(Closed) Oh my goodness how in the heck do I deal with all these fruit flies?!

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Actually red wine in a shallow glass or apple cinder vinegar will work! 

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Here’s my fruit-fly trap solution:

Warm up some apple cider vinegar. Put it in the open-mouthed container of your choice. Swirl a little dish soap in there — this is crucial, because it kills the surface tension of the liquid. I like to chuck some fruit parings in there too, because I figure it’s extra tasty smelling.

That’s it. They’ll smell it, investigate it, fall in and drown. It generally does the trick overnight.


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@lalalyanne:  What we usually do is get a container, a banana peel, a rubber band, a fork, and some plastic wrap. Put the banana peel in the container, seal the top of the container with the plastic wrap and secure it with the rubber band, then with a fork poke some holes on top. The bastards can crawl in but they can’t crawl out. I have seen this work with my own two eyes!

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Pouring vinegar down the drain probably attracts them. They like vinegar.

Take the trash out and leave it out so they have nothing to eat. Hang fly strips so a lot of them will get caught by them. They’re so dumb. They fly right to them.

Be persistent.  They’ll be gone between dying on the fly strips and not having anything to eat. Its a pain in the ass to have to dispose of food scraps, including meat, coffee grounds, etc outside, but it’s worth it to get rid of them.

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Are you sure what you are using to clean with doesn’t attract them?  I know it’s kinda out there, but possible.  Much like people who wear certain scented products get eaten up/pestered by bugs while people wearing unscented or other scents are happily unbothered.  I am allergic to most everything that smells, and I’ve noticed my friends who wear/use a lot of floral/sweet scents are constantly plagued by bugs (gnats, fruit flies, mosquitos, etc), and not much comes near me.  This mostly springs to mind because you mention how much you clean, so take it for what it’s worth… random internet suggestion.

My best advice is get an active cat. :).  They get a toy, you don’t get bothered by bugs.  Just be prepared when they pout and cry because their “toy” stopped playing.  We always have bananas and other random fruit out but I rarely see them and when I do I make sure my cat notices :).

I hope you find a solution, they drive me nuts too!

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I had the same problem,  until Mother-In-Law told me it was from overwatering our house plants.  If you have plants,  that could be the issue!  

Go cold turkey and stop watering them for,  well, as long as they can handle (wait for them to get a bit droopy) and then when you start watering them again,  cut back on how much and how often. 


I tried all of the other tricks,  and this finally worked. 

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@lalalyanne:  go to petflytrap.com. There sell a variety of carnivorous plants that will keep the fruit flies under control naturally. I’ve ordered from their company before.

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Take a plastic cup, put some apple cidar vinegar in it, and tightly stretch plastic wrap over the top. Use a rubber band to secure it to the cup. Poke small holes (the more the better) in the plastic wrap. Make sure the holes are large enough for them to get in but small enough to where they can’t get back out.

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@lalalyanne:  I have tried hundreds or remedies for fruit flies and the only thing that worked for me was a little dish with about shalt an inch of apple cider vinegar and a dab of dish soap

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A cat is not going to help get rid of fruit flies. lol

Here’s what I do, and it works…

Open a beer bottle, and leave it on the counter.  No matter what you do, it will take hours to get rid of them.  Just be patient, but stay out of the room.  Constantly going in there to check just stirs them up more.  I’d open one up and leave it open all day.  Make sure there’s no trash, and no other food for them to feed on. 

I left bananas on top of my fridge one time and forgot about them…my kitchen was swarmed with them.  This beer trick worked.  My two cats did nothing. LOL

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@lalalyanne:  I bought one of those fluit fly traps at the store and it worked…you know the ones that look like apples and then there’s a liquid that you pour into it.

There might be something going on behind or under your refrigerator. Maybe some bad food that’s stuck in there or idn what…I think google could tell you more.

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I’ve had good luck with the apple cider vinegar in a bowl with some dish soap. It takes a little while but eventually they drown in it.

However, a PP brought up overwatering the plants, which is definitely a good point. Fungus gnats pop up when you overwater houseplants and a mold grows on the soil. They look like fruit flies but they’re smaller and black where fruit flies are brownish and usually have red eyes.

I had fungus gnats once and I went to a garden center and got a spray to treat the soil with (make sure you get one that’s organic/safe for indoor use, I think mine was tomato-derived). I also cut back a bit on watering the plants.

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