Online dating experience? Here’s mine, ready to laugh!

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That’s crazy!  Stage five clinger indeed.  Oddly enough i met a similar guy on POF, it’s like they’re all needy, clingy losers. this guy actually threw a fit, an acutal pouting slamming door fit in front of my best friend because we couldnt make it to a concert he was going to, and we were broken up!!! (no you cannot come over and watch a movie after i you just got done sobbing on the phone for 2 hours while i painted my nails, even if you promise not to touch me.) I did however have some great success(eventually) on as i met Fiance on there.  Good luck and don’t give up!

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why don’t you just tell him your not interested?

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Whoa! He does sound clingy!

I was like “Awww he seems like such a nice guy!” at first but after you mentioned all the texts and calls from him I was like 0_0

He does sound like he genuinely cares for you but is definately coming on strongly…

I was in a similar situation a few years ago where an aquaintance started making suggestions that we watch a movie together…etc. It sounded harmless and they were movies that I’d been dying to see for a while so I agreed. But, I had to cancel last minute because of some family issues and so he texted me saying that he’ll just postpone it for another day. BUT he was supposed to be off visiting his family the very next day which HE POSTPONED. Yeap. He literally cancelled all his plans and waited and kept texting me asking when I was free, what I was doing and heavily hinting that he wouldn’t take no for an answer. It started creeping me out so I told him to give me space . Let’s just say that it didn’t end very well and we haven’t talked to this very day.

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I dont have a funny story about me but my sister met this guy, told him she wanted to be friends but would see how things went. She hung out with him a few times, coffee, walks in the park etc. nothing major. So then they go out somewhere I dont remember and he tries to kiss her, she says no and in an instant he FLIPS OUT calling her everything in the book….to top it off it turns out he is a family friend whom we see every christmas (but she does not remember him from this regualr family event for what reason I dont now)..she didnt even tell me about it for months later because she was embarassed but anyway If she had to tell me prior I would have warned her that he was a weirdo and super creeper…

but my other friend met her now husband on it so I guess you win some you lose some

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He does sound way too needy,but I don’t think you can fault him for being on POF at 6:50 am.

After all, you were too!

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My male friend is back on the dating scene, and he gets super obsessed with whether a girl has responded in a timely manner or not. He finds them rude if he doesn’t hear back within the day, or at least a  24 hour period. 

WHoa. Not everyone is glued to their computer. I personally don’t have a smart phone, so I assume not everyone in the universe has one either.

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HELL NOOO!! that would annoy me soo bad! I’m glad you told him to lose your number!!

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LOL. Loved your parenthesis explanations. Oh wow…I have so many stories to tell you. I took a semester off college, came home, and my mom convinced me to make a profile on this dating site. I did, forgot about it…

then one thing leads to another and I start talking to…err..what was his…let’s say Justin. Well, it was going great and I was AMAZED at how much we had in common and clicked. Well, he eventually got my number and never called. But he kept texting and chatting on line, we were friends on fb too. I thought he wasn’t interested but everything said he was. Days turned into weeks and I just stopped caring. He would still text but I figured he wanted to be friends only. Eventually we didn’t talk anymore. Then…like a month later I get this oober depressing text at like 2 am about how he didn’t call, and I’m so pretty, and he is actually manic-depressive, and the meds, and this whole woe is me text. I was like…what the crack? And I honestly tried to say something really nice, and he got all argumentative and defensive, and I was just like…oooooook…  SO YEA. Koo-koo.

Creepy Carl: all was well, he was kind of awkward to chat with, and then we start talking about his previous girlfriend. Turns out he went on a missions trip and started dating this indigenous girl in like Guatemala or something. She didn’t speak any English, but he knows a bit of Spanish. He shows me a picture of them two….and she is wearing her tribal clothes and looks like she’s straight out of national geographic. NO LIE. This tall, lanky, white dude is sitting on a bench…and two feet away from him…as far away on the bench possible…is this poor girl with a fake half smile on her face. I was like whut tha heckkkkkk. CREEEEEPER. It’s like some guy from the discovery channel crew, going a trip to save the world…he is NOT allowed to date the topless african woman breast-feeding her starving baby. I thought this was common sense? HELLO. Little did I know I would  eventually fall in love with creepy Carl. He is now my Fiance.Crazy world right?

REALLY? Didya REALLY think Creepy Carl was my FI???? Child, please. Hailll Nooo.

Ross: Nice guy. We talked/texted/etc. for like 2 weeks. Lead to a date. After the date I thought..oh boy this is not gonna work. When he dropped me off he asked me out again and I didn’t know what to do so I said yes. Immediately regreted it. I had no idea how to tell him I wasn’t interested. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Then one day after date number 2 while I’m thrifting he calls me…and then we start talking about finances for some reason….and I told him how I expected to work my butt off so I can be financially stable. He asked me if i believed I was going to be well off. I said yes, I’m really driven, that is my goal. In the future, when I’m older, I want to own a house, be able to provide for my kids, be able help my parents and have the money to do so. I really believe I will accomplish this. Anyways, he said he was going to call his mentor and call me back. I was like, ok?, whatever. lol. He calls me back and tells me in a really official voice that he has spoken to his mentor and things will not work out between us because he doesn’t believe he will be “well-off” and doesn’t think my views are right. I nearly busted out laughing. I was in the fitting room squeezing myself into a top as I listened to him. I thought–thank God! hahaha. Get this: Ross wants to live off his parents, donations, etc. for the rest of his life and thinks I am strange for having goals. Oh boy……….what I really want to know is…who the frick is his “mentor”? Winnie the Pooh? Thanks for sparing me. lol.

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I think all you needed to do was say you were not interested.

From what you have written, you expected him to get that via osmosis or something 😉

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@LuluInLove:  Oh boy……….what I really want to know is…who the frick is his “mentor”? Winnie the Pooh? Thanks for sparing me. lol.

OK that is hilarious!

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Wow. Yeah, some guys need it absolutely spelled out for them that you’re not interested.

I definitely met some strange ones. One guy was great over email, so I gave him my number and told him to give me a call. Again, he seemed pretty cool. One day we’re texting back and forth a bit – after work I head to the gym for an hour, maybe hour and a halfish. I get back to my car and find SEVENTEEN TEXT MESSAGES. He “panicked” when I didn’t answer the first after about 5 minutes and start rapid firing. The last one was like “If you don’t respond in the next 10 minutes, I’m calling the cops, I’m worried about you!” Yeah…I shut that one down pretty damn quickly. We hadn’t even met in person yet!

Then there was the guy that told me on date #1 that I was the kind of girl he could see raising his children. Um…sweet sentiment but maybe not on the first date?

My personal favorite creepy story was the guy that sent me an email that simply said “I really want to brush your hair.” Um…thanks?

I also loved the sheer amount of LYING I caught the guys doing. Always having to do with height. I’m 5’10 – my profile said I was 5’10. I never misrepresented that. I must have gone out with 6 or 7 guys that all said they were over 6 feet tall…that I ended up being taller than! Uh, if you lie about that before we even meet, what else will you lie to me about? A few got pissy with me. And one was like “Oh…you really ARE that tall!” No shit Sherlock.

BUT my husband was my last date before my subscription expired, so there’s that. 🙂

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I’ve had some doozies from online daters.  lol

“I don’t own a computer.  I’m using my parent’s computer right now.”

“Oh?  That’s my ex.  She is doing my laundry right now.”

True story! //  Fortunately, I did meet a normal guy off the internet. aka the Fiance. Smile

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