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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

Oh boy. Well first things first she should have NEVER written that on her page. You don’t write anything negitive about your clients, or anything else for that matter, on your business page. If you can get your money back from her I would, but at this point I highly doubt you can. I’d chalk the shoots up to a loss because she has made it pretty clear she doesn’t intend to do quality work. 

I’m sorry, that majorly sucks. Not all professionals know how to be professional. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

So she’s hasn’t done your shoots yet? That….sucks.


Honestly, she sounds incredibly unprofessional and I wouldn’t want to work with her AT ALL, no matter who the message was about. So what if it was about a different client….do yo really want to work with a photographer who will say that about ANY clients? If I were you, I’d honestly cancel my other shoots, even I was out some money.

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Helper bee
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That sucks!  Completely unprofessional. I had some photog drama too, and there are definitely ones out there who would do better in a career that didn’t involve people.


I would just ask her about it and say you were really hurt and worried that you had offended her.  If she doesn’t handle that convo gracefully, ask for your money back.  I wouldn’t want someone photographing such important things who was so hateful against me.  You might not get it back, though.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

Oooo- thats a toughie! Personally I would say that she should be used to potential clients meeting with her along with multiple other photogs (isn’t it expected that you’ll shop around?!). Maybe she just did a proofing with a client that hated all the images or something. It is odd that it would be right after you e-mail her that you decided not to use her, but she should be used to something like that, and I def. wouldn’t consider it disrespectful! 

If I were in your position though, whether the post related to me or not, I’d probably drop her for the other sessions either way. She is a professional and no professional should be talking or behaving that way in a public forum, period. Not to even mention the threats- bottom line, I would never want a photographer that even thought about trying to get revenge on a client…. 

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Wow no professional should post something like that. And really? She has never met with a client that turned her down? I know every client we meet with is most likely meeting with multiple other people. 

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Buzzing bee
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Be worried! Will you lose too much if you back out now? 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

I agree with PPs, completely unprofessional for her to write that on her page. It doesn’t matter if it’s about you or not, it’s clearly about some clients. 

I would do the shoots since you’ve already paid for the coupon one (I’m assuming) and then see what happens. 

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Busy bee
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Get a refund from Groupon (or wherever you purchased it)! If you used your credit card, do a chargeback/ dispute it. I’m sorry, but that was definitely unprofessional and I would be worried too. Take a screen shot to include with your refund letter. Good luck.

Or, hopefully, she comes to her senses in the morning and erases it and proceeds as normal with you. But, again, get a screen shot!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

Whether that post is about your situation or not, it’s still showing how unprofessional and petty she is willing to display herself in front of potential and current clients in a venue where she is advertising her services.

DO NOT HIRE HER. I’d completely pull out from doing any shoots with her. If you’ve just given deposits, I’d chalk it up to a sunk cost and walk away–but don’t give her any chances to spite you, whether it be holding your photos hostage or any funny business. A wedding photographer in my area kind of gave off the same vibe to many brides, and although some of the women had doubts (voiced on other message boards) they still went through with the photography jobs and ended up losing thousands of dollars and have no pictures to show for it. The local news even did an expose on the photographer.

Bottom line: you are paying for a professional service. She is not professional.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

Try your best to get a refund but, like the others have said, if that doesn’t work, just RUN! She sounds batshit insane! Make sure you keep copies/screenshots of all your correspondence, as well as making a note of the fact that you only “discussed” having her do your wedding photography, not sign a contract. She is threatening to completely mess up yours (or someone else’s) photos, simply for a grudge, which is not a service you want to be paying for.

If you’re comfortable with it, try commenting on her post something like “You posted this right after my email, hope it’s not about me!” If it is about you, chances are she’ll let you know somehow (either by deleting it, ignoring you, telling you she hates you, etc.). If it isn’t about you, or she has half a brain, she will hopefully try and calm your worries. Then you can try and figure out whether you still want her as your photographer (I’d suggest no way).

Bottom line: you are paying for a professional service. She is not professional. Exactly.

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Bumble bee
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That is an awful stupid thing for her to post.  Nothing else to really say on that, but most people starting out aren’t going to make it that far if they externalize their frustrations like that.  As sad as her statement is I think it’s sadder yet that you could afford either of them and you haven’t even mentioned the quality of their work.

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Honey bee
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I know I am not in your area but can you let us know who this lady is so you can save another bee from having to deal with this?

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Helper bee

first things first, you did nothing wrong! I used to be a wedding photographer for 2 years and the first thing we allways asked clients was what their budget was and we would then cater for what their needs were not the other way around. She is very extremely unprofessional in publicly posted that comment on fb evenb if it wasn’t directed at you she will loose buisness because of that!

Secondly! you are already paying for 2 other jobs she is doing for you so it;s not like you havn’t spent money on her photography in the first place! and I can not belive she would make a client feel so uncomfortable she sounds awful and obviously has no idea how to do her job properly!

I am so sorry you are having to go thru this when it’s meant to be such a wonderful and exciting thing to do having your photographs taken to celebrate your engagement and then a little something special for your new hubby!

I would try and get a refund from her and then get your FI’s co worker to do your shots.

good luck :]

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