(Closed) Okay, I stopped the pills. Now, where's my period?!

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My doctor said if it doesn’t come back after 3 months to get some bloodwork done. It’s been a year for me and I haven’t gotten a period on my own, but it comes back for most people. 

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I wouldn’t be too worried about it.  Everyone’s body reacts differently to stopping BC pills, so yours may just need some time to re-adjust itself.  

I stopped last December and didn’t have withdrawal bleeding. I’ve never heard of that actually.  I had a period in January and February, but stopped having it for 6 months until I made an appointment with my Dr this past August.  I ended up taking some progesterone to “jump start” my cycle again and so far so good.

Obviously you don’t have to wait 6 months like I did but if you are feeling concerned about it, there’s no harm in scheduling an appointment with your Dr just to make sure.

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It took 3 almost 4 months for mine to come back. I had just made an appointment to see my doctor and got it the next day. Most offices recommend to wait 3 months and then they will see you and do bloodwork. 

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The ‘withdrawal bleeding’ is actually what your ‘period’ was every month on the pill. It’s caused by the drop in hormones during the sugar pill week.

I couldn’t tell you why you haven’t had one since, but if it hasn’t come back after 12 weeks I would go to your doctor to get everything checked out. 

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Lack of menstruation is called amenorrhea and is normal within three months of stopping birth control pills. My understanding is that your pills have been producing hormones for you and it takes a while for your body to realize it’s not pregnant (the pills make it think it is) and start making hormones again. You will get your period again about two weeks after you ovulate again, if you know how to look for the signs of ovulation. 

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cooperlove:  I stopped the pill last October after 8 years and didn’t get my period until February. It can take a while! 

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My guess would be that you haven’t had a withdrawal bleed because you stopped taking the pill mid pack. I bet your body will sort itself out eventually but you can always see a doctor if you need to.

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Whatever you’re reading about withdrawl bleeding doens’t apply to you. That’s what it’s called when you get your “period” on the pill. It’s not a true period. It’s just a withdrawl bleed.

Now that you’re off the pill, you’re waiting for your real period to come back. You are not waiting on a withdrawl bleed. To have a real period, first you have to ovulate. Since you stopped midpack, your body might be confused for a bit about where you are in your cycle and when/how to start gearing up for ovulation. But, on average, it’ll all sort itself out in a month or two. Feel free to go to the doctor if you’d like, but he/she will probably just tell you to wait it out a little longer at this point.

What were your cycles like before BCP? Were you regular?

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when i stopped my pills mid cycle i didnt have my period for two months. when i actually did bleed it was a reg period, i think because of the cramps. but i freaked out too. if it doesnt happen by the third month then get some bloodwork.

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I just stopped taking my pills yesterday, as DH and I are going to TTC within the next couple of months… or see what happens. We thought getting me off before we start may help with cycling, although I told him that I could irregular for some time after. I had my period last week and would have started a new pill pack, so it was a good time.

Good info though, to get looked at if it doesn’t come back after 3 months. I was on the pill for 13 years, and there were times when I’d miss a bunch of days and still get it at my normal time… but, I’m sure something else can happen.

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I stopped my pills at the end of February, I finished my pack though so I did have a withdrawal bleed.  I agree with the others – you probably just missed it because you were part way through.

I waited 3 months as all PP’s are suggesting that you do and scheduled an appointment with my GP.  She did bloodwork (which came back “normal”) and prescribed me Provera (progesterone pills – 10 days worth) to “jumpstart” my period.  Well, this didn’t work.  So a month later I went back, and she referred me to an ob/gyn, gave me another prescription for Provera while I wait.  Again, the pills did nothing and I was told to wait until I hear back from an ob/gyn which could take 3 months.

So, I was beyond concerned and couldn’t handle waiting to do nothing.  After searching the depths of google, I discovered that acupuncture can help.  So I met an acupunturist that specializes in fertility, and after 4 weeks of treatment I got my period back – nearly 6 months after I stopped my pill.  My acupuncturist explained that I was probably too young and not fully developed when I started taking BCP, and so my body never had a chance to produce it’s own hormones or build up a nice thick lining that’s needed to have periods and support pregnancy.  Mind you, I had very regular, normal periods in my teens and didn’t start BCP until I was 17, but I do believe what the acupuncturist has told me.

My lining is very thin.  Yours likely is too.  I am now at CD 20 after that first real period with acupuncture.  I have not ovulated.  I have not had any EWCM.  Just sticky, or none at all.  I finally got an appointment date with an ob/gyn but it isn’t until November 30th.  Obviously my hormones are still out of whack.

I would say you should be concerned!  I highly reccommend acupuncture.  Get this ball rolling as soon as you can because I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time waiting.  We wanted to TTC right away, and here I am 7 months later and I’m still not fuctioning properly.

I really do wish you luck!  I hope so much that you have an easier time than I’ve been having!

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