OH no! It seems like I might have lost my engagement ring!

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Bumble bee
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Do you think it slipped off? Or did you take it off somewhere?

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Bee Keeper
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I would try to not think about it for a few hours and look again later.  In all likelihood it is somewhere in your house, I doubt it fell off in the street or you took it off and left it anywhere else.

I take mine off and leave it in a new place pretty much every time so I have had so many of these freakouts! 

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elliebee357 :  It wasn’t my engagement ring, but a ring that my grandma gave me when I graduated from high school, so definitely just as meaninful to me as my e-ring. I never took it off and it seemingly vanished into thin air one day. I retraced my steps, tore apart my bedroom, the whole nine yards… Nothing. This is a random part but my family is into psychics and I had a reading with an amazing one who has always been accurate for my family members and friends, so I decided to ask about it while I was there and she told me that my ring was not lost forever, it would turn up. I can’t remember how much later it happened, but I had a stack of folded clothes in my closet that I decided to sort through and low and behold, my ring was sitting in the middle of a couple of folded sweaters! It was missing for a couple months (felt like forever). I’m sending good vibes your way and hoping that your ring turns up ASAP! 

I have thankfully never lost my e-ring and I believe that it’s due to my routine as well as my ring fitting well; my ring from my grandma was a little too big and slid off easily. I have a ring dish in my bedroom that my set goes in at night and they’re the last thing I put on once I’m done with my makeup and getting dressed for work. I also sometimes take them off in the kitchen very quickly, but I put my rings in the same spot every time so that I know where to go back to if I somehow forget to put them back on right away. Having a couple designated ring spots might help in the future!   

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Helper bee

I put mine in my jeans Pocket once when I was about to do some gardening, I forgot and it went through the wash and I found it in there. I’ve also put it in the little sunglass holder in my car before work (usually don’t wear it into work). I’d start with checking pockets.. check in and around the bed, window sills, by the sinks, your purse, on top of the fridge, in your drawers… I’m sure you’ve looked these places, but good luck! 

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Helper bee

I sometimes take mine off to workout and put it in the zippered section of my wallet. Are there any strange places like that you might have forgotten? Or I second the jeans pocket/laundry. Next to the vanity in the bathrooms? I would be crawling around the floor and looking under furniture. Maybe it fell off and got kicked under something?

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Bumble bee
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coat pocket? couch cushions? under the couch? purse, gym bag, work bag? car cup holders? under the seat of your car? make-up bag?

Just fot good measure… Tony, Tony come around. Something’s lost that must be found.

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Sugar bee

Do you know when you saw it last?  Is it definitely in the house or could you have lost it while running errands or something?

do you have pets? Check the pet beds any anywhere the pets might like to hide toys (under the soff, etc).  I know a few people whose pets were the culprit when a ring went missing!  One turned up in the doggie bed, and I believe another had been batted under the sofa like a very expensive hockey puck.

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Blushing bee

I lose everything!! My fiance knowing this bought me an extremely cheap e-ring….I mean really really cheap..

It used to be massive and on a few occassions when I was speaking and using hand gestures it has flown off. 

In Thailand whilst climbing out of a boat straight into the sea…it fell off. The water was impossible to see through because the waves were breaking around it and it was white. I searched and searched and searched….then as I started crying and walked up onto the beach….a wave washed it up right in front of me. 

Whilst on holiday over summer I was trying on some clothes in a shop fitting room. I took it off, no idea why. Left the shop and went to a restaurant. Whilst in this restaurant I realised I didn’t have my ring!! Panicked and ran back to the shop. As soon as the shop assistant saw me run in she said ‘ you are back for your ring, aren’t you?’

So I feel like even if I wanted to, I can’t lose this ring. It won’t let me. Haha .

It’ll show up 🙂

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Helper bee

I have a RHR that I lose quite a lot, mostly because I take it off whenever I wash my hands or am cleaning, working out etc and it normally turns up in one of my pockets. If not it’s in a completely random place that made sense at the time but was quite easy to forget about. 

It must be quite stressful but you’ll find it! Good luck!

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Blushing bee

A ring of mine has slipped of when I’ve fumbled around in my purse looking for something. I have my fingers crossed for you! 

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Bumble bee

Inside coat pockets just in case your hands were cold and it came off when you were pulling your hand out.

Also inside the sleeves of sweaters. Sometimes my rings catch on a fuzzy sweater when I am pulling it off.

Check inside winter gloves.

Top of bath tub drain if you wore it in the shower and it slid off.

Laundry machine or dryer- when you chuck in a load it can get caught in a towel etc.

Blankets that you use to cuddle up on the sofa.

Inside the vacuum- in case you have already sucked it up.

In your car, handbag, bed, gym bag.

I know someone who found hers in her cutlery drawer. She had been rumaging around looking for some kitchen tool at the very back of the drawer and it had slid off. Weeks had gone by.

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car cup holder, Ive known several women who have lost a ring to the cup holder lol. I had my tennis bracelet fall off while doing laundry and I found it at the bottom of the basket the following week on laundry day. 

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