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mrsrod7 :  If you are BDing on CD 20/21, you may be doing it too late. Most Luteal phases are 12-14 days. So if your cycle happens to be 35 that month, you would be ok, but if it happens to be closer to 30 or up to 42, you are likely missing your fertile window.

Honestly, all the apps are crap if you aren’t temping/charting. You need to confirm ovulation (only done by temping and ultrasound) to know your true fertile window. 

It’s fine if you want to wait to do at that, but if you aren’t…your best best is to have sex every other day after your period ends and until it arrives again. That’s the best way to ensure you hit your fertile window in the absence of temping.

Before temping, you could try just using OPKs (wondfo sells them for cheap) and that will give you a ball park of ovulation (24-48 after a positive). However, even with a positive OPK, there is no garaunteed ovulation, though it is likely. 

When you start tracking/temping, get a basal body thermometer, do it at the same time every day (within 30 minutes) before getting out of bed and download the free version of Fertility Friend to chart. Keep in mind, temping confirms O after it happens. So OPKs help you determine before it happens to BD at the right time.

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Congrats! It’s exciting to start 🙂

I found that I had to track to know when I ovulated. My app was sometimes in the ballpark, but was often not aligned with my body. I used to chart my temperature, but that was sort of a pain, so I used OPKs starting about four months of TTC. I ovulated on day 23 the cycle I got pregnant and would have had no clue otherwise, so it was helpful for us. My dotor said to just have sex a lot, though, haha. Good luck!

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I also used Ovia and I did not find that it knew my fertile window well. I actually ovulated much later than I would have guessed (or than averages used in an app would have predicted) and I only figured that out using OPKs. Worked for us though, I’m 27 weeks now! 

Good luck! 

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I agree with the above bees – if you don’t track at all, there’s no way to know when you’re ovulating. On average it’s CD14 (with a a regular 28 day cycle), but when I was TTC my son I realized I don’t ovulate until CD 18-22 and was missing my FW completely!

even if you don’t want to track all the time, just try for a month to at least give you a ballpark. 

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I’d recommend starting prenatal vitamins, it’s a good idea to start them at least a couple of months before conceiving so that the vitamins can build up in your system.  If you don’t want to go full on prenatal yet, start taking Folic Acid at the very least. 

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As pp said there’s no way we can tell you if you did it on your fertile days or not – only way to know is to use OPKs/temp/monitor your cervical mucus. But it’s certainly possible you did! If/when you are ready to actually track your cycle, you should download Fertility Friend – it’s the best app for it. The book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” is also really helpful – you can read all the relevant parts in like under an hour and it will kinda blow your mind about basic biology that you never learned in school.

But in the meantime def enjoy just having fun with it! I found I could not be chill about TTC so I actually started temping & all that jazz before we were even actually trying, but I admire people with more restraint lol. 

Good luck and hopefully it will happen very soon for you guys!

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mrsrod7 :  I personally use Rainbow Light, but it’s whatever reputable brand works for you :o)  Good luck, and have fun!!!  

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I just tracked my period for years through My Period Tracker app, I would just do this mainly to know when AF was arriving.

I’ve never been on BC other than a few times in college, so my cycles must have been pretty consistent. The month we first tried TTC we BD’d twice in my FW according to the app and..it worked.

I mainly attribute this to being pretty regular and having consistent cycles…But I’m just saying, it is definitely possible to have a chance without fully charting.

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I also use Rainbow Light for prenatals. It was approved by my OBGYN.

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We decided to start trying for a baby and made adjustments by eating more carefully, cutting down on alcohol, low impact exercise and both of us were on prenatals (there are ones for men too!). We were also both at our goal weights. 

I have a pretty regular 28 day cycle and had a period tracker app that I’d used for ages. According to it, I ovulated every cd14 pretty much. However I decided to use OPK too and found that I O’d on cd11 of 28. 

That first cycle of ttc we decided to just have as much sex as possible so as soon as I finished my period, we got to it. Everyday. When we got the positive OPK, we actually ramped sex up even more and I’m pretty sure we did it 3 times on cd12 – I did keep a record but I can’t find it!

I know that all attempts are pretty much futile a couple days after a positive opk but we enjoy sex so kept going at least every second day that cycle. 

I got my BFP on cd20. And obviously no period! I’m 14 weeks along now. 

Our plan was to start temping and charting more intensely after 3 months ttc but it never came to that! 

Have fun!!!! 

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