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@SeptemberBride2013:  I submitted our wedding to The Knot because several people kept saying, “Your wedding needs to be in a magazine!” After I submitted, I read the “suggested” types of photos and I realized we probably won’t make the cut because we didn’t have our photographer take pictures of us outside with our heads cut off (they call this editorial?), take photos of our invitations (uh, because everyone already saw them…), pictures of my shoes and accessories (i wore them all day. They’re in every picture.).


I was kind of bummed for a minute but then I realized that we did our wedding our way. We didn’t compromise on the “us” factor in order to fit what everyone thinks a wedding should be. If we get chosen for the magazine or website, awesome. But what’s more important is that we stayed true to who we are and everyone could tell we did US. 

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My uber budget wedding (6k for 100 guests) was in no way “blogable” as there was a serious lack of decor to ever really be competative in that way. However, I adore our photography of the day and it does have a sort of “blog worthy” quality to it. I don’t think I would be happy if it didn’t..

I think maybe, more than anything, you are a little sad about how the photography turned out. I wanted my photographer to portray my wedding as beautifully as possible, heck, even prettier than real life. Maybe this is what you wanted too?

Here is an example of one of the what I would consider “blogable” photos, and one that shows the reality of the situation lol


Not so blogable:


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I agree. Most weddings on those blogs resemble each other, as well as the style of photography. It’s a shame they don’t vary much. I think it would give us all so much more inspiration if we could see more styles of weddings!!

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I can relate. I read/still read so many wedding blogs and had hoped our photog would at least blog us…no dice. We had a country club wedding…not by choice our originial venue double booked us and there were no DIY elements other than the bouquets but nothing crazy or super unique.

When I first saw the pictures I wasn’t super impressed because I’m not a pretty crier…and you can read EVERY emotion on my face. But after a second pass through I kept seeing little things that I adored that our photographers got (a photo of my parents with tissues up to their eyes at the SAME TIME) and I was stunned…I knew we had a wonderful wedding because I had fun despite being exhausted and our ceremony was packed with meaning.

Maybe if we had more $$$ or more DYI or different venue…but I got my man and was surrounded by friends and family. Now to find time to work on our wedding album…6 months after the fact. Slacker city.

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@SeptemberBride2013:  Our wedding was featured in a magazine (twice) and the thing I appreciated most was if you flipped through the magazine all the weddings were pretty different. Yes there were similar items here and there but the overall look and feel was diverse.

Our wedding was more bloggable than not considering our colors and photography but then again there were elements that didn’t fit the SMP mold. I didn’t have vintage furniture randomly placed, I didn’t wear a lace dress, I didn’t have vintage keys laying about, I didn’t serve cupcakes or have mason jars/ chalk boards/burlap anywhere. And yes a lot of my photos had vibrant colors (thank goodness).

I do agree that I wish there was more diversity but the blogs like SMP are focusing on the trends for popularity more so than anything else. Those typical trends are beautiful and popular and until the trends change that is what you will see.

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I hear ya. I was not the little girl that planned her wedding in elementary school. I honestly didn’t really think about a wedding until we got engaged. But the best thing that my husband and I did, when we first got engaged, was sit down and write out what we wanted in a wedding. What was important and what we wanted included. And what we didn’t care about. It was tremendously helpful when I started to get caught up in unimportant details to go back to this list and remind myself of what was really important.

Early in wedding planning I also found myself looking through BRIDE magazine (donated by a friend whose mom is a librarian) and drooling over weddings on greenweddingshoes and stylemepretty and pinterest. And they did, legitimately, help me with some of my DIY projects. But I made a concious decision to get a bunch of ideas (which I kept in a giant google doc) and then stop looking at the blogs. Really. I had enough ideas and only so much time to DIY. And the blogs just overwhelmed me. And it wasn’t what I really cared about anyway. So I just quit looking and focused on making our wedding fit us. I got on the bee and offbeat bride, which was hugely helpful for all sorts of wedding conundrums.

