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posted 5 years ago in October 2013
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  • Wedding: November 1999

My day was great except I hated my hair and the makeup artist cost me two hours trying to get a tattoo coverup right so I didn’t get to eat lunch. My photographer almost made me late walking the aisle bec she didn’t let me get into the dress until 5 mins before so I have no idea what my face looks like in my getting ready pics. Probably a face of sheer terror that I was going to be late walking. And it was the hottest day in all of the Caribbean with no breeze in the spot where the ceremony was so I was literally dripping sweat from everywhere. I had to be wiped down with tissues before each photo. It was hard to smile and enjoy the day bec of the stress that my pics were ruined by the amount of sweat on my face chest and forehead. 

Other than that, everything flowed perfect, the food was excellent, and we even got an awesome rain shower cloudburst during dinner that was a perfect addition to the animal chorus after dark.  it blew over right at the end…totally perfect. 

Compared the time I spent planning, I felt like I was an actual bride for like, 5 munutes!

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  • Wedding: October 2013

I had an amazing day!  Woke up at 5:30 to an intense thunderstorm, but it ended up just being overcast all day which was perfect!

Did everything go exactly to plan?  Nope, but I stayed pretty cool about it, except for the fact that we didn’t do big family photos and missed most of cocktail hour, and I still regret that.  

However, the rest of the day was amazing!  I was totally not prepared for the sheer emotion of the day, and the number of intense, heartfelt conversations was something I didn’t expect. 

The other big shock was that the food was AMAZING!  I expected it to be decent, but it was so great, even my Italian family members were commenting on how good it was, which to me is the highest praise you can get!

Overall – best day ever, and over too soon!  Can’t wait to hear from more October bees!


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Oh and I wanted to add that the dress looked 100x better in fittings than it did on my wedding day. But I attribute that to the photog waiting so long to have me get dressed. I had 5 minutes to get aisle worthy and it was nowhere near enough time obviously. And so, my bra was sticking up over the top of the back. but ya otherwise it was great.

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  • Wedding: October 2013 - Tybee Island, GA

My day was AMAZING! I agree with OP it flew by way too fast! And now i’m left gawking over my pictures, and doing all the crazy documents to legally change my name! LOL


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This might sound crazy, but up until the actual event, it was truly an awful day… My mom and sister who were supposed to come over and help me and my other sister do the flower arrangements got drunk at the rehearsal. I didn’t know they were both drunk, so they both told me that “oh no, it wont take too long to do the flowers”…and left me and her on our own. Which meant that we were up until 4am cutting 200 long stem white roses and making the boutonnieres and bouquets. I woke up at 5:30am…

The actual day was gorgeous, my mom, my two sisters, and myself woke up early and went to the church to decorate. Only to find that it hadn’t been cleaned like they promised it would. The church was built in 1809 and had serious cobwebs and dust. It took us about an hour to clean which put us an hour behind. Then the bows that I was pushed into taking from my DH’s aunt wouldn’t stick to the friggin pews. So we had to string them up with fishing line which took a long time. 

So I get to the rehearsal site (which they wouldn’t let me decorate the night before even though no one had it reserved) and it wasn’t cleaned either. They also forgot our sweetheart table so I had to call security and raise hell. Then they had about 10 men there putting up a friggin security system. So we weren’t able to put up tables and fully decorate until they were done because they just kept moving things… It took hours to decorate in there. Eventually, I had to leave (even though it wasn’t done) with my sister who was doing my hair and makeup. I take a shower and end up blow drying and curling my hair and putting on my foundation makeup. Those things didn’t really bother me so much, it is what it is… 

Well, we load up all of the flowers (that we were supposed to already have at the reception site) and haul ass to the ceremony to drop off the flowers for the men. During this time, my photographer was calling me and texting me over and over…even though I kept telling them I’m late I’m on  my way. Really, it wasn’t their fault…

So we pull up to the ceremony to drop off the mens flowers and EVERYONE is standing out there but Darling Husband looking and glaring at me! As if I’ve spent the whole day pussyfooting around. So we speed off to the reception that’s right down the road and I fly into my dress, we get a couple shots of my mom helping me into it. (my poor mom didn’t even get to curl her hair, same with my sister who stayed back to help… i felt awful for them) 

Then I found out that the rental place forgot some chairs, and brought the wrong plates… Also, nothing was set up on the tables like I wanted it to. 

