(Closed) Online Dating: Which site? How was it?

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  • poll: What online dating site(s) have you used?






    A niche site (based on something shared like religion or ethnicity)

    Other (please comment! )


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    Fiance was my 2nd date on okcupid- i just joined for laughs!

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    I looked at guys on PoF before leaving my ex (I had to know there were other options and he wasn’t “the only man who could ever love someone like me”. Douche)

    I dated one guy off CL, he wound up being (I swear to God) a Dom, ultra-S&M guy, beat the daylights out of me and got off on it. He was a great/terrible rebound (it lasted less than 2 months)

    Then I joined POF for real. Talked to a few guys, only went out on one date. By “I’m a military minister who went to Tufts”, he apparently meant to say “I work stocking the beer and wine section of Whole Foods”.

    Then I joined OkCupid! I talked to like 3 guys on my first day, and two guys on my second day. DH was one of them! The other guy (I can’t make this up) was a 99% match… And apparently also the new BFF of my highschool sweetheart! So I’m thrilled I was already a little in love with DH then.

    Two weeks into dating DH, I deleted my profile! I just knew from the first time I read his funny, sarcastic, impressive profile! (And I literally just teased him this morning about how bad his profile picture was way back then!)

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    I met Fiance on Match!

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    @MexiPino:  I only selected the site I met my Fiance on before I realized that I should select all the ones I used. I agree with you that POF gave me the worst dates, and the funniest yet most disgusting experiences ever. However, it is also eventually gave me my Fiance πŸ™‚

    I had no luck with eHarm. I actually felt quite offended to be matched with most of them, lol. One person I know met her husband on the site though. I had no luck on Match either, but several of my friends have entered into marriages/relationships from the site.

    I have never heard of OKCupid, Zoosk, or Chemistry until now. I didn’t use any niche sites because I don’t have any sexual or religious pre-requisites (those are the only niche sites that I have ever come across).

    I did notice that Lava Life is missing though,

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    @ladyamalthea:. I tried that one too and met really, really weird folks.   

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    I met SO on OkCupid. πŸ™‚

    I joined OKC years ago when I was in school just for the super long personality quiz, but I never used the dating portion.  A few years later, I joined PlentyOfFish out of curiosity but got too skeeved out so I never actually met up with anyone, and I closed my account very quickly.  A couple years ago I signed up for eHarmony but didn’t want to pay the expensive fee, so again I closed my account.

    Then last year, I was having an extremely difficult year in general, which morphed into an absolutely excruciating summer.  I was sad all the time and thought that I had to do something fun, that I needed something to look forward to in my life, or else I was going to drown in misery.  That, combined with the fact that one of my best friends told me she was dating a boy she met online – the two of us were always single together, for years – I started thinking that maybe I should give online dating a real go.

    I did some research and was intially going to try a pay site, because I felt that the participants would be more serious and less sleazy.  I was learning towards eHarmony because it seemed more popular to me – but I read some reviews about how restrictive it was, how you can’t browse through a list of people because you can only contact the people you get matched with…and I ended up deciding to try OkCupid, especially since it was the site my friend used.

    I was pretty aggressive; I went on 7 first dates in 3 months and SO was lucky #7! ^.^

    I received a message from SO not long after I started dating #6.  We exchanged a few nice messages but I kind of disappeared on him because things with #6 were going pretty well, and I was really hoping things would work out.  #6 was perfect on paper – a doctor, handsome, easy to talk to, interesting in marriage and children, generous… But after 2 months of dating #6 it was clear that we were completely wrong for each other and our personalities didn’t mesh well.  After a fight about exclusivity, I decided to option up my dating options again and I messaged #7, my now SO.