Throughout wedding planning I told myself that perfection was impossible and, if at the end of the day, I was married to my husband and nobody had died – I would consider the day a sucess! My general motto was “Care less”, because, honestly, most things just really don’t matter that much and aren’t worth getting upset over. And it worked really well. While I was fiarly stressed finishing projects the weeks before the wedding, once wedding day came, I just trusted it all to fate (and my day of coordinator) and enjoyed myself.

Once my wedding was over, I actually really debated about if I should even post a recap here on the bee, because I had been so adamant with myself (and other) than weddings shouldn’t be seen as a competition or a way to impress people. But I enjoy reading other’s recaps, so I posted on and I’m glad I did. But the important thing to remember is priorities. We certainly don’t all need to have the same priorities, but be concious about your priorities and where you spend your time and energy.

On a related note – I realy dislike people confusing “blogworthy” pictures with pictures that help you remember your day. I hear all the time that couples should pay thousands of dollars on photography because it’s the “only thing you have left to remember your day”. While I agree that photography can be very hlepful at helping to remember your day, the pictures don’t have to be blogworthy to do that. The difference between blogworthy pictures and pictures of the same thing that aren’t blogworthy – the pretty factor. And the fact that it’s a picture of decor, not your crazy Aunt Thelma. If you want pretty pictures, that’s fine. But don’t think that pictures have to be beautiful to help you remember your wedding. Or that blog worhty pictures will encompass everything you want to remember from your wedding. Both sets of our parents had a few dozen snapshots, many of which were grainy or out of focus. But it’s still fun to look through them years later. And they definnitely aren’t blogworthy. And while I love my pro pictures, my album will include some guest shots because my photographer couldn’t be everywhere at once (and left before the guys decided to pick me up like the Hora – and how can you not include a picture of that!)

In the end, it’s the experience that’s worth remembering, and the marriage that you get to keep. Pretty pictures are just that. Pretty. Pcitures. 

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I’m a photographer… And I hate the whole ‘blog-worthy’ wedding thing. 

Most weddings I see that are able to be featured are the ones that were actually not that much fun to be at, and the bride was obviously stressing because there was so much that she had to look after. 

In my opinion, the best weddings are the ones where people are ugly crying, drunkenly dancing, and super-loving each other. Who cares if you’ve got beautiful decor if you’re too stressed to even enjoy your wedding Day? 

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I don’t get why people care about being blogged whatsoever. But then again, I’m not really into the whole social media sharing everything all the time bandwagon. I can’t see past the narcissism in it all and it being a ploy for attention and validation from people who don’t really even matter and in some cases, complete strangers.

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I never heard of most of the wedding blogs. One thing I notice about SMP is that most of the weddings (and couples) look the same. Blush, gold/silver, vintage, certain type dresses, and the brides (to me) look similar also. I can’t deny it though…the pics are pretty. I wouldn’t even submit mine because I don’t think it would be featured. I had all bright colors, nothing vintage, and I look nothing like any of the brides I see featured. 

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My photog has a facebook page and posts some weddings.


He did not post my wedding.


I have to admit I was hurt, especially because I did think my wedding was beautiful, and that the pictures turned out great. I was hurt that he did not think we were “blog-worthy” or attractive even, or he was proud of the quality of his work on our wedding.


Then I realized, I am a size 12-14 and most of the brides he posts are no bigger than a size 6 or so.


And you know what? that’s on him and his own fucked up standard of beauty if he thinks I am a larger bride, and therefore unnatractive.


I am trying to put this on him and not on me.


I am still kind-of hurt tho….


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I guess I didn’t care about being in a blog becuase I didn’t get married to the wedding; I got married to the man I love. My wedding pictures look just as good in a Mixbook photo album as they would in a magazine, if not better. Plus my album nothing I did will ever be considered too trendy or old fashioned. My wedding will always be considered beautiful because of who I shared it with.




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