(Closed) Omg DH's snoring is interfering with my sleep!!!

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I snore very loudly. My husband says I snore less when I am on my side rather than on my back. He also sleeps well when I go bed after he does. Sometimes I will sleep in the spare room just to give him a break, especially on Sunday nights since he has a hard time falling asleep then.


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The breathe right strips, unfortunately, didn’t work for Fiance. I’ve grown used to his regular snoring, but when he drinks or is congested, it is horribly loud. When that’s the case and he wakes me up, I’ll kick him or knudge him a bit to startle him (never really wakes him up) so it’ll stop for a bit. If it doesn’t stop, I’ll actually tell him to lie on his stomach since that’s the best position for his non-snoring. 

Frankly, the first 2 months were the hardest for me. Fiance recalls me being very cranky in the morning, and I remember always letting him know how much he kept me up. Eventually, I just got used to it (helped that I fell asleep before him too) and treated it as white noise. 

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Fiance is SUCH a bad snorer. He uses the BreatheRight strips when he has a cold or allergies, but otherwise they don’t help.  


I also move him on his side which usually works. Though is responses are usually pretty funny–

Me: Baby, roll over, you’re snoring. 

Fiance: YOU roll over. 


Or, even, 

Me: Can you roll on your side? You’re snoring. 

Fiance: I am on my side [clearly, on his back]


I’ve started physically pushing him over, but he’s 6’6 so that’s not exactly easy. I’ve read online that you can try taping a tennis ball to your back to discourage you from sleeping on your back, but that just seems like torture to me! Ear plugs creep me out, especially because I’m paranoid about missing my alarm and Fiance is such a heavy sleeper he’d miss it. We do sleep with a box fan on, but Fiance snores right over that. 


I’m trying to get him to go get checked out, but he also doesn’t have health insurance, so he’s being stubborn about that. I’m going to keep working on him. 

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Baaahhhh! I’m SO tired today because darling Fiance was running a chainsaw all freakin night! He’s usually stuffed up (old house, he likely has allergies) and overweight, but ZERO desire to do anything about it. I used to roll him over or just lay there til i fell back asleep. I’ve asked him to exercise a bit to see if it helps and he won’t so I’ve decided that I shouldn’t be the only one to suffer. I’ll wake him up to roll over and make him get up to get a breathe right strip. It pisses him off, but I’m hoping he’ll get tired of it and do something about it lol

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@Lemon-Squeezy:  Yeah, I feel your pain. I’ve been kept awake all night because of DH’s snoring / loud breathing.

Sometimes it helps when I nudge him and he changes position, but mostly that’s just momentary.

I also like PP use a white noise machine, and some nights seriously he’s even louder than it – I just have to turn up the volume to an obnoxious level but at least it drowns him out. I bought my white noise machine at Home Outfitters, it’s from Sharper Edge. It was like 40 bucks and it has all kinds of different noises (like water lapping) and volumes.

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Welcome to the club!  My Fiance also snores.  I’ve tried quite a few “solutions”.  The breath-right strips didn’t do a blessed thing.  His doctor prescribing a nasal steroid spray for “general inflammation” didn’t do a blessed thing.  Sewing a tennis ball to the back of a shirt didn’t do a blessed thing, because in addition to bitching mightily about having to wear clothes to bed, he was actually able to sleep on his back still.  I’ve tried wearing earplugs – after a couple of nights I got frickin’ sores in my ear canals and my ears would hurt all morning.  I’ve tried white noise machines – can’t sleep with it loud enough to block out his snoring.  As far as making him roll over goes, half the time he’ll roll over willingly enough, but will then flop right back onto his back within minutes, and the other half of the time he gets all cranky and insists he’s already on his side, and besides, he wasn’t even snoring (WRONG on both counts).  We even tried having him snuggle with a body pillow so he’d maybe stay on his side; nope, he just ended up shoving me off the bed using the body pillow.  I’m thinking of buying him a fancy wedge pillow the next time I get one of those 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  If he hasn’t learned to sleep on his side after 5.5 years, he ain’t gonna.

