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Busy bee
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@elletiger:  OMG that’s awful! I think you should march back into that salon and demand that they fix it. I mean wtf is wrong with that hairdresser? I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Hugs. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Wear a veil with detailing and an intricate headpiece to hide your hair if it’s still bad? :-/ I’m so sorry this happened – what a nightmare!

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@elletiger:  How dark are your roots? When you bleach hair you are lifting pigment out of it, red and orange are the last colors to go. Do you know what sort of bleach she used? If it was burning sounds like it wasn’t meant to go on the scalp.You can put more lightener on it, but wait at least a week to build the protein up in your hair. As long as they aren’t dragging it through the ends you should be fine.

You could tone your hair, but go to a different salon. They should be able to tone down the yellow some, but they will probably have to tone the rest of your hair to match. They are gonna need two different formulas.

In the meantime, go to Sally’s and see if they sell shimmer lights. Shampoo and leave it on while you shave your legs ( just at the scalp, not on the rest of your hair because it could turn that a gray shade) then rinse it out. The purple should kill the brassiness.

Are you on any new meds? Possibly preggo? New BC? All of these can mess with how your hair processes. You may be a “double process” blonde.

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Sugar bee
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@elletiger:  did they put a toner in your hair? 

If my hair doesn’t have a toner put through it it goes a yellowy/orange colour. I also use a purple shampoo to stop this happening inbetween hair dresser appointments. 

Goodluck I hope you can get it sorted out soon. 

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Helper bee
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@elletiger:  Don’t put a rinse in your hair. No no no haha.

You need a toner. Basically they are going to use a neutral or an ash to cancel out the orange unless they lighten you again. 

The reason I ask what type of lightener she used is because it sounds like you had a bad reaction to it. Lightener is really hard to mess up on virgin hair (like your roots! Especially since it sounds like you are already above a level 6). Basically, you slap it on and wait for the pigment to lift and rinse it out before it lifts too much )… sounds like when your scalp started getting irritated she shampood you before you were done processing. That is not really her fault, she just should have done a patch test first. UNLESS she was using an off-the-scalp lightener in which case she is a blooming idiot.

Other than the shimmer lights do not put anything on your hair. Do ya hear me? I will come into your house amd steal all your DVD’s if I hear you put a rinse in your hair. If you put a box color or rinse from a drugstore (or even Sally’s!) on your head and then go get it bleached professionally it will be no beuno. Box colors and stuff contain veggie and metallic dyes. You put bleach on those and they fry. Nope nope nope. Do not touch it.

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@elletiger:  I have no advice to offer other than to go to a very very good salon to get it fixed.  I had a similar experience a year ago, I wanted my dark blonde hair dyed brown.  I went to an academy (barber college…) and it turned out purple.  It’s a traumatic experience, I’m so sorry you’re going through it.  The initial shock is the worst so the worst is behind you!

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Bumble bee

Not a professional here. But I go from very dark brown hair to blonde in the summer months at home by myself. The picture I’m getting is that she didn’t leave on the lightener for long enough because like a PP said, the red and orange are the last to be stripped out of your hair. So if you leave it on just over the hump of “omg my hair is orange” you WILL end up with a blonde/yellow. Which then needs to be toned usually and then coloured over or highlighted or whatnot. 


The hairdresser didn’t know what she was doing. If you went in for highlights she could have done foils in two colours to mix in with your hair as it is now. Or just told you if she wasn’t confident that she couldn’t give you Blake Lively -esque hair in one sitting. Boo. I’m sorry – I would call the salon and speak to the manager and tell her exactly how unimpressed you are before going to a different salon and get your money back!!


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Buzzing Beekeeper

@elletiger:  I would demand that a different stylist fix it. However, you’re right – over processed hair can break and just look generally fried and awful. I would tread carefully. I wish you had of asked us before – I would never advocoate going with a new stylist or trying a brand new style/colour right before your wedding (I’m assuming she was new because I doubt you’d keep going to someone who butchered your hair on a regular basis).

A senior stylist should be able to help. And you should not have to pay. However, if need be, I’d go to a better salon, suck it up, and pay – it will be worth it for those wedding pictures.

Good luck!

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I’ve been there.  The only cure for orange is purple.  For just slightly oranging hair, I use a purple shampoo and conditioner and leave it on for a while, every day, until it gets more neutral. Purple directly counteracts the orange color, so you end up with more of a neutral ashy color.  It’s amazing.  You can get purple shampoo at Ricky’s and just start using that. I believe i use clairol shimmer lights (it gets great reviews online too). For a more serious issue, you could also look into getting a color correction, but I’ve never been happy with any stylist in NYC, and I’ve been to some of the best.  Stylists can really suck sometimes!!!


One of my friends swears by the Bumble and Bumble salon though.  I just stick to doing it myself.  The other thing I do when the color is too light is I just guy a deposit only color at Ricky’s.  These don’t have peroxide, so they will only darken your hair, but I’ve found they correct a lot of wrongs without doing too much damage.


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Ugh, sorry this happened!

First off, what it sounds like happened is that they didn’t bleach your hair enough. Back in the day I bleached my hair at home and it wasn’t strong enough to lift all the color out, so it ended up orange. I wouldn’t recommend bleaching it further because yes, it’ll damage it even more. I would definitely go to a high end salon and have them do corrective color. Like PP said, they will have to tone it.. and then they will likely put some sort of semi-permanent color onto it after. That’s what they did when I had corrective color done.

Don’t do anything yourself.. you’ll just make it worse.

I am not sure how damaged your hair is, but mine ended up really gummy and wouldn’t hold any more color. I ended up chopping it as short as I could stand, and then re-growing it. Hopefully yours is able to hold the corrective color.

I would assess the situation after you’ve seen another hairdresser, and possibly wear your hair in a nice updo to hide the damage.

Also, I would suggest talking to the owner/a manager of the salon that botched your hair, and getting your money back. This it not acceptable. If they’re rude about it, make sure you leave some nasty reviews to warn others.

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My cousin had a similar experience except she self-colored her hair. First time she thought hmm..not light enough. So she immediately just decided to bleach her own hair. She had hair that looked like scarecrow and bozo the clown mixed together.Her hair was so fried she could hear it crunching against her pillow at night.

Thankfully the next morning she made an emergency salon trip. The whole place consulted on what to do with her hair…and they saved it! Over time you could still see the orange trying to come back through a bit but overall her hair was so so much better after getting it done right at a salon. I think a good salon will be able to save your hair and get you looking wedding ready!


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@elletiger:  Don’t have any advice but this situation sucks big time.

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