One time your intuition was horrifyingly true?

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When I was 11 , I had a vivid dream that my mom had lost her pregnancy (gruesomely detailed, too) I woke up relieved that everything was ok.  Later that day when she shouted for my stepdad from their room…I just knew. It happened just as I feared.

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thesecondwife :  The church I used to go to had a youth group where the teens would get together and do stuff after church or on the weekends. One night the group was going to a teen club type of thing at a restaurant and they were trying to convince me to go after I said no. I don’t know why or how it happened in me but I said, ” No. I’m really not going because I feel like something bad is going to happen.” They all left and maybe an hour later my sister called me screaming and crying on the phone saying one of the guys they were with got robbed at gunpoint and he was shot I think it was 7 times. He was temporarily paralyzed and eventually was able to walk again after multiple surgeries and physical therapy. They were all creeped out that I said I thought something bad would happen and then it did. It also creeps me out to this day and I’ve shared it with a good amount of people when we get on those intuitive conversations. 

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There is so much more to my story than this but I had a very strong feeling I was going to lose my husband. I was at church and went up for the alter call for prayer. The gentleman asked me how he could pray for me. I said, “This isn’t my first rodeo (deployment) but I have a strong suspicion that I’m about to lose my husband in Iraq.”

Exactly two two weeks later, on January 25th at 2:31 EST I stopped shoveling snow and my heart felt something bad. I just knew.

The next morning the Army notification team were in dress uniform on my doorstep. The night before, at what was 2:31 my time in NY, the helicopter my husband was flying was hit by an insurgent’s rocket and he was killed instantly. 

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thesecondwife :  I’ve always had gut feelings that turned out true regularly but they were never anything serious or big. It’s usually like, I have a feeling X is gonna cancel out on our planned night out this weekend. Or I have a feeling X and X are gonna break up. Or X is gonna change her mind about her wedding venue.

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hisfavoritewife :  I am so so sorry for your loss, that is terrible. 

Mine wasn’t as sad or as tragic as most of the ones posted here.

Last year my husband was just doing laundry, it was a very normal evening when I got this overwhelming feeling something was going to happen to him, and I was so afraid but I couldn’t explain it. I never felt that way before and certainly was never afraid of something happening to my husband before. The next morning when we were going to work I asked him to text me just a dot every hour as I had a feeling, I attributed it to irrational anxiety though. And at 11am I didn’t get a text, instead I got a call from his coworker saying he’s had a seizure and ambulance is on the way. From then on he was diagnosed with epilepsy…thankfully he was fine but it taught me that there are some things you just can’t explain and to listen to my intuition. 

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I live in western Canada, where unfortunately a large portion of land gets destroyed each summer by wildfires. Some friends and I had plans with some of our best friends from the USA to go camping a short time ago – but when the US friends had to cancel due to last minute work schedule changes, I had this sense/feeling that there was a reason for it and there was nothing anyone could say to convince me to still go with the remaining group members (yes, the whole point of the trip was to show off the gorgeous scenery of our country to our other friends, but while I love camping and will almost never pass up a chance to go, there was absolutely no way I was still going). All over the news the next morning after we were supposed to have left was that some jerkfaces had tossed a cigarette only a short distance away from the spot we’d picked and started a massive brush fire that is currently still burning out of control. We would have been in the thick of it and I shudder to think what would have happened.

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Mine was a lot less terrible and dramatic as these. 

Back in 2007! I was with my ex boyfriend of almost a year at our apartment after a great day together. He went to take a shower and I felt for some crazy reason that I needed to check his phone. Having never had trust issues or red flags, I was surprised by my gut feeling to check his messages. 

I checked them. A girl we both knew that was very shy and quiet had texted him ‘I want you’ I knew that meant they had already slept together. 

He got out of the shower and I confronted him. He didn’t confirm it but he didn’t even deny it. Gave him 24 hours to get the Fuck out of my house (luckily he wasn’t on the lease).

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Not me but my mom, she has some really good intuition. She has two crazy intuition stories. The first is she used to work for a major cookie company as a distributor which required her to drive to different stores to do setups and whatnot. Well one day she was going to have to cross a bridge she had crossed hundreds of times but she panicked and couldn’t so she went to another store instead. Later that day, she saw on the news how a piece if the bridge fell out and a few cars went plummeting into the water below. 

The second was at the same job. For whatever reason some days she would bring our family dog for the rides and if the stores were fine with the dog. My mom had one boss she always felt off about and when our dog saw him he instantly freaked out growling and barking at him. A few weeks later he disappeared and a couple weeks after that the guy was on Americas Most Wanted for murdering his wife. 

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I don’t know if this counts, but here goes. I was a really good student in college. I worked in the tutorial center, tutoring English, lead several study groups, and graduated Summa Cum Laude. One morning I woke up and decided that I needed to have a Studio Ghibli movie marathon complete with Japanese snacks. Like I would literally die if I didn’t watch Spirited Away while eating seaweed rice crackers and strawberry mochi ice cream.

I called in sick to the tutorial center claiming to have a migraine, drove to Nijiya market, bought all of the snacks, drove home, turned off my phone, and watched My Neighbor Totoro, Grave of the Fireflies, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away. Turned on my phone again to find it filled with frantic phone calls from my parents, my boyfriend, and several classmates because there was a gang-related shooting in the tutorial center, campus was closed and evacuated, and a SWAT team was called in. I was so embarrassed to admit that I had cut classes to watch anime! But I was really glad I did! 

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thesecondwife :  

Two that come to mind quickly.


The first one I was on lunch break when I was 22. I had a very strong feeling if I tried to go the way I went I would get in an accident. Every fiber in my body was telling me to turn around. I ignored it. I got in a car accident. The guy who hit me bizarrely had the same last name, no relation. I had no insurance. It was a disaster.


The 2nd time, a friend of mine was extremely pregnant. She went past her due date. It was the day after Christmas and she posted a picture of herself wondering when it was going to happen. This was her 4th child. She lost her first child to a heart defect (who was only 2 months younger than my first child). When I looked at this picture of her, I was enveloped in dread. I was like “I hope the baby is ok” and just felt like something was wrong. She was happy and smiling in the photo. Brushed it off as ridiculous. Woke up the next morning to a text from my other friend asking if I saw the pregnant friends status on Facebook. She had posted that the was stillborn. I SCREAMED. I couldn’t even speak. I have told one other person this ever. The night of that picture, she went into labor. Everything was fine, baby was good. She lived rurally so go checked locally before heading to a bigger hospital. Baby ended up having a cord accident between the local Dr and the hospital. It’s honestly just so awful. We got pregnant with our third living children 1 month apart and I supported her through that pregnancy. She went on to have another healthy child after that. She has 6 kids total, and I always say she has 6 kids, not 4.


I had a dream when I was 15 that i would marry the man with a certain name. That ended up being true and I married a man with that name I have also always felt I wouldn’t have my husband for long. So far we have been lucky but he was diagnosed with testicular cancer 2 days after Christmas. He is a combat veteran.



hisfavoritewife :  my greatest fear as a military spouse. I have heard of this happening from other widows, like they sensed it. I’m so sorry. 

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lauralaura123 :   Minoux21 :   sf618 :  Thank you all. I was blessed with being his wife for 10-1/2 years and he gave me two beautiful kids. I would have wished for more, but thankful for what I had. It’s been 9-1/2 years since he was killed and he is still in my heart.

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