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My love likes to use plastic grocery bags to hold our paper and plastic recycle items.  Then as they fill up, instead of taking them out, he just picks a new doorknob to hang another bag on. 

What do we have?  An apartment that has bags of trash on every closet and door knob.  KLASSY!

Could I take them out?  Yes and I often do but you would be amazed at how much recycle garbage we produce.

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@wandering_gypsy:  Yea – maybe 2-3 2 liter soda bottles, some cans and an old peanut butter jar.   We get so much junk mail so the paper ones fill up fast.  It’s neverending.

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@the_newlymintedmrs-s17:  This is why my Fiance is not allowed to buy dog food. He’d probably come home with kibbles n bits or something.

@wandering_gypsy:  Men make no sense sometimes.

This is our guest room, which will be turned into a nursery when we have kids. Fiance doesnt think we need to take all the furniture out to make room for baby stuff. He thinks it will all fit in this tiny space in between the wall and the bed.

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@wandering_gypsy:  That sucks…. 🙁  I have free reign over our guest room. I can do whatever I want while he gets to do whatever he wants with the office.  Lets see….Darling Husband wont touch the kitchen even if dishes are piled up to the ceiling.  Leaves the toilet seat up.  Leaves his dinner plate sitting right there on the table when he is finished eating.  and when he cleans he goes so damn slow and his version of clean is the floor is vacuumed and HIS bed side table is wiped down… yep. 

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Oh huh-uh. Nope. Bulky tv stand from the 80’s needs to go YESTERDAY, particularly now that he wants to hang the tv on the wall. 

Clearly he needs an intervention. Things are getting out of control.

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He shaved his beard over our bathroom sink (only one bathroom) then didn’t bother to wipe any of it off although he claimed to have done so. His idea of wiping something off is turning the water on and rinsing something off with his hands. 

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@Mrs.LemonDrop:  I have my own “tool box”  because of this exact same reason!  Darling Husband never puts stuff back in the same spot and it drives me insane.  He’s been getting better with organization, so hopefully the same goes for his tools.

My Darling Husband leaves garbage on the counter…even though he has to walk by the garbage can to leave the kitchen.  Also when he comes home from work he takes his clothes off in different rooms…and leaves them there.  He used to be really bad – he would never pick them up and put them in the laundry basket.  Now he picks some stuff up..but I still find socks and boxers in random places.

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@the_newlymintedmrs-s17:  LOLLL.

I love this thread.

So, while your SO’s won’t let you get rid of stuff, my Darling Husband thinks we should replace everything. All I hear is the “cha-ching” $ sound when he talks.

He’s also obsessed with buying expensive protein powder and work out supplements. Here’s the thing…we both used to be really fit and actually used the stuff. The problem is we aren’t anywhere near as strict and hardcore as before. We suck at it now. All that stuff helps you get the most out of your workout only IF you’re eating clean. He’ll eat a bowl of sugary cereal and then drink a protein shake. What the crap?! Protein dollar bills literally going down the toilet. He’s “trying” to get back to his fitness level from when we first started dating.  ::eye roll::

He also loves running to the drugstore and paying twice as much money for stupid/ugly items that I later have to replace. Half the time it’s things he thinks we don’t have but really we do…he just couldn’t find it so he runs out to get. Cheapo looking food scale, ugly dish rack,etc. $6 gallons of milk.

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Mine doesn’t know how to close things or properly tighten lids.  Constantly I’m pulling partially opened containers out of the cupboard or the fridge.  Like he just places the lids on top of the jars.  How hard is it to just give it a half turn to seal it?  I hate it when I don’t notice it and pick it up by the lid.  A few times we’ve had jars go crashing to the floor because of it.


Also the tiny space in between the duel sinks in the kitchen – thats where he leaves his plates.  Why?! The sink is empty and so is the dishwasher!  Why there?!

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Oh there are plenty of things my hubby does to annoy me… but I also know, I am not perfect and there are PLENTY of things that I do to annoy him… So as we both learned on a marriage retreat… don’t sweat the small stuff…. 

As I have learned wiwth men…. they have to think it was their idea… so just enjoy your mismatched bedroom from now… one day he will wake up and look at it and realize it is a “hot mess” and then come to you and say… “you know we really need to swap out that furniture”…. REALLY???????????????????????????

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@wandering_gypsy:  My Fiance is the opposite. He wants to buy all NEW things all the time for everything. His latest was buying a second airbrush (the first is for model airplanes, mind you) for CAKE DECORATING. ??????????????????????????? He also bought a set of airbrush frosting colors. Total WEIRDO.

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