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  • poll: What are your favorite things about the Fall?

    Anything and Everything Pumpkin Flavor



    The Cooler Weather

    Warm Colors

    Other... comment below

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    Roll  call

    Current Cycle Day/DPO: Cycle day 27 really hoping I O’d yesterday but not holding myy breath. Just ordered OPKs so will test for Oct if AF comes!

    Ovulation Date: Maybe Sept 21

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Hoping for Oct 2 but will update when I figure out if I O’d.

    Cycles Trying: This is #2

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements,  etc.): Temping, BD as much as possible!

    Link to Chart, if anyhttp://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/46a30c

    and for fun –

    What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun plans for  Halloween?

    We just moved into our first home and we are holding Thankksgiving (Canadian) for our families on the 13th! Also We will have kiddies knocking on the door for halloween so of course we had to get our furbaby (who was our flower girl in Aug!) a halloween costume!

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    Current Cycle Day/DPO: 11

    Ovulation Date: Oct 14th 

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: 32

    Cycles Trying: Officially trying #1!! Excited, scared, and nervous to see how difficult my journey could be.. trying to stay positive.

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements,  etc.): cheapies OPKs, pre natal

    What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun plans for  Halloween?

    Probably a good scary movie and our favorite haunted house. 

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    Roll  call

    Current Cycle Day/DPO: Cycle day 14

    Ovulation Date: Um. Now.

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: October 3rd or so…

    Cycles Trying: #5

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements,  etc.): Temping, charting, prenatal, and RELAXING

    Link to Chart, if any:

    and for fun –

    What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun plans for  Halloween? Fall is my absolute favorite season. For Halloween, I’m turning 30. Yay! Haven’t decided what to do for it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting!

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    @CocoLoco523:  Thanks for starting this!  Come on October – lots of BFPs throughout the month!

    Roll call


    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 12

    Ovulation Date: 

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: October 6th/Cycles averaging 24 days

    Cycles Trying: 4

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): BDing A LOT.  We started the day after my period ended – and are keeping it going.   Also taking pre-natals.

    Link to Chart, if any: No chart

    and for fun –

    What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun plans for Halloween?  Love fall foliage in new england!  And pumpkin lattes!  And the cool weather!  So far our only halloween plans are to go on a haunted trail with friends.


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    Roll call

    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD9

    Ovulation Date: Sept 27-28

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Oct 11/26 days

    Cycles Trying: 7

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): OPKs, prenatals

    Link to Chart, if any: no chart

    and for fun –

    What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun plans for Halloween?

    I love Halloween.  I have no plans right now for it, but I just got a dog and I really want to dress her up and walk around the neighborhood ๐Ÿ™‚

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    First timer!

    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 9

    Ovulation Date: According to FF, between October 2-4

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Kind of new/inconsistent to charting, so maybe Oct 19. Cycle has been between 28-32 days.

    Cycles Trying: This will be our first.

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): Prenatals, timing BDing according to FF. 

    Link to Chart, if anyhttp://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/kate02121

    What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun plans for Halloween? Lazy fall weekends eating goof food and watching football, looking forward to being in a very family-friendly neighborhood (recently moved) and actually having trick-or-treaters. 


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    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 6

     Ovulation Date: Usually around CD16-17 so October 3/4

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: October 16/17, I’m trying to wait until AF is due so I don’t pee on ALL THE STICKS! Usually my cycle is 28 days like clockwork but last cycle was only 25… argh!

    Cycles Trying: I actually have no idea. We’ve been kinda sucky about it because I have travelled a lot for courses and most of those have fallen during my FW. Maybe our 4th or 5th of actually trying and hitting FW?

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): We are going to BD way more. I am thinking the SMEP and I am taking prenatals and a Bcomplex to increase my LP.

    and for fun –

    What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun plans for Halloween? I LOVE fall. Mostly for lots of football and Halloween. We are actually going to Disneyland with DH’s WHOLE family in October so lots to do before Halloween!

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    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD18/2DPO

    Ovulation Date: 9/21. CD16, I’m pretty sure but should get crosshairs tomorrow to confirm

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: October 3 or 4 -11/12DPO

    Cycles Trying:  technically, this is 6. We sat out last month as I had a MC the first week of August and we had to wait a month. This is our first cycle post-MC

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.):  because of DH’s travel schedule and some other things, we only got in O-2 and O but I’m pretty happy about that. I’m taking prenatals and a B100 vitamin 

    Link to Chart, if any: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/Glasgowbound

    and for fun –

    What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun plans for Halloween? Halloween!!!!!! I love Halloween!!!!!


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    I’d love some advice/ personal experience from you ladies. Just wondering if I should buy some wondfo OPK/pregnancy tests online? I can get a pack of 50 opk and 20 pg tests for I think $25 plus whatever tax and shipping. Are those the kind you bees use? Is it worth it or do you find sometimes it adds to the pressure of TTC? I bought a few OPKs from the dollar store last month to try them out but didn’t use enough to see a positive. I’m just worried that the TTC process will start to consume me if I get into this habit now (cycle 2 trying). But at the same time I want my BFP sooner than later so any help I can get right? Wanna give me your two cents?

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    @Pink Asawa:  I’ve never used OPKs before but just bought a big pack (digital) online to try. they are more expensive but I wanted to take the guessing out of it. This is my 3/4 cycle trying so I’m pretty early in the ttc journey but I’m going for it. the way I see it, I’m kind of consumed with the thought of it anyways so I might as well have something productive and helpful in terms of ttc to focus on. I’m hoping it helps!

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    @Pink Asawa:  I’m pro using OPKs! If for some horrible reason you aren’t ovulating, you can fix the problem sooner than later.  But that may be because I’m 31 and DH is 37, so we are getting old and want 3 kids.  So I wanted to figure out if there was something wrong without waiting a year and then trying to figure out if my cycle is messed up.  I don’t obsess about it when it’s part of my routine everyday (like temping is now).  If I was 25 and DH was 28, we probably wouldnt be using them.

    The first few cycles, DH didn’t want to know I was ovulating because he didn’t want to feel sex to feel ‘forced’. But now he’s onboard with knowing.

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    Just popping in to wish everyone luck and some BFP!!!! I was hoping to be on this board because we will be trying in Oct!!!!! However my O date is Oct 24th so i wont be POAS until probably nov4-5 Good luck all!!

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    Roll call

    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD3

    Ovulation Date: October 6

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Oct 20/ 28 days

    Cycles Trying: This will be the 3rd. 

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): OPKs, prenatals

    Link to Chart, if any: NA

    and for fun –

    What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun plans for Halloween?

    i live the cooler weather, anything pumpkin flavored, fall colors, and Halloween decorations! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


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    Roll call 

    Current Cycle Day/DPO:  I don’t actually know, my period is all over the place due to it just returning after taking 5 months to return after ending depo.

    Ovulation Date: Who knows! Using OPK’s to help me here! 

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Not sure, I’m going to aim for 10 DPO before I test, but I need to know when I ovulate first!

    Cycles Trying: this will be the 3rd that I know of, second that Fiance knows of, hehe. 

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): Taking pregnancy multi-vitamin, BD every day/every second day – Fiance isn’t aware that it’s as calculated as it actually is – we’re NTNP according to him lol

    Link to Chart, if any: not yet – I keep saying I’ll start and I never remember when I wake up to start temping ๐Ÿ™

    and for fun –

    What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun plans for Halloween? Nope – Halloween in Australia isn’t that big of a deal, but i do love watching all the kids dress up and go trick-or-treating, but even that isn’t common. ๐Ÿ™ BUT I’m going on a holiday in 10 days ๐Ÿ™‚

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