He’s slightly overweight (could stand to lose 15-20 pounds), but he snored in high school when he was a twig, so I don’t think his weight has much of an impact.  His mother has moderately severe sleep apnea, but Fiance doesn’t gasp or stop breathing.  He just SNORES, constantly and steadily throughout the night.  He also doesn’t claim to feel excessively tired during the day, although he can fall asleep at the drop of a hat (lucky bastard).

Honestly, the only reason I’m not a pissed-off sleep-deprived mess is because he falls asleep on the couch several nights a week, and I get the bedroom to myself.  Obviously that’s not an ideal situation, but he won’t magically stop storing and I’ll always be a freakishly light sleeper.  If we had a second bedroom, I have a feeling I’d just end up in there more often than not.

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I’m the snorer in our relationship and I’m terribly embarrassed about it. 🙁  Actually, SO snores too but I can sleep through anything.  I’m not sure my snoring is that bad, but he’s a light sleeper, so…that can be a problem.

One thing we use that may or may not be helpful is a humidifier.  He fills it up and runs it every time I’m over.  The nose strips didn’t help at all.  I also try to take a decongestant when I’m with him – not a long-term solution, I know, but I only stay over about twice a week now. 

Also, I’ve found that his pillows are a problem – they offer no neck support and as my neck sinks down, my chin gets really close to my chest and that constricts airflow.  So I’ve been using a contoured memory foam pillow (you know, the ones with the dip in the middle?) and that seems to have helped.  I also have less neck pain.  My aunt and uncle swear by the Temperpedic one – I think the side sleeper pillow?  It’s quite expensive but they swear it eliminated his snoring.  I plan to get that one to try soon.

Good luck!!! 🙂

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Seriously, the most simple option would just be to have a talk with your fiance about losing weight.  Yes, he could do a surgical fix for his breathing, or start taking medication, but those are expensive and have side effects.  If he wants to sleep in the same room as you, and he wants you to have a restful night’s sleep, you might consider discussing joining a gym together and helping him lose the extra weight. 


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I’m a little late to this party, but my Darling Husband had a snoring problem for a while… He had gained a little weight and apparently the 5lbs makes a huge difference when it comes to snoring… In the meantime I suggest ear plugs and waking him up when he’s snoring to change positions, but also if his snoring is that bad he might want to look into a sleep clinic. My Father-In-Law spent most of his life snoring so loudly the entire house couldn’t sleep, then found out he has sleep apnea, got a breathing machine and now he doesn’t snore.  Might be worth looking into.

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@Phamnomenon:  My Darling Husband got prescribed that steroid nasal inhaler thing too! It only makes his nose bleed. Poor guy… I do feel bad, last night he came to bed and said I took my nose sniffer, I have a nose strip on and I’ll try to be quiet and not wake you up. He still snored and woke me up.

He’s gone for a sleep study which he’s still waiting on the results from. He saw an ENT who said there was no blockage – uhhh the guy is constantly stuffed up like he has a cold – really? I don’t buy it.

He’s tried so many things the poor guy just to make my life easier and try to help me sleep, nothing has worked so I stick with my noise machine at a high volume but bless his heart for trying so many things! Short of getting a CPAP machine or smothering him with a pillow I have no idea what else to do.

It’s sooooo frustrating.

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@Lemon-Squeezy:  I got my sound machine (it has an option for white noise and other sounds) at a store called brookstone. I have also see them at Sharper Image. 

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So glad I stumbled across this website (we are preparing & I am on a mission for wedding info!!)…..& was very suprised to find this thread!…well not actually, I had to deal with snoring for years!!

i got so involved with trying to find a solution (with my boyfriend) that I have become a bit of an expert & started a few websites especially (websites is what I do!). So whilst I was on here I thought I would put a few down that should be able to help most of the issues outlined above.

Feel free to PM me with any questions….we have tried everything!!






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Fiance and I are both horrendous snorers, so we take turns driving each other insane. Wink

Usually we’ll just wake the other person and help them roll onto their side and that does the trick to at least take the chainsaw down a couple notches. I have always snored since I was a child, but only when I roll onto my back. If I’m on my side or stomach, I’m good to go! I have heard the tennis ball thing works. I think it’s worth a try! Getting him checked for possible sleep apnea is a good idea too because it can have really serious consequences.

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