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JustMe12182:  I have never had to deal with this, so first off, hugs and congrats! Second, you JUST had a baby!!! It hasn’t even been two months!!! My sister gained 50lbs and at 8weeks post still had 30 pounds to go. Prebaby, she was 98lbs (she’s 5′). It took her a good 6 months to get back to fighting weight. Others can chime in about how, but just stop and remind yourself your body is still in recuperating mode!

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Oh honey, it’s only been a few weeks! My Dirty Delete is 9 months and I still can’t lose it all. I was always told that breastfeeding would make the weight just fall off, but I did some reading and saw that sometimes your body will hold on to “extra” weight to help with breastfeeding. Apparently that’s what my body is doing. Just keep doing what you’re doing and eventually pre baby body will come back. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. 

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The best thing I ever heard about baby weight was the fact that it took 9 months to get you into this situation. It’s completely realistic for it to take 9 months to get back.

You’re only 7 weeks post partum. It’s actually amazing to be 20 lbs down at this point. Keep doing what you’re doing and it you’ll get there eventually.

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JustMe12182:  12 weeks is a time when a lot of ebf women see another big drop in weight theyve been holding onto. Give it time, you will get there! Some women don’t drop the weight until they stop breastfeeding altogether. Focus on eating healthy and exercising when/if you have some time. Most importantly, be kind to yourself and give yourself a break! You just had a baby less than 2 months ago!!!

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Honestly it seems to me that just as many ebf women lose the weight at 6+ mos pp or after weaning as those who have it melt off ASAP. Our bodies are all different and respond differently to hormones!

I only gained 32 lbs and lost 14 of it at delivery. A week later I was down to 10 lbs from pre pregnancy. Then I was up to 15… And I’ve stayed stuck there and I’m 3.5 mos pp now. I thought it would melt off and while my body shape is still normalizing the weight is still there. Frankly, I think my tits gained another 5 lbs when my milk came in… They’re heavy! But yeah, I feel ya.

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JustMe12182:  my “babies” are now 15 & 13. I gained 75 lbs with my first, and only 28lbs with my second. I exclusively breastfed both babies for about 6 months each. Both times, I lost approx 20lbs right out the gate. Then, NOTHING for months! even gained a few pounds during my second post partum/breast feeding period. But as soon as I STOPPED breast feeding, the weight just FELL OFF. FAST. Like, 30 lbs in a month-six weeks fast. 

Moral of the story…some bodies still perceive breast feeding as part of the whole “all for baby” package deal. I never quite understood the lucky mommies whose breast feeding was the magic weightloss we all desired 🙂 

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Sorry you are feeling down about your body – I can sympathize with you – although I haven’t had children yet, I related to the starve til dinner part and am thin. I just hope you can relate to this one statement: “It took 10 months to make a baby, it may take 10 months to remove the weight.”

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tookme 3 years and i had gained 80 LBS!! so count yourself as one of the luckies!! When i did eventually lose it all, i did “INSANITY” by beach body EVERYDAY with no breaks and kept my calorie intake below 1200 daily, drinking about a gallon if not more of water everyday. OH and taking multi vitamins…congrats and good luck!!

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JustMe12182:  My SIL was just like you. As soon as she stopped nursing (2 years later, so it was awhile), the fat melted off and she was too thin to fit in her jeans. She ate healthy, worked out, and the fat wouldn’t budge. Stopped nursing and lost it in a month.

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I am 35wks and have gained 45lbs now.  My dr hasn’t said anything about the weight gain (I’m all belly, grew huge boobs, and have great blood pressure) but I’m starting to now think about how I’ll lose the extra weight after the baby.  It took alot of hard work to get to my peak fitness level.  I’m dreading having to put the work in again after the baby… boo!

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I’m 9 months PP and still up 10-15 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, and what’s worse is that I seem to be gaining instead of losing at this point. It’s so incredibly defeating! I’m still BFing, and I think that has something to do with it. I’m with you and hate people who were lucky enough to have it all melt off and then some. I’m working out in my house daily now, but it’s not the easiest thing to do when your baby is climbing and crawling all over you while you try to do some crunches! I think my body is just different after having a baby. It totally sucks. I’m still hoping that I’ll lose weight after I stop BFing, but who knows.

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I gained almost 40 pounds and I’m still up about 20, 4 months later.

I like the 9 months on, 9 months off rule!

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Oh…give breastfeeding some time still!  Most of my weight stuck around until 2 months post partum and almost all of it dropped off in the next month-month and a half.

So I gained about 40-43 lbs (depending on my scale or the doctors and I quit looking at it at 39 weeks, delivered at 41 weeks).  At 2 weeks postpartum I had about 17lbs still left.  I jumped back into working out about 3 weeks pp because I felt fine and had worked out up until I gave birth.  I think I had managed to lose 4 lbs or so at 2 months pp but most of it didn’t want to budge.

Then it all fell off for the most part after the 2 month mark of exclusively breastfeeding.  And I wasn’t exactly very good at dieting or anything once I saw it coming off.  But I dropped about 10 lbs in a month and a half.  It slowed down though at about 3.5 months pp, so at 4 months now I am still about 3 lbs above my pre pregnancy weight, but I also haven’t been able to work out much at all the past month so I’m hoping that re-focusing on that will take off the rest.  But I can tell I’m still burning quite a bit of calories because I’m eating quite a bit (more than prepregnancy) and not gaining weight.

But also, some people don’t drop the last 10 lbs until they wean either.  I’ve also heard the 3-4 month mark pp is when a lot of EBFing moms will lose the weight.  Not sure why it isn’t immeditaely after birth when it starts but that’s what I’ve heard.  Mine was about 2-3.5 month it seems.

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I didn’t lose the last of my baby weight either time until I stopped breastfeeding!  It breastfed each of my kids over a year, so I hung on to that last 15 pounds a LOOOONNNGGG time!

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