OMG the grunting!

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Lol! My baby does the same thing and it was really destroying my sleep! We moved her out of her bedroom to her crib a week ago (she’s almost 9 weeks) and that has helped us all sleep more soundly. Much easier to ignore the grunting when it’s coming through on the monitor than when it’s 2 inches from you face. 

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Yep. Babies are so. Damn. Noisy. My husband is a pediatrician and we moved my son out of our room after 4 weeks. We couldn’t take it! My daughter has been in our room for a while longer- but we got smart and bought a second sound machine for our room- it drowns out all of her sighs, grunts, toots, gurgles, snarfles, etc.  I didn’t find moving my son out proved much of an issue for breastfeeding except that I had to plod down the hall a couple times a night. We had a great nursing chair (with ottoman) and I think ultimately everyone slept better. Plus, the early transition to his crib was way easier than with my daughter who got used to is “being around” at night. Good luck!!

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LO was such a noisy sleeper (and also has never taken a paci) and I’m a relatively light sleeper so I feel you. We made it to around 5 months with him in our room before giving him the boot. I wish we had done it sooner! 

His noises on the monitor would still wake me up pretty often, even on the lowest sensitivity setting. He’s now 10 months and the volume on the monitor is permanently off because we realized that if he’s legit crying, we’ll hear him from across the house. 🙄

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Could you try a white noise machine?

Anything in particular you eat in the evenings that might be causing extra gas maybe?

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All little babies grunt.  I just used a white noise machine and so it never bothered me too much as far as sleep goes.  Do you have a noise machine?  Try that.  I’m a light sleeper but I can usually get back to bed easily after being woken up.  My second baby woke up 2-5x a night until 18mo (high needs baby) but white noise machine works to drown out small noises like grunting and rustling.  My first we moved to her own room at 5mo and my second was 8mo (we had a mix of cosleeping and me trying to put him back in his crib so it was easier to do with the crib right beside my bed rather than in his own room).  

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Lol we have a grunter too .i try to eat a very bland diet so neither baby nor I have to struggle with gas/minimize it, etc, ,but baby loves to grunt away anyway. Cover her feet with a blanket? Guaranteed grunting while she kicks it off. Swaddling with white noise on helps a bit through the night.

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SweetyBee :  I think all babies do it.  I wouldn’t worry about anything you’re eating.  Both of mine did it.  I also think it’s a newborn thing, I don’t remember either of mine doing it after they were rolling around and such.  good luck!

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SweetyBee :  I don’t have advice but I feel your pain. I remember one night in particular the baby was grunting, my husband was snoring, and the dog was licking himself incessently and I just stared at the ceiling at 4am like “wtf is happening to my life?!” lol

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SweetyBee :  Honestly I don’t think anything is wrong with your baby. They make weird noises constantly. That could just be the way she sleeps. I doubt it’s because she’s uncomfortable or you’re eating something bad for her. She’s only 8 weeks old and getting adjusted to being a human. It’s tough! 😉 

I am a super sensitive sleeper as well so I totally understand how every little noise causes you to wake up. My son slept in our room for his first 6 months, though it was only because we lived in a 1-bedroom house so that was the only option! Once we moved and got a bigger place, him sleeping in his own room was wonderful! For everyone! He’s over a year old now and he still sometimes randomly makes weird noises in his sleep. But him not making these noises right by my head definitely helps. 

Does your partner hear these grunting noises too? Does it wake him up? Could he get up with the baby some nights to let you sleep more? 

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