So then the person who was supposed to cut the flowers into my birch pots doesn’t. So they just threw them in there longstemmed in a small pot… It looked ridiculous. 

I race off to the ceremony. My wedding director (LAUGH) saw that I was there and cued the pianist for everyone to go.  Well, we forgot to unbustle my dress. So one of my photographers frantically tries to do it and thank GOD was successful. And of course my pianst makes a mistake in the music, but that really doesn’t matter… The ceremony itself was wonderful. Truly the best part of my day, the wedding, my life…etc. We tell specific people that we need to do a quick empty of the church (we had to get out by 8pm)…annnnd they all leave. So I’m in my wedding dress everyones yelling at me to come to the reception site, but I have to clean all of the decorations out with my mom and sisters. We get that done and head off. 

Now, time for the DJ to introduce everyone….So my dad (long complicated rocky relationship) wants to be introduced with his girlfriend (whom I cannot stand that is my age). I’m so sick of it all that I of course just go with it. My DJ is now officially annoyed at me. We all get announced and low and behond my wedding director let people into the reception site before cocktail hour. So cocktail hour wasn’t much of a thing…. 

Now, as for the rest of the night. It went okay. My caterers wore jeans and tanktops and flip flops even though I was assured by family and friends on how wonderful they were… they also had a PLASTIC punch holder that DRIPPED. So they put a plate under it… a square plate… like that would hold anything so it got all over the floor and I had to clean it up… 

My dad made really rude comments to me during the father daughter dance that could be told by my expression in the photos… it went something like “next time you have an attitude and feel the need to call someone (we had an argument over the phone) you can just call your husband. 

And then after that I didn’t get to dance a single dance on the dance floor… everyone wanted pictures and to stop and talk. By everyone, I mean vendors, not guests. And the photographers as great as they were wouldn’t just leave us alone. They kept wanting to do posed shots which took up much of my ceremony. 

Oh yeah, icing on the cake. My DH’s CRAZY aunt (who pushed those God forsaken bows on me) saw me going to the bathroom by myself, since my sisters werent around to help me… and asked if I was going to the bathroom, I said yes. She said, “well I’ll help I have a daughter who just went through all of this”… So then (prepare yourself) she reaches her hands up my dress and pulls down my spankx and throws my dress up. Then as I’m trying to pee and get this nightmare over with, she is 2 inches from my face telling me that if we ever need anything to just ask and her family will be there. They are the kind of family that always helps. And we should have called them to come help…. it was horrible…. 

so, we ask those same family that always helps to stay and help breakdown and of course they didn’t. But we had some really great friends stay back and help! 🙂 Also one of DH’s friends asked for my sisters number and totally made her night! 🙂 

So, that’s my crazy wedding story. A lot of it complaints… it was a ridiculous day. I was in WAY over my head. I should have hired more help and really put my foot down on more things, but it’s over now…nothing I can do! I’m sure some of the stories will be funny later on. 

And oh yeah, that night I apparently concieved a baby! Because we’re pregnant and that is the only night that protection wasn’t used…What a crazy day! 

ETA: I’m so sorry it’s so long! It’s the only time I’ve felt okay enough about it to talk about it! Sorry OP! 




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  • Wedding: October 2013 - Dalhousie Castle

So great! I can’t believe how fast it went, but it was the best day of my life! 

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  • Wedding: October 2013

It truly was the best day of my life! Everything went according to plan and better!


My Bridesmaid or Best Man were truly wonderful and no hitches pre-wedding (we almost thought the boys didn’t have a suite to get ready in, but that was solved in a matter of minutes).


My father performed our ceremony, which was one of the most spectacular things I could of done, he had everyone laughing, crying, smiling, the entire ceremony.


Everyone said the food was phenomenal, which doesn’t happen at most weddings and our DJ was so much fun. It went by so fast but, I loved every second!


