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Honey Beekeeper
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People and their pets are crazy sometimes!  That sounds scare me so much with the pitbull.

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Bumble bee
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I 100% AGREE!


My dog was bit by another dog .. the owner didnt even know and when we told her all she did was tell her 10 year old son “the dog got out get him”!!!


We showed her our leash and asked her if she had ever heard or seen one!!

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Buzzing bee
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Yep…right there with you!  Irresponsible dog owners drive me nuts! 

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Busy bee
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My cute little neighbors have two super huge scary pitbulls that are always in the backyard. They never walk them and the backyard if full of poop, I am not exagerating COVERED in poop year round  in the winter it freezes and in the summer it THAWS and smells like death! Anyway theres only one of those short metal fences keeping them in the backyard and when I walk from the garage to the front door or vice-versa those dogs bark and jump and make me have a heart attsck everytime! I am so scared they will just jump over one day! I am so tempted to call animal services on them, but they are such a cute couple and had like 3 babies in a row so I get that they are probably overwhelmed but still!! haha this turned into a mini rant of my own.

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Bumble bee
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This is my biggest pet peeve (no pun intended). I always am careful with my dogs because I don’t want people to have to deal with them and cause a bad name for their respective breeds. Also, it’s very embarrassing. Of course I have a strict “I will kick your dog in the face if it’s going to try to attack my dogs” policy. Or if it’s going to attack me. For probably 8 months every time I’d walk any of my dogs past a certain house, their small dog would run out and bite my dogs ankles. To the point at which they would bleed sometimes. Finally I just grabbed the dog and punished it as if it was mine and it stopped doing it. Before that they would occassionally walk over and pick up the dog and apologize and not even punish the dog. Sometimes I just don’t know what is going through people’s minds.

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Sugar bee
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A few people in my neighborhood walk their dogs without a leash and while the dogs are clearly trained and I’ve never seen any incidents, it still really pisses me off. The world is unpredictable, you know? You never know what could happen. Just put a friggin leash on your dog when you’re in a public area (i.e. not in a fenced in yard, fenced dog park, etc.)

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Busy bee
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I’m so with you Corgi!!! I have two cavalier king charles spaniels and though they are not always the most obediant dogs, I pay attention to make sure they behave.  Some people are so annoying and give dog owners a bad name.   My pet peeve is all the dog poop left on sidewalks, grassy area, the park, etc.  In the city it’s like landmines on the sidewalk…..and even worse when it rains.  It’s like people….PICK UP YOUR POOP!!!!

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Sugar bee
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I have actually stopped going to off-leash areas at all – I have a big black dog, and other dogs have gone after him so many times it isn’t even funny. He has bled, gotten stitches and an infection, and have clumps of hair pulled out by other peoples untrained dogs. The worst part is that they think it is funny when their little shit of a dog goes after my 140 pound dog. No, it isn’t funny, it is aggressive behaviour. 

I think that all communities should pass legislation like mine recently did. If you are caught walking a dog and can’t show the bylaw officer a big to pick up your dogs poo you get fined on the spot (I think the fine is around $100). They found it is too difficult to catch people not picking it up, and I know that having a bag won’t make them pick it up – but you can be sure if their dog poops and they don’t have a big they won’t be picking it up.

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Helper bee
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The other thing is that if your dog attacks someone, you might have to put it to sleep…all because of bad training.  Now, whose fault is that?  The dog’s fault or the human’s fault???  Geez.

I’m with ya.  I’ve made a mistake getting an animal I shouldn’t have had (only for a couple days) and learned my lesson… I reeeeeally want a puppy/dog but we’re waiting til we’re ready!  So I get that impulse to get a dog, I love dogs.  But it’s just not fair to the dog & if you love dogs you don’t do that.  Simple stuff.


On a sidenote, for future reference, what is the deal with the retractable lead??  Is it bad?

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Worker bee


CorgiTales, everything you said in your post is EXACTLY what frustrates me about so many dog owners!

And one of my biggest pet peeves is when people have tiny dogs like poodles, yorkies and chihuahuas and don’t train them. Just because they are small and you can carry them DOES NOT mean you shouldn’t train them to be well behaved! 

About a month ago, a man was walking a mastiff/pitbull mix through an off-leash area, and when it saw my pup, he lunged! The man had to jump on top of his dog, and completely pinned him to the ground until I could get Darwin away. If your dog is very aggressive, stay away from off-leash areas! What if he had gotten away from his owner? And I mean any aggressive dogs. I don’t care if you have a pit bull, lab, or poodle. If they are dog aggressive, DON’T take them to a dog park or off-leash area. 

jslsbride: My problem with retractable leashes is as follows.

-It is a good idea to train your dog to walk next to you in the heel position. Retractable leads let your dog walk way out in front of you, and you have little to no control over your dog when they are walking ahead of you.

-It is hard to leash train a dog when you are using a retractable leash. They extend, so if the dog pulls, it can move forward, therefore rewarding the pulling behavior. It is good to train your dog NOT to pull on his/her leash. 

-I am not convinced that a retractable leash is sturdy enough to prevent a large dog from breaking free. 

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Bumble bee
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my husband and i are constantly on about this! honestly – it’s NOT the dog’s fault – it’s the OWNER!!!!

Even the more “agressive-type dogs” such as PITs can be tame and trained as long as their owner knows what they are doing. I have nothing against anyone raising more agressive-breed dogs – just make sure you know how to handle them and DON’T let them loose!

there’s always stories on the news about agressive dogs who have to be put down because of attacks…well if the owner knew what they were doing in the first place, it wouldn’t have attacked!

honestly some people should NOT be allowed to own dogs – of any breed – unless going through extensive background search and should need a license! (sorry but it’s a peeve of mine…)

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