(Closed) Old boyfriends suddenly crawling out of the woodwork?

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@bunnyfoofoo: I have an ex from my freshman year of HS (like 12 yrs ago) who talks to me a lot on FB, I haven’t actually seen him in like 8 years (and that was only because I was shopping somewhere that he worked). He always seems to bring up “us” and how he’s so glad we are still friends etc, and always asks if I would have gotten back with him if it wasn’t for Fiance (no way). Same kind of weirdo stuff. When Fiance and I started planning our wedding he asked me if he was invited…. ummm NO!! lol 

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Defriend him and cut all lines of communication. There is no point in reliving what happened and what could have been. You have moved on, so has he. He is the past Fiance is your future. Don’t let your past ruin your future.


ETA: I have an ex who does the same exact thing. I would be an emtional mess thinking about the what cold of beens so I just stopped talking to him. It just wasnt healthy.

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Oh wow. I agree with @basketballwifetobe – cut all ties!

My best friend was 5 days away from her wedding and she considered seeing an ex before the wedding because he was texting her saying that he still loved her, etc.

She didn’t do it, but seriously…don’t give into his BS. Obviously he’s sad that he let you get away, but you’re someone else’s woman!

I have yet to have other exes contact me, thank god!

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Cut all ties, I agree! Does he know where you’re getting married? Might want to be on the lookout for him crashing the wedding… I tend to assume the worst with exes, lol.

My high school sweetheart still drunk texts me every few months. He’s stalked me on FB a few times, and posted old love poems to me on his personal blog. It’s creepy.

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That’s a relief!

He does sound really sad. Great timing on his part. Have you talked to your Fiance about it?

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I think the exboyfriend radar goes off the minute you get engaged. Within a month of getting engaged, I had THREE exes contact me whom I hadn’t spoken with in at least a year! And I wasn’t even remotely in touch with them (no mutual friends, not Facebook friends, etc) so I really think it was radar/psychic powers/waves from my massive brain.

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I have an ex-boyfriend who acts like we’re old friends every time we see one another. We ended up having a class together a few semesters ago and he followed me around like a lost puppy. He wanted to reconnect and perhaps date again. I had to shoot him down gently. 

Now that I’m with the perfect guy and we will be getting engaged sometime this year I just know ex-boyfriend will show up somehow. 

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I had an old Boyfriend or Best Friend like 3-4 years after we broke up contacted me on IM that he wanted to get back together with me.  I looked on facebook and lo and behold he was with a gf.  I was like wow, what a D-bag.  You’re with a Girlfriend and asking me to go out with you, no way.

You can see my post on this (and my getting back at him) rather funny.

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Oh wow something like this happened to me about a month ago. A guy that I dated for about 2 years in highschool contacted me. He has always thought in the back of his mind that we were still going to be together. Then We had both gotten engaged since our breakup about 7 years ago. He wanted to meet up for lunch less than a month before his wedding to tell me that he still loves me and thinks about me all the time. I told him that as much as I care for him I just dont love him like that. He was upset and proceeded to get married 19 days later. I wish him the best but its just weird. Then about a week ago he called telling me that they were already having problems and how much he wants to be with me and how much he loves me, and  how He would treat Fiance and I’s son like his own etc etc. I told him that he was making me very uneasy and that I thought it was best if we didnt talk anymore. Fiance thinks that I should talk it out with him and be there for him because we were always friends even after our breakup but I think my Fiance is crazy bc I think if I’m there for him to much he will get the wrong idea about it and think I care more than I really do. So thats that. Its weird how exes just pop out of nowhere. They should stay away… Its like your an ex Were not together bc we werent happy!! Now I am stay away and stop trying to ruin it lol

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Ohhhh, can sooooo sympathize with you ladies!!!  

Try having an old flame, who is your brother’s best friend, trying to get back with you… constantly.  We’ll call him “R”.  

Background: While I was dating my Fiance (and we’d gotten REALLY serious but was keeping it secret so my mother wouldn’t find out and go postal), he asked if he could have another chance with me.  I gently said there was no way it would work between us (I got mad at him and ignored him for over a year…) and he said “Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t go and get the ring”!!!!!  

So, I found out a couple years later he’d gotten engaged (supposedly) on MySpace and called to find out if it was true and to pick on him a little about why he hadn’t told me, since I was supposed to be SUCH a good friend.  He proceeds to start a very graphic conversation about “what if” and “I would do x if y happened”.  I’m getting pissed and thinking I REALLY do not want to be around him ALONE EVER!.  That was AFTER my Fiance had gotten engaged (which he knows) and I had my FI’s daughter (which he knew).  

I tell my Fiance about the conversation and he agreed I shouldn’t be alone with bro’s best friend EVER.  

Skip forward to him asking in a text, after R is engaged and just a few months before R’s wedding, if we could be “friends with benefits”.  Um, WTF?  R knows I’m enaged, had my FI’s daughter, and I know R’s engaged about to be married and R asks me THAT?!?!?  

Then, my grandfather passes away.  R starts hitting on me AT MY GRANDFATHER’S VIEWING AND THEN THE FUNERAL!!!!  (Can someone please remove his male bits?  I’d gladly volunteer!!!!)

And, now, R and his wifey are getting divorced.  Big. Surprise.  (NOT.)  I have avoided R as much as possible, despite him being my bro’s best friend.  My mom thinks I should let by-gones be by-gones.  Um, NO.  Not gonna happen in THIS lifetime!!!

Oh, and R IS on FB, but he is NOT a friend.  AND I have my profile locked down pretty tight because of being stalked so damned much on MySpace I didn’t want it to carry over to FB!!!

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