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I’ve never cried from a spider, but when my husband was setting up our bedroom TV, our dog hobbled over to the bed and coughed up a spider onto it. The spider then stretched its legs and zipped across the bed. I shrieked and bolted into the living room while my husband nearly died laughing.

My father once thought it would be hilarious to buy me a tarantula when I was five years old. I had never been so afraid of something.

My fear of spiders probably wouldn’t make me panic or cry, but I’d definitely start flailing.

I’ve also had a spider fall on my face at school. Horrible. >_<

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Hormones are fantastic aren’t they? Sometimes if you’re already kinda prone to mood swings and start getting worked up, you really just lose control. 


I am PETRIFIED of the dark. Yes, I’m that person that has to sleep with a nightlight. I can’t watch horror movies, nothing. So Fi tries telling me that I Am Legend won’t scare me. I trusted him (oops). When I was falling asleep he kept trying to wake me up, but it didn’t work. He slightly nudged me when one of the zombie parts were up, and he had let the house get totally dark. I started screaming bloody murder and sobbing. He got up quickly and turned a light on, said he didn’t mean anything, and I know he didn’t. 


I felt so stupid, and Fiance felt TERRIBLE. Now he makes sure if we’re watching a movie and it’s getting dark out, there’s at least one light in the house on.

Also, when I was little (like, 5-7 eyars old) my older brothers used to tell me that every time we passed this cemetary (it was right by our house) I had to hold my breath all the way past the cemetary, or else the ghosts would come back at night and kill me. Then from time to time they’d sneak into my room to spook me while I was sleeping. It didn’t help that we lived in a 300 year old massive Victorian house and it actually was haunted, but no bad spirits, just good ones.  I blame my legitamite anxiety of the dark on them. 



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@FutureMrsJohnson_:  Spiders don’t bother me. I do shriek when the cat comes into the house carrying a live gecko or frog in her mouth, though :-X

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Not sure if this counts as the same thing, but my then Fiance and I witnessed a car accident where the kid fell asleep and drifted to the other side of the road, woke up, over-corrected and flipped his car.  We were the first to the scene and had to dig around his door to get it open.  He was fine – seriously, just a scratch and completely coherent (WEAR SEATBELTS) so when the ambulance arrived we left but had to stop a mile down the road and I broke down.  Not sure why but I had no control over it and kept saying how sorry I was to overreact.

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Ive totally had this, one that stands out in my mind was when I was getting ready for bed one night and I looked towards the door to see my boyfriend peering around it and in that split second he jumped out at me. He was trying to be funny but I just burst out crying. I couldn’t help it. He didn’t know what to do either, was just really apologetic. I’m easily scared at things/people jumping out at me and will always have a reaction but generally its just a yelp or a little ‘woah’ but this time, I’ve got no idea why it made me react like that. He’s not done it since though 🙂

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This sort of thing has absolutely happened to me. Partner called me the other day and told me his bottom tooth was chipped and he needed to go to the dentist. No big deal, right? Well yeah, logically no big deal at all. So why the hell did I start hyperventilating and sobbing, I mean ACTUALLY sobbing?

Partner was completely flabbergasted and rushed home to give me a big hug and ask me if I was okay. I’ve never felt like a bigger loser in my life, but I’ve always been weird about teeth (having been in a car accident when I was 9 and messed up a lot of my own) and I just had no control over the moment.

I felt so stupid and partner actually felt bad about upsetting me. Like he did anything wrong? So very, very stupid.

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I know something like this has happened to me, but I can’t think of it and it’s making me crazy!

This is not a fear thing, but I DO get all crazy emotional and crying at things that are really not that big a deal on tv shows. Without revealing any spoilers… there was a particularly emotional/big episode of Walking Dead a couple weeks ago. My SO was even really drawn in and kept talking about how big a deal it was. I had NO emtional reaction to the big thing AT ALL… but later, when there was just this minor incident that kind of demonstrated a lack of humanity I started BAWLING. I started laughing at myself but kept crying. Like, for an hour. It was ridiculous. 

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@FutureMrsJohnson_:  You are not alone!  I’m ridiculously afraid of spiders.  I won’t even squish them because I’m afraid they will jump on me.  I usually kill them by spraying them with hairspray and then sucking them up in a vacuum. One of my favorite things about my cat is that he’ll kill the spiders for me.

I’ve never actually cried because of a spider, but I did come very very close to once.  I was living alone in Wyoming and they have stupid big spiders out there.  And there’s one, I think it’s called a brown spider, that if it bites you, the skin around the bite starts to decay and you have to go to the ER.  Ick.  Anyway, I was on the phone with my then Boyfriend or Best Friend and I went to start doing dishes in the sink.  I moved a dish and found a HUGE spider (diameter of a tennis ball) running around under the dishes.  I freaked out and was on the verge of tears.  I had to hang up with my Boyfriend or Best Friend and go get my neighbor to kill the spider.  It was a terrible, terrible day.

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@FutureMrsJohnson_:  I HATE spiders, it’s the only think I’m afraid of. If Fiance did that to me I would actually freak out. If I was feeling overly emotional I might start to cry. Actually I’m also afraid of people touching my neck, well maybe not quite afraid, but I would freak out.

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@FutureMrsJohnson_:  Ughhh, I completely understand you, spiders freak me out! All kinds for “weird-looking” creatures do, actually.

I totally went off the hinges once too. SO insisted we go and see the movie “Prometheus” and it scared the living hell out of me, which he knew because I told him. Then he took me home (we don’t live together yet) and didn’t want to spend the night. I couldn’t sleep all night because I was so scared and had a full-blown fight with him about leaving me all alone in the morning. I’m usually quite reasonable and that was so out of character he probably still doesn’t understand why I was so upset. The fun part was he told his (female) coworkers the story and they all took my side and ganged up on him for being so insensitive! lol 

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@Hyperventilate:  holy crap! If my dog coughed up a spider, which then stretched out its legs and ran off I’d be pretty freaked out. (And I don’t even really mind spiders!)


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I can’t say that I’ve cried due to bugs, but I’ve let out some blood curdling screams.  My husband knows better than to force me near any sort of bug.  I normally scream, jump about 10 feet away and point until he gets rid of the bug.

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@FutureMrsJohnson_:  Ooh I just thought of one!!


Ok. So back when I was in university I worked at a furniture store (that also sold mattresses) and bought myself a super nice mattress, bed, and then bedding. Staff price was awesome.


I had my comforter for YEARS. It was tattered, torn, my cat clawed it, etc… on its last legs so I finally decided to throw it away.


We threw it into one of those big dumpsters that apartment buildings have in their basements. I was ok at the time, and kind of happy to finally get rid of it.


That night, however…


Once my SO and I got into bed, regret set in. I was SOO upset and just started bawling. I was so sad that after all those years and “good service” my comforter gave me/us, I just threw it in a dumpster. My SO was really sweet about it and had to remind me that comforters don’t have feelings, but I was inconsolable for a while lol.


I still get a bit sad when I think about it, but I would say that’s a bit of an overreaction!!


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