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@perlerose:  Urgh, how rude!

The other thing that some jewellers didn’t like, and also incidentally a bridesmaid dress shop, was my not disclosing our budget.

I personally have a policy of not ever disclosing my budget straight off the bat, as a) it allows them to inflate their price and b) instantly means you lose bartering power (and I found that with a lot of jewellers and dress shops you could certainly shave a few $ off the initial quote). Most of them didn’t have an issue with this (I would simply explain that we had a rough budget in mind, but that at this stage we wanted to get quotes without disclosing it; I also made it clear that I understood the cost of the material involved, the amount of labour involved, etc); but a couple took this to mean that our budget must be very small, and so took it upon themselves to tell me that it would be ‘very expensive’, yada yada yada, all with a pretty condescending tone.

The worst was a bridesmaid dress shop; the woman asked what our budget was and I said that we weren’t sure at the moment, as we wanted an idea of costs first. She decided we must want to spend like $50 (our budget was $320 per dress excluding alterations), and started suggesting we try high-street shops and TJ Maxx, before leaving us alone to browse with zero assistance. She was equally as rude to a friend of ours. Because of her attitude, she lost herself 9 bridesmaid dress sales and one bridal gown sale in just 2 visits; great going! lol

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@barbie86:  That’s something I’m dreading. I don’t like to disclose the budget for the same reasons, especially to someone I’ve just met, so I hope when I say “we like this and this” she’s not going to get the cheapest of the cheap out whether it matches what we asked for or not. I guess for big purchases they need a maximum amount but, like you said, that just allows them to inflate their price or ignore your haggling.

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@perlerose:  Usually the way I handle it is by explaining exactly what I want, and making it obvious that I know what I’m talking about (where appropriate), and if they ask I’ll just say that I’d rather not disclose that information, that I have a good idea, and if they could give me a quote that would be great. I know that when I was trying to find someone to replicate my ring, if I’d gone it and been like ‘Our budget is $5k’, they’d have come in around that figure; as it was, we ended up paying much much less (under $3k).

It does depend though; in some cases I would be honest eg with a simple solitaire, as I’d want them to give me a range of options within budget.

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We custom ordered my ring from a family jeweler in my home city, and while we were waiting for it to be delivered, we went to a store in our small town for my fiance to try on wedding bands (he didn’t know his size and has never worn jewelry so he wasn’t comfortable ordering a band without trying it on). 

Not only did the salesgirl try to flirt with him *in front of me* (and I am not a particularly jealous person, this was REALLY over the top) she also looked at me one and only one time to say “Well, where’s YOUR ring?” 

Right, I’m definitely going to buy a ring from you while you hit on my soon-to-be husband.

When he found a ring he liked, she said “So I’ll order that one, then!” And I said “No, I think we’ll keep looking.” And we came home and found the exact same ring online for literally 1/10 the price.

Take that, trashy mall store clerk.

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I went to JCPenney to have my watch battery replaced. In the process, the sales girl broke mine and so I started to pick out a new one to replace it. As I was looking, she asked me if I got my engagement ring from them. I told her no, it was purchased from Jared. She then asked me how much it had cost, and when I said I didn’t know (I do of course), she proceeded to tell me they have the exact same ring for probably half of what it cost at Jared. I responded that at Jared, he was able to choose a diamond separately so he was able to choose a great quality diamond. I hate that I felt that I had to justify the purchase to her. I was so thrown off by the whole conversation. The audacity of some people….

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My wierdest exchange wasn’t with a store clerk or a stranger, but with my mom. After receiving my ring, I sent a picture of it to my mom. She called to say it was pretty, etc … (you know, all the things one would expect their mom to say — lol). Then, she tells me: “Now you’re going to have to buy all new clothes. You know, so people will think you deserve your ring. Otherwise, they will think it’s not real.”

Because, apparently, I dress like a homeless person — according to my mother. >.O

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I will never forget the strange conversation I had with a girl at a wine festival when she saw my ring… She immediately told me that I was very lucky that my fiance loved me so much (um, yes he does which I’m lucky for, but not because he bought me my ring?!) and then proceded to ask me a million questions on how she could get a guy like that- where to go, what to say… It was ridiculous. I felt so sorry for her because she seemed really nice but clearly had no idea that love didn’t neccessarily= a pretty ring.

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