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Busy bee

Dear Bee,

Speaking as someone who has a good understanding of mineralogy, I would say that it might be in your best interest to forget that one offhand comment. There are two things that could have happened.

1. Your ring might’ve had a yellow tinge in the dim mood lighting. It is possible for peridot to err on the side of slightly yellow green. I can see some warmth in the picture that you have posted, but I wouldn’t be calling it peridot green. Were you or the server wearing something green or yellow which might have altered the colour of the stone as he/she saw it? Any green reflections around?

2. The server simply doesn’t know what a peridot it and is just making conversation with you. It’s just one of those moments where someone wants to sound ‘knowledgeable’. Gem quality peridot is usually a very distinctive colour.

It sounds like you’ve been having a lot of expenses lately. Keep the ring as it is for now. If you have been happy with this ring since forever, don’t swap it out just because of one offhand comment.

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Busy bee
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 I think your stone is gorgeous! I would not change it.

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Helper bee

My soon to be Mother-In-Law (whom I get along great with and care for) makes really poor choices IMO sometimes. She wanted diamond looking earrings with twist on backs (did not want strangers or one of her adult step daughters in particular to know they were not real diamonds). 

She initially asked for my help researching online (she is not computer savvy) and I made several suggestions of reputable companies and specific models. All in lower carat equivalents because I personally am not flashy, etc. I have a reasonable sized pair of nice quality CZ studs that I wear and get compliments on often so she valued my opinion (I have no problem letting people know what they are and am not trying to pass them off as something they are not).

For whatever reason she bought these ginormous moissanite earrings off QVC (or one of those home shopping tv channels). I took one look at them and thought they looked like the huge “diamond” studs you see rappers wearing in both ears. At any rate, they were ridiculous and so fake looking (size to income ratio), but she seemed pleased so I made noncommittal comments as to not offend her.

Then she wanted a new wedding/engagement ring and got another moissanite off home shopping. It had a slightly green/yellow tint to it, but nothing horrible. Well one day she went to lunch with step daughter and it must have been the lighting or whatever because she said it was soooo green that she pulled her hand under the table in embarrassment. She was so embarrassed that she refused to ever wear it again. 

Anyway, to my advice. You don’t have a diamond. You have a moissanite. That makes it no less “real” of an engagement ring, and no hate from me on your choice. However, if you are personally going to find yourself embarrassed by the “look” of your stone and comments by strangers asking what it is when they think (correctly) that it isn’t a diamond, then it probably isn’t the right stone for you. I would not suggest buying a new moissanite because that will not solve your problem. 

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Sugar bee
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Don’t change it bee, love what you have and own the sparkle! Your moissy in no way looks like a peridot. I feel like most people are gemstone clueless and can make silly comments, so I wouldn’t take it personally. 

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Busy bee

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sable :  Agree. Personally I believe there is nothing that can quite beat a diamond. People often justify buying moissys because Moissanite has a Mohs scale of Hardness of 9.25 and diamond has a 10. What they fail to realise is that the ‘hardness’ really means resistance to scratching and the Mohs scale is non-linear. Corundum (rubies) is a 9 on the Mohs scale but in reality a diamond is 5 times ‘harder’.

Also moisannites have a tendency to get cloudy (particularly the older ones) with age and with temperature starting JUST around 65 degrees celcius (Never leave your moissy in a very hot car or drop it in a pot of boiling water).

TRUE non lab-created moissanites are incredibly rare and usually found in meteorites and the upper mantle. I like to think of moissys as higher end CZ’s with very clever marketing.

I’m not trying to beat anyone down who has a moissy, if you love it, it’s yours and my opinions shouldn’t matter. Personally I wouldn’t ever buy a moissy for this and the reasons outlined above. 



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Busy bee

What are you going to do if you save up and buy a diamond and someone asks you if it’s a moissy or or a CZ or a white sapphire or something? 

Like why are you so concerned with what this random stranger said about your ring?

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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geez i dont think the waiter knew what a peridot was! I personally wouldnt spend thousands on another moissy if youre saving for a diamond. Just keep on trucking and saving and get a legit antique OEC diamond of your dreams and be done with it! If you like pastels that means youd like a J or K, which is easier to find in old cuts anyway and is more affordable.

If you dont want to get a diamond anymore, then by all means upgrade the moissy. But I wouldnt do both its just robbing peter to pay paul, if you will.


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Busy bee

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FutureDrAtkins :  Your ring is gorgeous–don’t let this bother you.  I would keep what you have until you can afford your diamond replacement.  

Not sure if it’s something you’ve tried yet or are opposed to, but I live in a HCOL area and our pawn shops have some gorgeous rings engagement with large center stones. It’s a great way to help out your budget and you could easily take a diamond out and reset it into your existing setting. 

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Bumble bee

Do not change out that beautiful stone!!! 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m just going to assume the waiter has never ever ever seen a peridot.

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Busy bee
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Haha the server just doesn’t know what a perdiot is.  Maybe find a pre loved newer OEC moissy so it won’t have the color you notice sometimes and swap it out, then resell yours to cover some of the price difference?

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Bumble bee
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Ignore that person and keep on keeping on ! Do what you originally wanted to do ! Good luck ☘️☘️

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Blushing bee

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FutureDrAtkins :  Please, keep it! Your ring is absolutely goregous, and one of my favorite moissanite rings on WB. The server may have misspoke or seen a green reflection. Anyone who has some gem knowledge would not have confused the two gemstones. Peridot is a distinct, yellow-green that few other stones would ever be mistaken for. I imagine most people would think you have a double halo diamond. 🙂

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