(Closed) Off topic: Is bread/grains a necessity or luxury?

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We rarely eat bread/pasta/grains in our house.  I think as long as you’re getting the fibre and nutrients elsewhere it should be acceptable to your nutritionist.

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I am so impressed you’ve gone a few months without much of either! I couldn’t do it, but I know I’d probably feel great if I could (damn tortellini and ravioli…. 1/2 Sicilian here haha)..I don’t know if eliminating anything entirely is good, but I’d imagine you’d be just fine. What about when/if you decide to get pregnant? To me- bread is necessary, but I know it’s not literally necessary for me to live and be healthy. I commend you!

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@Porkchop:  hmm you should further specify what you mean by sugars. Carbohydrates = sugar. The only things that don’t contain carbs are fats, proteins and water so I think it’s 1. Unhealthy 2. Near impossible and lastly not a realistic way to live. 

On a different note i suggest you see a a registered dietitian as opposed to a nutritionist. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. 


ETA: your poll is confusing. On a global scale I think bread/grains are a necessity and a luxury for many

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I think you need to rephrase your poll question, it is not a yes/no question as it stands. It kind of reminds me when I would ask my mom if it was Saturday or Sunday and she would reply YES, LOL. Not helpful!

I don’t think it helps to call bread a luxury. Do you need to eat it ? probably not. Do you need to eat some carbs? I’m no nutritionist, but I would say YES.

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I don’t really consider to be a luxury or necessity. Just yummy. Getting ready to make some soda bread right now. 

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Dietitian to be here!! (I’ve got three months left of my internship before I start practising – and yes I mean registered dietitian) 

anyways, first of all the poll doesn’maryke sense. You asked if they’re a luxury or necessity but the options are yes/no. 

Anyways, bread and processed sugars are not necessary, however carbohydrates are. Despite what some people try to say and back it up with “research”, glucose if the only source of energy your brain utilizes. Carbohydrates are your body’s fuel, they’re energy. So you need carbs and fibre which you can get through fruit, grains such as quinoa, spelt or barley etc if you want to stay away from “regular grains”. 

I know people sometimes go on low carb or no carb diets to lose weight and attribute their weight loss to not having carbs. That isn’t entirely correct. You’re often times losing the weight because you’re elimenating whole ton of food items from your diet and are also more conscious of what you’re eating. You might lose a lot of weight in the short term, but in the long term (after about a year) that weight loss will plateau. 

You NEED carbs. Only a small portion of the population (one in thousands) cannoneat carbs because of genetic diseases. There are also certain neurological diseases that are treated with a low carb diet. 

A balanced diet should be about 50ish % carbs, 35% protein and 15% healthy fats. If you want to eliminate all bread, that’s fine, but you must find a different source ocarbohydrate. 

hope this helps 🙂

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I’m gluten free and very rarely eat gluten free bread.  I’m also processed sugar free and I’m very happy with both!!  I’ve found many fantastic recipes that don’t involve/need grains or processed sugar.

Gluten isn’t good for anyone.  The typical bread available these days uses a yeast that isn’t given the time nor has the qualities that yeast used to, to break down the gluten into non-harmful forms.  

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@mstellah:  +1

I have type 1 diabetes. So every time I eat ANYTHING with carbs in it I have to take an insulin injection. I have found snacks with super low or no carbs. But nothing I could live on, so to say.

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I’m in awe of you, OP! I could never go completely without bread, rice, pasta, etc. It’s just too good! lol As for your question, I’m not sure I really understand it so I didn’t vote. I don’t think it’s wise to cut ALL carbs out of your diet though and if you choose them wisely (for example plain oatmeal, brown rice,…) and eat them in moderation, they’re actually good for you.

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Gluten isn’t good for anyone.  The typical bread available these days uses a yeast that isn’t given the time nor has the qualities that yeast used to, to break down the gluten into non-harmful forms.  

I’m sorry but where are you getting your info from and what harmful forms are you referring to?

@Tphan:  great answer, I can see you will be a very good dietitian one day 😉 -from a current Rehearsal Dinner

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I rarely eat gluten or other grains or potatoes. we do eat a lot of sweet potatoes in my house! Sugar is variable, as sometimes I just need a sugar fix. We have been following the Primal Blueprint for about three years now and I have never felt healthier! The weight loss was awesome, but honestly the best part is how energetic and healthy I feel without eating gluten and other grains. I also don’t eat dairy, but that’s because I am serverely lactose intolerant

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@Porkchop:  I don’t think it’s necessary for survivial, but then I also don’t believe in cutting out foods unless you either hate it or there’s a legit medical reason. I’m in the “everything in moderation” camp. Some bread won’t kill you or your diet unless you’re allergic to it.

Kinda funny.. when I read “is bread a luxury?”, historically that’s what poor people would eat, but I get what you mean.

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I don’t eat bread or sugar either. It’s actually much healthier not to eat those things. We do eat small amounts of gluten free grains like brown rice and oats and millet. Your body gets plenty of fuel without sugar from protein, fat, and vegetables. 

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