Offshoot of makeup thread… is grey hair unprofessional ?

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Busy bee
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You see guys in business suits with grey hair all the time, so I’m going to go with “hell no.” If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us. 

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Honey bee
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wifetobee63 :  no, if is kempt, it is not unprofessional.

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Honey Beekeeper
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It’s sad that in 2017 there are women who think that makeup or hair determine if one is a professional.

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Busy bee
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I know of quite a number of women who have let their hair go completely grey and they are in respectable professional fields. I personally do not find it unprofessional.

I will say, my dad went grey quite young and when the economy tanked, he had a heck of a time finding a job. My mom convinced him to tint his hair and eyebrows (ageism really is a thing that happens) and he was offered a job within a few weeks. So, while I don’t think it would result in being fired, it may make it more challenging to find a new job.

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She’s not talking about natural grey hair the ones saying natural grey hair is fine are not answering her question. She’s talking about grey hair on a YOUNG WOMAN. She said she’s been doing it since her teens. She’s asking because grey hair does not usually occur naturally in YOUNG WOMEN. It is an egdy color to have if you’re young. If the situation is for example a job you want, I would say it depends on the employer, you will have to ask. But because it is not garish and does occur in nature and is akin to blond, may even be seen as a kind of blond, I would say that it’s much less likely to be considered unprofessional than other unnatural colors. In my opinion there’s not such thing as unprofessional hair, it doesn’t matter what the  hell you look like (as long as you’re clean) and grey hair on a young woman especially is very elegant.

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Bumble bee
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julies1949 :  I’d agree it’s sad, but it’s certainly not the womens’ fault! I’ve heard all kinds of BS like this from men, including about makeup and grey hair, and even worse, like natural African-American hair is unprofessional 🙁 Awful right!?

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Busy bee
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OP, grey hair is NOT unprofessional.

Skye Davina Williams :  No, she is not. You are totally off base.

From the OP: “I have been going grey since I was 14 years old and I’ve been dyeing my hair for almost 40 years.”

14 yrs at beginning of grey hair + 40 years of dyeing her hair = OP is 54 years old

I know youth is in how you act and feel, but I would not call a 54 year old woman a young woman.

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Bee Keeper
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franklymydearidont :  

Hey now, careful.  In the grand scheme of things, fifty four is most definitely not *old*!  Relatively speaking, it’s pretty young, actually.  I say that, of course as an elder Bee.

Your perspective on age changes with the years.  But you are not doomed to be the elderly after fifty.  Or even sixty, really.

So says the elder Bee who’s been coloring her hair since she was twelve.  My stylist tells me that though I have gray, there is still quite a lot of my natural color (whatever that is–who remembers). I’ve no plans to go gray, it would be very not me.  I don’t dress age appropriately either.  I wear what feels and looks good.

There’s nothing inherently unprofessional about gray hair.  The only caveat is that it has to be kept neatly styled.  There is something about gray hair that makes it more subject to looking messy if it’s not neatly groomed.

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Busy bee
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sassy411 :  Are you looking to get offended? I never called anyone old. I actually don’t think people over 50 are old.

All I said was that we are not talking about a young woman since that poster seemed to assume we were talking about someone who was a young woman (and I assumed this happened since 14 years old was mentioned in the OP). I’m not sure that there is an age definition for young woman, but I think that the term young woman is a specific term for a certain stage of life, which is probably from your late adolescence to somewhere in your 30’s at the max (it’s that establishment period before you become an adult).

After a certain point, everyone stops being a young woman and is just a woman. There’s a personal preference for the cutoff I’m sure, but I don’t think it’s offensive to not refer to someone who is 35+ as a young woman. It doesn’t mean that they’re old or elderly and I never said that it did.

I’m 29 and I honestly wouldn’t consider myself a “young woman” or a “young lady” anymore–I’ve established myself, I’m an adult, and I’m a woman. I’m also not obsessed with age or youth as some people in our culture so I also don’t think that not being referred to as a “young woman” is offensive.

P.S. With regard to the thread topic…grey hair. Tons of people get it young (I started getting it as a teen myself), but it’s seen more as the norm when you are a bit older in age. Which is why that poster said that it would be unusual on a young woman.

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Honey bee
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Well kept hair in any natural color is professional. The funny thing is that teachers (on the whole) are terrified of going grey. There is not a single teacher in our building who has any grey in their hair, and the majority of them probably do naturally. I don’t know if they think that kids don’t take them seriously with grey hair or what, but I don’t intend to color my hair when it goes grey. I think respect comes from the sort of instructor you are and not your hair color.

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