style. Makeup (pro): Will be doing me and BMs. 

Honeymoon Location: Not sure yet?

Flowers: The only flowers will be my bouquet which will be black baccara roses with dahlias and beige colored peacock feathers. BMs will be carrying clutches.

First Dance Song: Leaning towards “Lost Without You” by Robin Thicke. 

Centerpieces: Peacock feathers surround by silk mums in an eiffel tower vase. Still deciding on a 2nd centerpiece.

Food/Menu: West African food

Cake Flavour: Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

Favours: Signature drink in a bottle

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Shower (when/what): Not sure yet?

Bachelorrete (when/what): Not sure yet?

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