(Closed) One month to wedding – and just had a biopsy on my cheek

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Bumble bee
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To me beauty is on the inside. But it is confidence! If you act like you have bandages on your face and you are embarassed (which by the way you shouldn’t be!) then yeah, you are probably not going to come off as feeling or being “attractive.” However, if you work those bandages and don’t let them bother you, you are going to come off as beautiful.

ps. Hope everything goes well for you. 

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Blushing bee
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You can most definitely still (and will) be a beautiful bride if more surgery is needed!  If it is cancerous, it may very well be a “non-serious” type.  I’ve had 3 basal cell cancer spots removed and the “good” thing about them being not as serious as melanoma is you can wait a week, if necessary, to have it removed.  When I was told about my first one, I found out in August right when I moved to school.  They didn’t schedule for it to be removed until I went home in October for fall break.

Buuuut, until you know anything for sure, please don’t stress about it! (easier said than done, I know, but please try: )

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Are you really going to be in bandages still? I had a biopsy of possible skin cancer (that turned out not to be) on my arm and I only had to have it bandaged for a week or maybe 10 days. I do have a scar there now that is redder than the rest of my skin, but it isn’t raised or anything and could be easily covered with makeup if I cared. And of course– your health is most important!

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Sugar bee
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Sending best wishes to you.

And I am CERTAIN you will be a beautiful bride. Skin can heal very quickly- and even with bandages (if you needed them still) you would make it work I am sure.


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Helper bee
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I agree with the health point. It’s good to know that, even though you knew you would be getting married soon, you decided that being healthy and possibly catching something sooner rather than later was more important! I think that is very brave of you to do! A lot of people could have said they weren’t doing it until after the wedding, but I applaud you for taking care of yourself first! Your Fiance will think you are beautiful no matter what!

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Helper bee
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@sonomagal: I completely understand, I would feel the same way. Once you have on all of your jewelry, a beautiful hairstyle, and some awesome eye makeup, people will be able to look at that whole package and see around the stitches/scar!

And for photos, you could try to get angles from the other side of your face. And retouching works wonders if you don’t want it in the pictures!

Honestly though, I think you will feel so great once you have on your dress and everything is put together, you will be so excited to be getting married and see that all of your hard work paid off that you will probably forget it is even there!

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Helper bee
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1. Oh, man. I’m sorry you have to go through something so scary, let alone the month before your wedding. My heart goes out to you, darlin’.

2. I think the other girls are right – you’re very wise to get this thing checked out even if the timing isn’t ideal. There are plenty of women who would probably risk their health for vanity, and I’m glad you’re smarter than that.

3. If you still have the stitches at wedding time, maybe you could try something like this…


or this…


or this.


And OK, I’m kidding, but I’m actually kind of NOT kidding. My college buddy John has one of those impossibly glamorous New York City lives where he’s always going to parties with John Cameron Mitchell and stuff – there is this one super beautiful girl in his scene who is NEVER seen out without a sexy lace or sequined thing covering one side of her face. I don’t know if she’s got a scar under there or what, but she looks amazing.

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Honey bee
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While I didn’t have a tumor removed from my face, I did have to have minor surgery to remove a considerable amount of fluid, and was left with a “hole” in my face for quite some time. The hospital sent me home after 4 days of observation, and sent my sister home with gauze to “pack” the hole so that it would wick out excess fluid and not become infected. Very painful, and like you, I needed bandages also.

The first couple of days were a little weird, because no matter how normal I acted, I got lots of questions about the bandages, and even some terribly insensitive comments (from STRANGERS, no less). That’s what I found to be the fun part, though. I made up a different reason each time someone asked about it, one answer more humorous than the last. People got a laugh, and it kept me in good spirits. When it was time to remove the gauze and bandages, I was sensitive about whether I would have a scar on my FACE, but there are products out there that help fade scars, so I stocked up and used it every day as the directions indicated. The first couple of weeks were obviously indicative of a freshly healed area, but it eventually faded, and now, unless you know where I was sliced, you’d never even see it.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, honestly. In a month and a half’s time, your wound will have healed well enough to be able to wear make up, and even if it shows a little, so what? People will notice the gigantic smile on your face, as you marry your best friend. My mother always said, “you’re your own worst critic!” and she’s right. No one is going to fixate on your cheek. You will be beautiful, no matter what, and the best part is: you don’t have to go through it alone. You have a wonderful man to help support the emotionally fragile times that are inherent to such a situation, and you’ll be surrounded by people who love you regardless. Enjoy your day. If you’re worried about pictures, you can always tell the photographer to touch them up, but I think you’ll be beautiful anyway!

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Blushing bee
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@sonomagal: if you look a fraction as happy as you do there no one will know you have stiches/scar/horn growing out of your forehead!  (jk on the horn!) but really….you are stunning…im sure your emotions will outshine everything else that day…you will glow just like you are in the above picture!

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