October/November IVF and FET

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anev :  they didn’t let you do a fresh transfer just based on the number of embryos? That seems odd. I did a fresh transfer for my daughter and the only way we wouldn’t have gone ahead with fresh is if I was overstimulated. 

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*raises hand for fall FET*

Diagnosis: MFI/poor ivf responder/age

Amount of Time TTC: since June 2018

Baby #:  1

IVF Protocol: microdose Lupron flare 

ER Date: I’ve had three retrievals since this June 

Number of Embryos (and pgs results if applicable): 2 pgs normal so far. Waiting on the pgs results from the 4 that made it to freeze from the final retrieval 

Transfer Protocol:  frozen

Transfer Date: unknown, waiting on CD1 to start transfer prep. Anticipating FET in late October/early November 

Beta Date: 

Additional Info (if applicable – acupuncture, vitamins, old wives tails you plan to do, etc): acupuncture, pom juice, bone broth, vitamins A and E, L-arginine, prenatals, not exercising as intensely, yoga, meditating, red raspberry leaf tea

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anev :  I have no idea. My RE seems to think we can swing right into it, but I think they’re waiting to see when I finally test negative to finalize the next steps.

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candy08 :  Thanks. I really appreciated your support when I first got the then-positive news. You’ve been a great source of support and hope for me all along, which I need, since we’re keeping things quiet IRL.

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SLOBee :  Yay! Congrats on the good test results!


Diagnosis: Unexplained infertility

Amount of Time TTC: 5+ years – second IVF cycle.

Baby #: 1

IVF Protocol: In my RE’s words, “aggressive.” We had the option to do another FET, but since I’m in my mid-30s and have low AMH levels, we decided to go with another IVF cycle in hopes of banking more embyros (got 4 from first try). All embryos will be frozen so they can be tested. Based on my last IVF cycle, we’ll use Cetrotide, Menopur, Follistim, and Ovidrel.

ER Date: TBD

Number of Embryos (and pgs results if applicable): Got 4 embryos from first round.

Transfer Protocol:  FET, details TBD

Transfer Date: TBD

Beta Date: TBD

Additional Info (if applicable – acupuncture, vitamins, old wives tails you plan to do, etc): Just prenatals, Vitiman D supplements, and fish oil supplements. 



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anev :  good luck! And thank you 🙂

My clinic doesn’t have hard and fast rules about fresh vs frozen transfer – they leave it up to each patient’s circumstances which I like. Although I have read some recent articles that say frozen may have a higher success rate so that’s in your favor! The only thing my clinic are absolute on is the number of embryos transferred – it’s age dependent but if you’re under 35 they will only transfer 1 embryo unless you’ve had 2-3 failed transfers and then they’ll bump it to 2 transferred. It’s actually one of the reasons I picked the clinic! I never wanted to be pressured to transfer more than one at a time. My daughter was a single transfer and so was this pregnancy – mama is afraid of twins! 

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LilliV :  I so agree with this (just transferring one at a time for the first few rounds). A friend is at another clinic and had three embryos which were slowing in growth, so her RE decided to transfer ALL THREE as a fresh transfer to see if they would make it. Unfortunately, none of them took. But can you imagine if all three had. 

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goldenbrown :  nuuuuuuuuupe. nope nope nope. I’m very lucky that I’ve done 2 transfers and both were successful so that obviously skews my opinion, but you couldn’t PAY me to put in more than 1 at a time! 

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I’m in!  Our first FET is next week.  Hoping this is finally the road to success for us!

Diagnosis: It’s complicated?  I have a few minor issues (PCOS, subclinical hypothyroidism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia) but my big problem seems to be high-ish FSH (14) despite a very high AMH (12).  I definitely don’t have DOR but I likely have autoimmune issues driving up my FSH and making my ovaries very resistant to stims.

Amount of Time TTC: 5+ years

Baby #: 1

IVF Protocol: Our 3rd cycle was a microdose flare with suprefact, Gonal-F, and Menopur after 2 previous dismal antagonist cycles.  I still had to stim for 18 crazy days but we ended up retrieving 26 eggs.  Way more than expected.  Unfortunately we had poor fertilization with conventional IVF for the first time ever.  We also had to freeze all due to OHSS.

ER Date: May 2019

Number of Embryos: We have 4 excellent Day 3 embryos frozen.  We will be transferring one for our first FET.

Transfer Protocol: Downregulated with 3 weeks of BCP.  8mg of estrace orally to start but switched to half orally/half vaginally after my lining was too thin at my first ultrasound.  Progesterone will be endometrin and oral prometrium.  Also taking medrol for assisted hatching.

Transfer Date: October 8th

Beta Date: October 18th.  Unfortunately, I am in a mandatory training course at work that day and probably won’t be able to make it to a lab so I may have to push it until October 21st.

Additional Info (if applicable – acupuncture, vitamins, old wives tails you plan to do, etc): Low dose aspirin, vitamin D, extra folate, and prenatals.  Also drinking Pom juice.  I plan to do everything the same on transfer day as our previous fresh transfers that implanted – post-transfer acupuncture from my RE, relaxing at the hotel, afternoon movie, and dinner at the same restaurant.  I’m not superstitious at all, haha!

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Diagnosis: Unexplained

Amount of Time TTC: It took 1.5 years for our twins. Now we are back at it again for another FET

Baby #:  3 (first 2 are b/g twins, age 2.5)

IVF Protocol: FET

ER Date: N/A

Number of Embryos (and pgs results if applicable): We have 8 5 day blasts from 2 previous cycles. We opted out of PGS

Transfer Protocol: Waiting for CD 1 to begin.  Possible short stint with BC before starting meds. Then estrogen injections every 2nd day and PIO added on 5 days before the transfer. Just ONE embryo this time!

Transfer Date: Anticipiating beginning of November

Beta Date: Probably mid-november

Additional Info (if applicable – acupuncture, vitamins, old wives tails you plan to do, etc):

I’m not really planning on doing anything special this time around!

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Aww thanks for starting this board! I love seeing all my fellow stimmers! We are doing our first IVF cycle in November. 

Diagnosis: Unexplained 

Amount of Time TTC: close to two years 

Baby #:  1

IVF Protocol: finding out soon! 

ER Date: unknown 

Number of Embryos (and pgs results if applicable): hopefully a lot 

Transfer Protocol:  unknown 

Transfer Date: unknown 

Beta Date: unknown 

Additional Info (if applicable – acupuncture, vitamins, old wives tails you plan to do, etc): We are doing the IVF supplement regime from it starts with the egg. Might go back to acupuncture in November. 

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So here we go again. I feel a little on edge sometimes on trying for a second time since the MA was so devastating, but I have to get out of my comfort zone.

Diagnosis: endometriosis, DH’s SA was OAT for 2 years, but this issue is fixed

Amount of Time TTC: close to 3 years

Baby #:  #1, but hopefully pregnancy #2

IVF Protocol: long agonist

ER Date: I guess beginning of november

Number of Embryos (and pgs results if applicable): We got 3 day5 blastos last time, and we adjusted to a more aggressive protocol

Transfer Protocol:  2 for sure

Transfer Date: tbd

Beta Date: tbd

Additional Info (if applicable – acupuncture, vitamins, old wives tails you plan to do, etc): pretty much everything from It starts with the egg. 

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