(Closed) Omg DH's snoring is interfering with my sleep!!!

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The other website to look at is:


This is a UK Co but they ship Worldwide…this is what my other half uses. He saw the top sleep consultant in the UK NHS & recommended him this & it works (takes a bit of getting used to). The consultant also commented that he was very glad that he didn’t have the laser treatment at the back of the throat (V painful!! & only works for a year or so).

He ordered 2 more just last week. He used the code ‘SD5OFF’ as shown on the above website. I assume it still works.

Hope that helps!

Lisa Laughing

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Wise words!….but we are dealing with men….that is all I have to say!!



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I don’t have any good advice for you, my husband chews and smacks in his sleep…like he’s eating taffy or something. UGH it drives me nuts lol. Hope you can get some sleep =]

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I have found that snoring mouthpieces work well.  My husband got one and I have been able to sleep through the night now.  We had tried the breath strips but they were not effective.  After doing some research, we stumbled upon http://www.preventsnoringmouthpiece.com and decided to give it a try.  I gotta say, for the price, it is worth every penny.

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My Fiance was a TERRIBLE snorer. I mean, TERRBILE. When I moved in with him, I brought my old bed so I could go into the guest room to sleep when I couldn’t sleep at night. I also noticed that Fiance would be snoring, and then everything would be quiet all of a sudden. I suspected that his breathing was stopping at night and that it was sleep apnea, so I encouraged him to go in for a sleep study – turns out I was right! Fiance stopped breathing 70 times in an hour!! He got a CPAP machine (mask that goes over his face at night), and he initially hated it. Now, Fiance barely snores – I can hear it sometimes, but that just means his mask needs to be adjusted. I totally believe that this CPAP machines prevented a huge strain in our relationship.

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My hubby stopped snoring when he started exercising. A few months after he got lazy and stopped, he started snoring again. =[

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I am the snorer in our marriage. My husband says it gets better when I am on my side. It also helps when he falls asleep before me. Do you have a spare bedroom? If so, maybe you can alternate nights in the spare room. 

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Helper bee

 It is so important that a heavy snorer have a sleep study to see if they do suffer from sleep apnea.  It is a life-threatening condition and is so easily resolved with a c-pap machine.  It is not pretty and it is not sexy, but it can save your life. 

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Ugh my DH’s snoring is the absolute worst.  I have considered smothering him more times than I care to admit. Embarassed  I am thinking about getting one of those pregnancy pillows to force him to sleep on his side, instead of rolling on his back every.five.seconds.  I read somewhere you can put tennis balls under the sheets to make it impossible for back sleeping but that just seems mean..  I never sleep more than an hour at a time due to his snoring.  That probably explains my terrible attitude most days haha!

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@HappySky7:  What does body jerking/kicking indicate? My husband jerks violently when he falls asleep. I’ll be spooning him and he’ll scare te shit out of me with a full on spasm.

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@Mrs.Metalm:  It depends. In some cases it’s called a hypnagogic jerk or  “sleep start”, if it happend when he’s snoring it could be secondary to respiratory events. It could be periodic limb movement disorder. There are a whole bunch of other sleep/movement disorders as well. There’s no way to really tell without a test. Also, as for what it is, what it means, and what to do those are only questions a doctor can really answer. 

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We have a portable air conditioner that we run year round in our room(it has a fan setting so that we aren’t always cooling our room).

It is our version of a white noise machine, it is quite loud but it blocks out everything and we sleep so well!! It stops the traffic noise outside our window,  the neighbours athumping bove us, our animals outside our bedroom door, even just the sound of my hubby breathing of moving around next to me (thankfully neither of us snore).

I have no idea how people can sleep without white noise of some sort, I even bring my own little fan with me when we travel.

My husband does have a white noise app on his phone that he uses sometimes, but I haven’t been able to get used to it as I am so used to the sound of a real fan. But it works for some people I am sure.

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I hear ya. My DHs snoring is terrible. I am woken by it every.single.night. It’s a small feat for me to even fall asleep at all, and when I’m woken in the night, I lose an hour trying to doze back off. I just cover my head with my thick pillow and that helps…some. Or a lot of the time I shove Darling Husband or jerk on the covers until he shifts but in 2 minutes he will be snoring again. I’ve just gotten accustomed to less sleep in the last 5 years that we have lived together.

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