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Helper bee
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I want nothing to do with them, period. I’m devout in my Christian faith and tampering around with the spirit world is just asking for trouble in my opinion. Why risk it? 

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Honey bee
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I don’t necessarily believe they can do anything “real” regarding ghost, spirits, or anything, but I’ve heard enough stories to convince me that’s it’s not worth risking it in case I’m wrong… and if I’m right, I fail to see the thrill in it.

(I did play with my cousin’s briefly when I was about 7 – we were all pretty young and not at all subtle about pushing it, so I don’t recall anything cool or creepy about it.)


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Buzzing bee
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No, I don’t use them and I would advise against it. I have respect for things that exist that I don’t fully understand. 

When I was a kid we played with one once, and it was clear one girl was pushing the thing around. 

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We would play with it all the time as kids, me and my siblings. It worked every time we pulled out the board and none of us were pushing the planchette. We could remove our fingers and it would continue across the board on its own. There was one boy in particular who spoke to us a lot. It may have brought some creepy things into the house, for myself especially. I was haunted by one particular woman for years and she scared the crap out of me, even following me to my dorm in college. My relatives are terrified of them. Yes they work but you better have some type of protection because there are many trickster creatures and many beings just don’t want to leave once you invite them in. I’d still buy another one if anyone was willing to conjure with me.

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Helper bee


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kcoast :  

Your story in some ways is similar to someone I know – I was told when I was pretty young so never contemplated using one.  They were with their younger sister and some friends when they were in their young teens.  They asked the board to spell out the name of a spirit and it spelled the name of her twin who passed at 10 days old. She is positive that noone else in the room knew about it..

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Bumble bee
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I’ve used one with my mom. We were living in the apartment I grew up in that had some creepy things happen. I know there’s a science behind why it feels like it’s moving but it’s still spooky as hell. The glass did move on it’s own. Anyway my mom and brother got creeped out by it. She threw it out. We lived in a 4 floor walk up and heard the doorbell a few days later, we opened the door and the game was sitting at the stairs. No one was living across the hall, we lived on the last floor at the very last unit and we would’ve seen and noticed anyone running in the stairs below. After this some more creepy things happened. We had empty boxes stacked at the entry inside our apartment. We were all in her room watching tv. Someone knocked on the door. No one was there and the boxes looked like they were knocked to the ground, but we didn’t hear boxes fall, we heard a door knocked. Among a few other stories. I’m not a religious person or someone who seriously believes this stuff but a lot of creepy things have happened in my family that gets me thinking.

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Bumble bee

Yes I I used one in an abandoned mental asylum. I’m a skeptic so I’m inclined to not believe any of this was really due to the paranormal though.

Nothing happened for about twenty minutes then we spoke to a ghost who worked there as doctor who killed himself, we also spoke to a teenager who died there too and an old woman. I said to the “spirits” that I’m a skeptic so if they move of the glass marbles on the floor without anyone touching it then I will believe. Well the marble didn’t move and I said to everyone I would need something extraordinary to happen still for me to believe, like something moving on its own. I said this about 5 or 6 times there and also to my partner numerous times.

To cut a long story short two days later I was cleaning my dressing room and had pushed all the cans of hairspray to the back of the dressing table. I left the room briefly and came back and saw one of the cans was in the middle of the table, I just stared at it for a few seconds thinking how did it get there? Then I saw it move on its own around by gliding across the table 3-4 inches. Needless to say I freaked out and have not used a ouija board since! 

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Bumble bee
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ariesscientist :  this reminds me of a hat that moved across my table too. Also a skeptic but it’s extremely freaky.

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Busy Beekeeper
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And we wonder why there are so many science deniers. Some people will buy anything. Yes, used a ouija board in college. No, I don’t own one now. They just aren’t interesting enough to bother, and I don’t buy into supernatural or paranormal activities anyway.

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Busy bee
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I’m what I’d call a reasonable believer in the paranormal. As in, do I think everything I can’t explain is ghosts? No. And I don’t think all paranormal/unexplained incidents are scary or evil. But I also have had experiences that could not be explained by science, reason, or circumstances. I absolutely believe that spirits are real–as an atheist, I don’t know if I necessarily believe in angels/demons, as those are typically associated with God/devils…but what I do believe in is human spirits who have either not fully passed on, or even left residual energy (where their spirit is not actively inhabiting a place, but it shows up in aftershocks, if that makes sense). Anyway, I could go down the rabbit hole about my paranormal beliefs but it doesn’t answer your question.

As far as Ouija boards go–I feel like anything manufactured by Parker Brothers and sold at Toys R Us is VERY unlikely to be an automatic gateway for demons and dead people. However, I think with anything used to connect with spirits, it’s a matter of the user not the item. So while I don’t believe the boards are inherently vessels of supernatural/paranormal communication, I believe they could be that way with the right person using it–if they are open enough or vulnerable enough. Probably why children have experiences. They truly believe they’re going to and so their minds either play tricks on them, or, if there is a spirit, the child is open enough to experience it. 

For this reason, given my previous encounters with paranormal entities, I choose not to use them as I don’t wish to open myself up to anything (again, not because I believe the board inherently allows such, but because I understand that if I open myself to the communication it typically happens for me). 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I don’t need a oujia board to commune with the devil, all I need is the sweet, sweet power of heavy metal.

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Helper bee
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I personally believe they are no more powerful or harmful than a game of ‘Snakes N Ladders.’

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