OH no! It seems like I might have lost my engagement ring!

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elliebee357 :  This might be a silly question, but have you asked FH yet? Maybe he saw it sitting out and put it away somewhere “safe” and forgot to mention it?

I’ll echo the pants pocket idea. Not my e-ring, but some diamond earrings went missing on me. I almost never wear them because earrings tend to irritate my ears. Well, without thinking one day, I took them off and popped them into the small pocket in my jeans. Completely spaced. I did it almost on auto-pilot, so I did NOT remember putting them there.  Wasn’t till I was doing laundry that one fell out and it clicked into place what happened. 

Also, the little side zipper pocket in my purse; I’ll sometimes stash things in there and forget.

Fingers crossed!! I really hope it turns up!

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Not my engagement ring, but a few years ago, I had my college class ring go MIA.  I got to work and my heart sank when I realized it wasn’t on my hand.  I had just lost a good bit of weight, and the weather was cold, so I was terrified it was in the parking lot or somewhere at work.  Fortunately, Fiance hadn’t left yet, and he did a quick scan of the floors.  It had fallen off my hand in the threshold of the bedroom.


I’m sure it will turn up.

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Sending some positive vibes your way, and a happy ending story:

So I haven’t even had my ring for 2 whole weeks yet. I’ve been pretty good about babying it, always taking it off and putting it on my ring stand before bed, before showers, before yard work, etc. But FH and I went to a party at a friend’s house Saturday night and I kind of passed out when we got home. When I woke up, my ring was GONE. Not on the stand, not on my finger. We were tearing through the house looking for it, I was sobbing like a fool. He suggested maybe it fell off in the Uber, which just sent me into even more hysterics. After searching for what felt like forever, I decided to take a break and cool down. I started cleaning our bedroom and when I went to make the bed, I pulled back the comforter, there was my goddamn ring. I must have taken it off in bed during my tipsy slumber.

So don’t lose hope! You’ll likely find it as soon as you stop looking. Fingers crossed for you.

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Oh no. I hope you find it! I have a friend that lost hers and found it in her pillowcase. 

Is it insured?

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Best of luck!!! I can’t even imagine how upset you must be. I hope you’ll find it very very soon. I’d pray.

That’s exactly why I almost never take mine off. My motto is I’d rather have scratched gold and dirty stone than lose it all together. I lost one of my absolute favorite rings right when I got engaged, the very first time I took it off. It was gone. 🙁 

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Check everywhere! I once lost my old promise ring and was in a panic. I was feeling UNDER the sofa and realizd there was a hole in the top of the sofa where I must have taken it off to eat and it had fell through the material and was stuck at the bottom.

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I’m glad there’s a happy ending!

I have “ring stations” set up round the house and my husband and I are only allowed to take rings off there. So there’s a ring holder by the bed and by the kitchen sink, and a little tub by the bath. If I need to take my ring off it can only happen there, or if I’m out it gets put in my medicine jar. I don’t allow myself to put them anywhere else,no matter how lazy I’m feeling, and touch wood I’ve not lost my ring yet!

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elliebee357 : I  Iost mine in a changing room stall whilst trying engagement dresses in a department stall. It slipped off and I heard a metallic ping but it didn’t twig that it was my ring. It was a Saturday at around 4.45pm and the department store closed at 5pm and didn’t reopen until 9am Monday. I couldn’t even call to report it because once I realised I’d lost it, it was after hours. It was the longest weekend of my life. 

I called in sick to work and was at the store at 6am on Monday hoping a cleaner or someone would let me in to see if the ring was there. Nobody acknowledged me at the glass doors and I spent 3 hours tracking the cleaner vacuuming the department store. At 9am I rushed to the changeroom hoping that it would still be there because I was certain that no more shoppers had entered the changeroom after me so the only people who had been in there would have been the staff and cleaners. It wasn’t. 😢

I asked the staff if a ring had been handed in and they said no but on the corner of my eye I saw the cleaner still there. I ran up to her and asked if she’d found it. She played dumb for a few minutes but when I burst into tears and said it was my engagement ring she suddenly had second thoughts and pulled it out of her pocket saying she didn’t understand me because of language barrier but I kind of call bullshit but I’m thankful her conscience kicked in and I went and bought her some flowers in thanks for her deciding to do the right thing.

I got my ring back despite the odds. Hopefully bee that your ring will find its way onto your finger so don’t lose hope. I know how you are  feeling right now.

My grandmother used to say your home never steals something from you. It just hides it for a while. Hopefully it’s in your home and it’s decided to play a game of hide and seek with you.

Edit: belatedly saw your update. Yay!

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Thank goodness. What a relief for you!

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elliebee357 :  pockets of bags, jacks sweaters, in your car, glove compatment, shower, by sinks, inside shoes or place you might have ut it in for the mean time as a ‘safe’ place. Worse case scenario: do you have insurance on it? Make a claim? 

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