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My big man is three now (four in november) but when he was one and a half to two he was extra picky. And it was always the weirdest stuff he would eat… california rolls? yum! Broccoli? awesome! Mac and cheese? The devil!  Next day… chicken? yes! Broccoli? NO NO NO! It would change every day what he would and would not eat.

At first I was freaking out. Why would he only eat grapes and green beans? Why wouldn’t he eat something that he wanted just the day before? I was so frustrated and, I admit, a little worried. But I talked to his ped and as long as he was getting the nutrients he needed (yay vitamins!) it wasn’t that uncommon for little ones to start having their own opinions on food as their new taste buds developed.

So I just started to let him eat what he was feeling that day. This is within reason of course. I wasn’t letting him eat anything unhealthy- just giving him the choice of options. 

I’m definitely not into multiple dinners for multiple picky eaters so I would make him a big part of choosing the meals the whole family ate and then adding maybe one or two other things. Even when he was just around one+ years old having the freedom to choose what he wanted avoided a lot of potential disasters (read: tantrums and mommy melt downs) Plus, the one or two other things that I added (that he didn’t choose) would really be fawned over by myself and my partner and then my little guy just had to try what mom and dad were eating! Also, we’d go to the store and let him choose new veggies or fruits or healthy kid foods to try out. He loved it and I got to learn all about new fruits and veggies that even I hadn’t tried before! (Who knew monk fruit was so delicious?)

Now he’s almost four and eats everything you put in front of him. 

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How often are you feeding him?  I am reading a book that recommends meals every four hours (8, 12, snack at 4, and 8, for example).  That way, the kid is actually hungry at meal time and will eat.  

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My sister had this problem with both of her sons. Its their tastebuds changing and they start to have preferences. It did not last for her two kids and soon they got less and less picky over time. Just keep trying to push different foods. She would also put a very very small serving of what was preferred at every meal with other things she knew they liked (I think it was beef and noodles or something) and they would eat the favored food first and then take bites of the other choices, which as she said, was good enough. I also remember her always giving them a choice between two things (they were a bit older I think by that point… maybe 2?) so they had more control. PP mentioned vitamins for now and just keep trying to push foods they liked before. Eventually they come around. Good luck!

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sept22insf:  your preaching to the choir dear. my 3 year old only has a taste for about 5 different items. doctors and books say just to serve him what your having and if he doesnt eat it then you dont offer him anything else because that is suppose to “teach him” to eat what you eat and he will eat it eventually once he gets hungry and then he will know to eat it. WRONG! we tried that for 3 days and my son didnt eat ANYTHING! needless to say i probably “baby” him by offering him something else when he declines the first option. BUT my son is only in the 20% percentile for his age group any lower he has to see a nutritionalist so me giving him options is fine by me, i dont have the money to pay for all these extra doctor bills (once a month) so in order for us to stay out of the doctor im ok with it! he’ll get over it hopefully!

Good luck

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sept22insf:  This is very normal. One day they will love something the next they will hate.  Nothing to be worried about.  Just keep trying to give him the foods

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sept22insf:  I am just going to repeat a story from one of my FB friends becuase my son is only 6 months, and I haven’t experienced this yet, but she had the same issue as you. Then her daughter would only eat popcorn and peas. That’s it. She was freaking out, and everyone told her to let her have the popcorn and peas, but keep trying to give her the other food at her normal eating times, and eventually she would come around. It only took two weeks, and she was back to eating better foods.

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sept22insf:  The one thing babies/toddlers DO have control over is FOOD.  You cannot safely force feed a kid– so they will use this one thing for a little control.  Very normal.

My kiddo has been “particular” since he started purees.  He’s now 6- and even still– things he loved before, he’ll suddenly just say “I don’t like it anymore”- or I’m sick of it.  Not surprising, since there’s only a handful of foods he will eat.  But it makes it trickier since he has such a selective pallet.  

He will go back to loving the foods he’s now detesting– 

Also- they say “A toddler will never starve themselves”– chances are, most won’t.  That said– my guy is super stubborn and happily would starve himself.



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