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I really like the episode last night!  This is my thoughts on your questions (btw this season was suppose to answer all the questions we have and well they are not doing a good job of it)

1.I don’t think the MIB is evil he just wants off the island because he knows it is not the place for him.  Jacob was super whiny until he drank the wine which I think makes him enlighted.

2. I was lost on the light thing, Maybe it is the heart or the brain of the world and if no one protects it the world will just die???

3. The MIB must be dead because jack found his skeleton along with his mother so it must be just his spirt that jacob can’t kill.

4.Again they answer a couple questions and leave us a bunch more :(.  I am sure she was ready to die because she now found a replacement for her job of protecting the light.

5.  And what about all the women at the Darma camp that couldn’t have kids what is that all about, you can give birth on the island but not concieve?

6. The fact that Hurley can see dead people might be the reason he is on the island because one of the oceanic peps left is going to end up taking care of the light. 

Also, so they have the wheel to move through time but who ends up building that the MIB/smoke monster) because the rest of the village was killed and we know it exsists because that is how Locke and Ben got off the island.

Too many questions, not enough answers!!! and only 2 espisodes left!

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Busy bee
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I think like what Jacob said, MIB was really the one who was supposed to take over because he is “special” and maybe all the bad things that happen on the island are a result of the wrong person protecting it. Like MIB, Hurley is special and perhaps he is the one who is next in line. Also, Walt was “special” too– maybe he’ll come back. Did anyone else notice they never told us MIB name throughout the whole episode? Is there any biblical references? I am not well versed in the bible to comment but with the light and the bright green surroundings, it reminds me of the garden of eden.

I also agree that smoke monster definitely can only take the form of the dead… perhaps all the dead people that Hurley and MIB are seeing are really infact the “smoke monster/evil” just trying to manipulate them and pursuade them to do whatever it wants and not really the actual dead people’s spirits guiding them.

I too am feeling lost, confused and have a ton more questions!

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Helper bee
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I thought that episode really sucked.  It was beautiful, sure, but not what I want to experience this close to the end.  You’re right, Jacob was an annoying whiny mama’s boy, and MIB was the more charming, interesting, passionate one who I felt very sorry for. 


Why did they cut away from anything we would have wanted to see?  Like his mother kiling all the people in the camp and filling the well – how did she do it?  Magic?  Well then I want to see the magic being thrown around!


I am also confused as to whether Smoky is MIB’s soul or something else entirely that just used MIB’s body sometimes after it was released from the light.


The babies – me and my guy were cracking up over that.  If you got a baby you gonna get it stolen.  Maybe Allison Janney couldn’t have babies because of how it’s dangerous to women on the island to have them, so she said hell with it i’ma get these babies right here!  MINE!


I leave you with some giggles:





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Helper bee
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Also, who ended up completing the wheel thing after allison janney sabotaged it?  Not Dharma, it was already in place when they xrayed the space while digging.

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Here’s my thoughts in relation to OP: 

  1. I second your thoughts. Even throughout the season, it wasn’t necessarily confirmed “evil” just different, and it was definitely reinterated last night.
  2. I thought the light represented the “evil” of the world as was said by Jacob when demonstrating with the wine bottle. The island is the “cork” holding the evil from spilling? Even thought there is already evil in the world, so maybe that doesn’t make sense.
  3. You bring up a good point. Never thought of it that way. It makes sense, b/c how else would Smoke Monster come back in MIB’s human body (original) form to have those talks with Jacob and the many other appearances he has made after the fact.
  4. Another question not answered. Thanks Lost producers.
  5. Agreed
  6. See #4
  7. I think everyone is connected in every way, so yes, the seeing of dead people I think is all correlated… just NO IDEA how!!!!

How frustrating!

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Helper bee
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@danadelphia  For you:


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Bee Keeper
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I do think that the MIB going into the cave did create the smoke monster, and I do think that the smoke monster is acutally the thing that has appeard to be all the dead ppl throughout all the seasons, like a shape shifter or whatever.

I do think the light is supposed to be life & death, if it goes out, everyone dies.

I want there to be some big connection with Hurley, and I’m thinking its the fact that the MIB can see dead ppl, maybe they are both “special”

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Blushing bee
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Is the mother (I just call her CJ Craig) also the smoke monster? Is that how she killed and burned down the camp single-handedly? And how she knows its a fate worse than death to go into the light AND how she could be killed by getting stabbed by the dagger before the killer could hear her voice. And then THANKED him for doing it!?

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Blushing bee
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Oh, and I think the mother made it so they can never kill each other. But apparently they can beat the crap out of each other. (But not in present day island world now that MIB is smokey)

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Worker bee
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oh man..this episode really shook up all of what i thought i knew…it seemed that the black/white as a good/evil binary, but instead its ignorance/knowledge.  the man in black was credited as “esau,” who is the twin brother of jacob in the bible.  in that story, the mother prefers jacob and the two of them scheme to take esau’s inheritance away…this seemed a bit backwards.  jacob was the first born and the mother preferred esau…but jacob still came out on top.  I still think that the smoke monster is the man in black not but an entity in his body…his relationship with jacob and the fact that him motives are still the same: to get off the island, would suggest otherwise to me.  I’ve always thought Walt was the key to whole thing, but i’m getting increasingly nervous he’s going to be a loose end the longer we go without seeing him.  I’m confused as to why Jacob can leave the island but man in black can’t.  all in all, i thought the episode was fascinating but frustrating.  they managed to answer huge questions without actually answering anything.  what really concerns me is that i no longer know who’s pulling the strings.  the others were following what jacob said, and jacob was following what his mother said, but we have no idea who she was or whether or not she knew what the hell she was doing.  i still have faith in jacob though…he might be whiney and possibly ignorant but his is benevolent

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Sugar bee
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Good points all. Am I the only one who thought the whole light thing was pretty….lame?

Some of my thoughts on the episode:

Maybe the reason the ‘mom’ said thank you was because she wasnt able to die, something along the lines of Richard?

Did anyone else notice that they were playing a game of “sticks and stone.” I dont know if that means anything, but I thought it was kind of neat.

And how did MIB figure out that a wheel would some how transport him off the island? I mean I know evenutally that is a way off, but seriously, how the heck did he figure that one out??

The masacare of the “original otherville” made me wonder if maybe the ‘mom’ is/was the smoke monster? I dont know how that would explain her skeleton….but wtf that was a lot of damage!

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My hubby and I loved this episode!

My thoughts:

Why did the mother not age at all? I think she was Smokey…and she was happy to be killed because she had lived a long, long time.. she didn’t age in the 40 yr span we saw her-like Jacob and Richard? I think she was Smokey and she turned into Smokey to kill all those people and fill the well..maybe?

The black and white game pieces were brought up again and shown numerous times (good vs. evil?)…I always thought MIB was evil, but now I don’t believe so. Although Flocke (MIB) has been killing people left and right..why?

I felt bad for MIB and the fact that he just wanted to leave the island but couldn’t. So does Smokey take over his body now? After Jacob just laid it down with the crazy mother’s body? And then later he takes Christian’s, then Flockes? Ahhh! Driving me crazy trying to figure this out. LOL

I think Hurley is a big part as others above mentioned, but I also still think Aaron plays a huge role. What does everyone think will happen? !!

Can’t wait for the last two epis!!!



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