OMG the grunting!

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SweetyBee :  Just wanted to say my little one is 8 weeks and does that exact same thing around the same time! No advice just wanted to say I can relate!!

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I just responded to a sort of similar post, so apologies for repetition.

My son did this from ~5-6 weeks to ~2 months. I asked doctors and health nurses, who basically said babies are noisy, if it’s gas you can try cutting out dairy etc etc. So I tried gas drops, cut out dairy for a week, modified my diet. I’m not entirely sure anything worked, but right around 2 months after a couple bad nights (early on he wouldn’t wake up, just grunt in his sleep. Around 2 months he started waking up crying now and then) I was googling and came across something called lactose overload where basically the baby is getting too much of the lactose heavy/low fat foremilk and not enough high fat hind milk. It listed as symptoms gas, rapid growth (compared to lower than average growth you might expect with an allergy or sensitivity), and ‘extreme night grunting’ – the suggestions were to make sure the baby has enough time on one breast before switching (like 15 min they recommended) or to do block feeding where you do one breast for all feedings in a 6h period then switch (be careful with this as it can reduce milk supply) – I tried this and things got much better (though he might also have just outgrown it – one health nurse told me that gas issues etc tend to peak around 2 months). Then we had a glorious 3 weeks before the sleep regression hit. Anyway that was the only place I ever encountered a mention of the ridiculous grunting that my son did every night, and it seemed to help. Good luck. If nothing else, they outgrow everything eventually (I say as someone who’s son stretched the 4 month sleep regression from 3-6 months)

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My little guy did the same thing around that age. He’s 4 months now and still grunts but also aggressively slams his arms and legs into the pack n play mattress. It seriously sounds like someone is slamming dresser drawers. I think I read that when they’re lying flat for extended periods of time the gas bubbles build up in their bellies…but I’m not sure how accurate that is. I’m dairy free, I’ve tried gas drops, and burping after each night feed but nothing seems to help. He’s just a noisy little booger.

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Grunting is totally normal at the age. She will grow out of it by the time she is 6 months old. We moved my son to his nursery around 4 months as I’m a very light sleeper and couldn’t take the grunting anymore. 

Have you tried moving your baby to your husbands side of the bed? You can keep them in your room but not right next to where you are sleeping. 

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SweetyBee :  my mum says I was like this as a baby. She moved me into my own room after a few weeks because it drove her nuts.

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