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I completely feel you on this one! I just hit 21 weeks and I’m finally starting to feel like a normal human being again… I couldn’t do anything without feeling or getting sick. Even the meds they prescribed me didn’t help and I felt like a failure because I seriously loathed pregnancy for quite a while. Lets not even talk about being in the mood for sex- it just didn’t happen for me- my poor husband keeps asking when the pregnancy hormones will kick in that will make me want it all the time… It does get better though, when you start to feel the baby move and start realizing there’s not much time left it makes everything worth it. Hang in there!

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i’m so sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time. but it sounds like you’ve figured out what your body is trying to tell you – your pregnant body does not agree with the fried foods you were previously used to eating. we all know what’s not exactly good for us, and what we should be limiting in our regular lives, but it’s almost a slap in the face for our pregnant selves to make it SO clear that we need to change our eating =/ right now im working on kicking my coffee habit…not exactly fun.

much easier said than done, but try to focus on getting all the fruits and veggies and water you need in a day, and it may be easier to fill in the blanks with healther meals. clementines are great this year (i eat like 4 at a time lol), veggies dipped in ranch dressing, string cheese, hummus and pita, etc. you’ll find things you like 🙂


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My morning sickness was somewhat similar, not always vomiting but the constant nausea just killed me.  I’m glad the Vitamin B6 is working for you.  I didn’t hear about it until well into my second tri and so wish I’d known sooner.  I got to the point that I had the diet of a toddler: milk, water, orange juice, mac n cheese, crackers, and cereal.  Stong flavors and most any form of meat was totally out so I had to try to get protein through eggs (scrambled, deviled, etc) and nuts (think trail mix).  Lots of small meals was the only way to get through it because the thought of a normal meal was just gross to me.  Salad dressing and lettuce/spinach still taste wrong (metallic) to me and I look forward to having them again once baby is out. 

It will get easier, it just may not come soon.  Mine lasted from week 5 to week 20, once I finally felt baby move and even then it still comes and goes occaissionally.  Until we reached week 20 and baby moving, I really did not like being preganant.  I still don’t like it, but there are moments of fun and joy as you get to “interact” with baby.  I’ll be honest, my Darling Husband and I planned on two kids and I very much feel we may be just having this one instead of two.  I can’t imagine taking care of a baby/child while being pregnant and feeling as bad as I’ve felt.  I know every pregnancy is different and it could be an awesome second experience, but it is something we’ll have to really weigh out.  I thought I was prepared for preganancy and had read everything and was ready to go.  I can’t even tell you what I thought now that I’m actually experiencing it but somehow it was a slightly romanticized version and reality was a bit of a slap in the face.  Hang in there, it will get better over time and remember, we’re all here to comiserate with you any time.

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I had a similar type of nausea. I only got sick a few times, but I almost always felt a little queasy and that if I moved too much I was sure to be sick right then and there. What really worked for me was eating a few saltine crackers about every 2 hours. It actually did wonders and I wasn’t really happy about taking extra medicine (even if it was another vitamine supplement) so I was glad this worked and I didn’t have to. My mom also tried to find every sour candy in the world because a friend of hers said that sour things take nausea away…I’m not really sure if they worked because I have yet to find a candy that tastes sour to me. 

Hang in there! It does get so much better around the beginning of your second trimester and once you can feel those little flutters it’s all worth it. I tried not to worry too much in the beginning about how many weeks I was since 9 months/40 weeks seems like forever, but once I hit 20 weeks (22.5 now) Darling Husband and I both said how fast the pregnancy is going and that in only a few short months our little man will be here!

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Rolaids for gas (it says specifically Gas) and saltines should really help! I’m sorry you’re feeling so miserable!

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Everything lemon was a godsend for me… Thus the pregnancy nickname “lemon”.  Hang in there, it does get better!

I’m sure you’ve already heard my humming while brushing your teeth trick, but it really works.

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