(Closed) Oh no……you did WHAT to your electronics?!

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@Sweet_Tea:  Oh. My. God.  I would totally freak out. lol

One time I dropped my entire phone into an oversized cup of diet coke.  I freaked out, but took it apart to let it dry and it worked just fine the next day.

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@Sweet_Tea:  Ooooh yep, FH got a mysterious crack (we can only assume he stood on it!) on the screen of his less than three month old laptop, which lead to an ever-increasing black patch of “bleeding” around the original crack and the ones that have come since (obviously it’s just so fragile that any amount of bumping is creating new cracks).  It just keeps getting worse and most of the right half of the screen is covered in this weird black pattern.  Sadly we haven’t been able to afford a replacement screen yet (well, he hasn’t prioritised it yet.  He’s a gem).

Oh, and FH also decided my iPhone 4 would appreciate a ride in the washing machine last year 😉  Oops (but I can’t get too mad at him since he was washing the sheets, and my phone had been on the bed & he hadn’t noticed :P)

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FI put the same I-pod through the wash twice! I managed to dry it out the first time, but after the second time it was ruined. He also shot a lap top (it was already broken lol, he just wanted to use it for target practice).

I have somehow managed to cook my phone battery too. Like, if I take it off the charger and actually use it for more than 2 minutes, it dies instantly. I’m trying to find a new one.

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The first time I had wisdom teeth removed (I did it two at a time) they put me under.

This was a huge mistake. Turns out I do not respond well to general anesthesia and when I woke up I was still high as a kite. I was confused, didn’t know where I was, was nauseous, and emotionally weird, randomly crying for no reason. Medical people I know personally have since told me that they either overdid it on the GA or released me too soon. 

Once I got home I still had this issue where if I didn’t fully concentrate on the action I was doing, I would just stop doing it. Like talking, or sitting up straight, or holding things.

The friend who took me home sweetly brought me a chai milkshake I could sip, and of course removed the lid on the styrofoam cup for me, as I was not permitted to use a straw. 

So I focused all my attention on holding the cup and drinking from the cup without making a mess of myself. I settled in on my sofa with some pillows and started surfing the internet.

I don’t recall what it was that distracted me, but I let a little bit of concentration slip from the hand gripping the cup…

And the second I wasn’t thinking about it, I was also not holding it.

Suddenly it was soaking through the keyboad on my macbook.

Now remember, I was still out of it on the drugs and not reacting reasonably to ANYTHING, so I lost my shit and started screaming and bawling and called my dad saying that I might as well die. 

Fortunately he calmed me down, and when I was more stable, I took it to an apple store and explained the whole story and I think the dude at the genius bar just about cried. I got lucky in that at least my hard drive was salvageable and I was able to get a housing and turn it into an external until I could get a new computer. An expensive end to the tale, but not a total loss at least.

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Dropped my iphone in the toilet, then like an idiot I tried to dry it with a hairdryer (hadn’t heard about the rice thing).  So essentially I fried it.  But I went to China town and a man fixed it for $150 which is wayyyy better than what I would of had to pay at apple.

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Oh god FI has the best.

He’s gone through…3 or 4? phones since I’ve known him, always breaking the screen.  To his credit, he always keeps the phone till hes up for an upgrade and doesn’t complain even when he’s using it for 2 years with a busted screen. The BEST way he broke one is as follows:

He was in NOLA and decided to go swimming latenight in someone’s hotel’s pool.  There was lots of alcohol involved. He put his cell in his shoe to make sure he didn’t lose it (you see where this is going.) 

Halfway back to his hotel he realized his foot was sticking out of the shoe a bit so he jammed his foot on the concrete a few times to “flatten it out.”  Only the next morning did he realize that the phone was still in there and he had stomped it to death, breaking the screen into a billion pieces.

He lied and told people he dropped it because that is such an embarrassing/drunk story, but I love it.

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@Sweet_Tea:  yep… those kinds of acidents are letal for the laptops…

I don’t have any story to share because I’m suuuper careful with all my electronics, especially the ones that were pricey…

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Wasn’t paying attention and spilled an entire glass of water on my laptop… took it apart, let it dry… all keys work EXCEPT my “A” key — can’t find a way to repair it without replacing the (difficult to find) entire keyboard!
Like, it couldn’t have been the “X” key or “~” key or something similarly less useful than “A”??

So now I use an external USB keyboard which sits on top of my laptop’s built-in keyboard.
Oh, and I use a USB mouse on my laptop too (personal preference).

It’s like a glorified, non-portable desktop computer now.
No way I’m shelling out the money to buy a new one, not at this point in my life!

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I do a lot of selling on eBay and after getting my ipad I generally only use my MacBook for listing on eBay. Well for Christmas my SO got me a camera so I could take nicer pictures for my listings. Long story short I was at his house, I was listing and he was playing video games. The new camera created files too big for eBay to support and I didn’t know how to size them down. I had asked for his help about 3 times yet he was too into his game and not paying attention (typical lol) so I got frustrated and slammed my laptop shut…..except there was a pen sitting above the keyboard…..

i started crying….apple wanted like $600 to fix it other places wanted around $300, SO can fix broken iPod/iPhone screens so he looked into fixing my Mac, paid $75 for the part we needed and in less than 2 weeks my baby was good as new! Lesson learned…don’t leave pens ion your laptop!



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 You can replace the screen yourself for about fifty bucks. 

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I’ve dropped my phone in the toilet on multiple occasions.  Apparently drunk me doesn’t learn.  However, every time I just leave it out to dry and it’s fine.

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I let my MacBook run out of batteries completely one day *the old one, it’s ancient*

And after that it would only work if it was plugged in. Problem was, the cord has that little magnetic attacher thing, so it is really easy to accidentaly bump it out of the computer, which would always shut it off!! So mad!! I loved my MAC and now I have a stupid ACER. I am saving up to get another MacBook, I can’t live without one.

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DH woke up in the middle of the night to go to the loo and stepped on his netbook. It didnt recover!

Ive dropped a fair few drinks on phones too

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Our dog ate DH’s work Blackberry once.  We also must have had a pressure spot during transport of the TV we use for football tailgates once, because it’s screen got really messed up.

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