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I’m sorry if I offended you but after contacting private and local artist I heard the same thing when they have ordered moissanite to set. I was just trying to help others who buy moissanite made in India (not selling certified moissanite cc company) I made the mistake of buying rings that the seller just said was real moissanite but the stones came with no certificate. I was not trying to say if you find a seller who sells certified moissanite it’s fake. Sorry I should have been more clear that people need to add “Charles and colvard” moissanite. There are other companies who make their version of moissanite however the actual moissanite stones if not created in the Charles lab cannot be classed as “real moissanite. As that company holds all the rights.” I made the mistake of buying moissanite off Etsy where the seller said it was locally made and I had no idea. So again I’m sorry I did not state “beware if said locally made” or beware if seller cannot send the certificate. I’m sorry if I offended or my words came off as saying “all moissanite from

india is fake. I meant be careful of how the private seller words the moissanite ring. Bc I got dooped bc they simply wrote “moissanite locally made in India”.

so again im

soery I was just trying to help others not buy what they think is moissanite just bc a seller says it is. 

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Again, sorry that I offended you and did not clearly write how I got dooped when I thought anyone could make moissanite stones and sell them. I’m sorry I did not carefully word my statement better. I really meant it to help others who put in “moissanite ring in an Etsy search like I did”

again, I apologize for not picking my words better and coming off as saying all moissanite produced in India is fake. I just really meant “Sellers from

 India who say the moissanite is locally made in a lab in India… is buying fake stones.

i had no idea that not every lab could make moissanite. That’s really all I meant I’m so terribly sorry I offended you. 

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clairedavidson :  You didn’t offend me.  Not at all.  What I was seeing was you pulling up 3 threads in a row stating false information.  I still am not sure if you understand the moissy industry.

You said:

There are other companies who make their version of moissanite however the actual moissanite stones if not created in the Charles lab cannot be classed as “real moissanite. As that company holds all the rights.”

This right there above, is not right.  C&C make moissanite.  India makes moissanite.  China makes moissanite.  Two-three years ago, C&C held the United States patent on moissy.  The patent was good for 20 years.  Once expired any one can make it now.

To say, if it’s not made by C&C it’s not real moissanite, is totally wrong.  It’s not C&C moissanite, it’s not maybe cut the same, the crystal structure may be a bit different, but it is moissanite.

You and I could set up a lemonade stand.  I could make mine from fresh lemons and water.  You could make yours from say, lemon juice concentrate.  It’s still lemonade.  If you had a patent on your particular lemonade, and made it a specific way, I could still make it, I would just be in violation of your patent.

C&C were the leaders in moissy.  Their cuts were amazing and they created beautiful stones and still do.  But they are NOT the only people who create moissanite.

Now, you are right to say, if it doesn’t say in a listing that it is C&C moissanite you may be getting a different moissy, a different structure to the stone, a different cut.  If you want only C&C then yes, you have to buy C&C specifically.  It is not true however to say that if it doesn’t come with a “certificate” it’s not moissy.  None of my moissy stones from India came with a “certificate” nor were they sold to me as C&C moissy.

I hope this helps you to understand it a bit better and I also hope you understand that when I saw you pulling up post after post making these blanket statements I just wanted to help others to realize what you were saying, or, the way you worded it, was not correct.

Many dozens of Bees before you have purchased from India, have had their stones tested and they were moissanite.  Many Bees before you have saved hundreds and even thousands of dollars purchasing from India.

Many before you have received horribly cut stones from there too.  It was a huge gamble two years back, but these sellers from India (and China) have greatly improved their product.  No, it’s not made by C&C, but it is moissy (unless you get duped, unfortunately as you did).  I recommend using Ebay rather than Etsy.  Last I checked there were very few big moissy (selling stones alone I mean) sellers there, they all seem to be on Ebay.


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Again im

sorry you’re this upset. I just honesty got two rings that said made in India and when I took them to be tested it was glass. Same with my friends who paid for their moissanite in China im

sorry I guess after personally seeing 5 friends 5 different locations that the rings were paid for my two glass rings. None of them passed the actual moissanite tester at the jewelry store. I’m sorry I offended you! 

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