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It rained and my outside garden wedding became my indoor wedding at my reception site where they were still setting up for my reception. My AMAZING husband moved tables around while I was getting dressed in the reception bathroom instead of the changing room of the garden. My photographer got stuck in about an hour traffic and I honestly think he was more bummed that he didn’t’ get the shots of the dress hanging etc. than I was.  My sisters were supposed to help set up and never did and 2 of my friends along with my sister in law and husband did because I wasn’t allowed to help. My bridesmaids had stayed up drinking till 4 am but still made it even though they were slightly hung over; My DJ was push because the change of venue pushed the ceremony about an hour. I don’t have pro pics from my wedding but several of my friends are wedding photographers and one of my girlfriends had us dress up and take photos again a month later. I am grateful that I listened to her….especially since she sent me some samples while I still haven’t gotten my wedding photos.

Speaking of which, she caught her hair on fire while I was getting dress lol. One of the groomsmen got drunk and caught a wedding favor on fire. Some of my guest didn’t understand the idea of a seating chart. I hated my hair. No one told me my petticoat was showing during my reception. I didn’t come out to my song on time and neither did the DJ announce us as planned.  Want to know the downside of so many photographer friends? They all critiqued my wedding photographer’s style without even seeing how his shots were coming out.  Want to know the upside of such crazy friends? They took turns filling my wedding and reception without hesitation… All in all though I am grateful for working at such a crazy place because despite all the craziness I didn’t let it phase me on the day of the wedding and I enjoyed myself. I just hate that so much planning for little things went to waste. I was told by a photo friend that I was the happiest bride she had ever seen and she was so grateful she got to see that in front of a camera rather than behind it.  I am thankful for my officiant who stepped in to perform my ceremony with 2 weeks notice after my original canceled on me. Most of all I am thankful that I still got to marry the craziest nerve wrecking man I have ever known. Even if apparently we are high five fiends. Here is my wed pics album. wedpics.com/album/MTc5MDE=   Thank you for making this post. 

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Hi all of you newlywed October Bees!! I am still on cloud 9 and I hope all of you still are as well. 

The wedding day was wonderful. The absolute best day of my life. I’d be lying though if I said that nothing went wrong. Of course things went wrong. But hardly anyone noticed and in the end I married the love of my life, my HUSBAND and I had the most amazing time, and it was just absolutely fabulous. 

Our 12 night honeymoon in Aruba was amazing as well, although I have to admit it is kind of nice to be back home and starting to unwind and get back to life as usual. I feel like our lives were in such a frenzy for so long, it’s nice to experience some normalcy. 

I just want to say congratulations and thank you to all of the Bees, especially those who have contributed to the October ’13 board, for all of your help, insight and support throughout this whole process. I couldn’t have done it without you Bees!!! Smile

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Mine sounds like nothing compared to yours! It was an amazing day nonetheless.

Woke up at 7am, all BMs raring to go. We took it in turns to shower and then the hair and makeup lady started. She kept stopping to talk and pushed herself far behind, then blamed it on me for distracting her. Ugh. She made us look like ghosts in the face (which turned out fine in the photos), and while she was doing everyone else I set up the reception, which was at home.

When I went to put the dress on, I realised I’d lost weight!! I zipped it up easily but it hung off me! The Best Man’s gf had to run across the street and get safety pins to pin to the inside of my dress and bra to keep it together. They did an awesome job of it though!

The weather freaked me out a bit. It was raining a bit in the morning, and all the night before, but ended up sunny with a top of 26 degrees celsius (the absolute maximum I would have liked!!). Couldn’t have been happier with that!

We got down to the venue, and the photographer was powering through all the shots. He didn’t get a couple of the ones I wanted but he made up for it with beautiful shots I didn’t even know I wanted at the time. It was slightly windy so the unity candle wouldn’t light properly, but it’s not like anyone could be held accountable for that lol.

Our nephew (SIL’s son) blew bubbles throughout the entire ceremony. They were initally for the aisle only but it was a beautiful touch. Our niece (SIL’s daughter) followed suit and it was perfect. We came across a minor hiccup when we realised the Best Man’s hand was in a splint and he had a slight issue signing the certificate. He powered through like a legend and it was just magical.

Our reception was amazing. The DJ put some awesome music together. We told him to just run with it, but gave him a list of songs not to play. He played Gangnam Style anyway, but the kids all loved it. Our first dance was pushed back a little bit, but that was fine. Everything else went perfectly. The day was amazing.

Now, a month and a half after the best day of my life, I’m preparing a list of places I need to go tomorrow to change my name. I’m almost completely changed over, just the last big things need to be dealt with. I’m getting it all done before Christmas, which was my goal.

Here’s to a happy future ladies!

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