    He was super gracious about my disappearance and was thrilled to be given another chance.  We went on a date and hit it off, so I ended things with #6.  Mr. Pisces and I have been happily together ever since! πŸ™‚

    I had a good experience with OKC, all said and done, because #1-5 make for great stories now (hee!), #6 taught me what I want and need for a man/relationship, and, of course, I found my SO! πŸ™‚

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    I meet my current BF on okcupid after getting out of a 4 year very serious relationship that ended with quite a bit of drama and emotional trauma (family related). I had a couple months of grieving but I knew I needed to break my self-pity pattern and open myself up to the idea that I could date other guys. Basically I joined okcupid to teach myself how to look at another guy without feeling like I was cheating but I never intended to meet anyone. I d messaged a couple guys, relearned how to flirt. And not long after this I accepted a job offer in amother city. I packed up and moved ship in less than a week to a city where I knew absolutely no one. 3 days after I moved into my new apartment (first one sans roomies) I was browsing okCupid for kicks and found him in my new city. We had a relatively low match rate.. 87% I think. And the even had red flags for me. Called himself a Jesus Freak on his profile and said he had 2 dogs (I’m allergic to most and I could tell by the way he wrote about them they were inside dogs). But I just couldn’t leave his profile alone. So I sent him a quick message and we hit it right off. we moved to texting that night for convenience and met up for dinner the next week. Started dating exclusively 2 weeks after that. And that’s about 4 months ago and we’re still happy as clams. Lol! And those two dogs? Poodles. The one breed that’s never set off my allergies. And it turns out our religious tendencies mesh very well. We’re great together. 




    Okcupid worked for me!

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    I met my Fiance on Plentyoffish.

    Obviously Fiance is great and we’ve been dating for a happy 4.5 years.

    But Good LORD did I have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding him haha.

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    I tried Match many years ago, like around 2005 or so. I met some nice guys, but I never really clicked with any of them.

    After a short relationship with a guy who I didn’t meet online, I switched to eHarmony. I met my exboyfriend in late 2006 and dated him for 4 years. It was a good relationship overall. He just wasn’t ready to settle down, and I was past ready.

    In 2011 when I felt ready to start dating again, I signed up for eHarmony once again. I ended up meeting my husband! The funny thing is that before we met online, we had met previously in person. We were in my cousin’s wedding together 10 years prior but hadn’t seen each other since (and didn’t really remember each other). Needless to say, that one ended up working out, and we were married in July of this year.

    I’m a bit older than the OP (about to turn 35!!!) but I think online dating worked for me because by my late 20s, most of my friends were settling down, and their friends also. It was harder to meet other single people through the normal channels. The one guy I dated who I didn’t meet online was someone I met at work, which was a whole other level of awkward after we broke up.

    I liked eHarmony because I found the guys on that site to be more serious. I also liked that the site did the matching for you before you saw the profile. My brother met his wife on eHarmony, and one of my bridesmaids me her husband there too, so there is something about the formula that works.

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    I had a boyfriend that I met on Match, we dated about 5 months and he randomly broke up with me out of the blue. Quite a waste of my time! I met my husband on PlentyofFish, but I don’t know anyone else that’s actually had a positive experience there, lol. I mostly joined the site just to have someone to talk to, so I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up hitting it off with my Dh. Totally unexpected!

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    @ladyamalthea:  I was single for 2 years before I met my SO. I lived in a city and meeting guys was pretty hard, and I worked from home. Since the two most common ways you meet someone is through work or friends – I was pretty much out of luck (all of my city friends didn’t really have anyone for me to meet). 

    I tried Match, eHarmony and Plentyoffish. I wouldn’t say I ever had any success, I went on a TON of dates. The 3 most memorable guys from my dating experiences and bad dates were all from each of the sites. 

    I found eHarmony to be really serious, the guy I met on there was kind of sensitive and in the end soooo far from my type. We had the WORST first kiss ever. It was actually ended up being one of the most awful dating experiences ever. 

    The guy I met on Match – we had a commercial-quality first date. We really hit it off, but then he went all MIA on me, and I went all -totally not ready to date yet crazy- on him. Fond memories. 

    The guy I met on Plentyoffish was pretty great. We went on 3 dates, and had an awkward first kiss. He ended up not really feeling it, which was totally cool by me in the end. 

    In my experience – POF is the best for the quantity of guys… think about it ladies, men don’t want to PAY for a dating site. That’s where you’ll find them. There are a lot of scummy guys on there, but they’re pretty easy to weed out….even if you have to have an awful first date.

    I ended up meeting my SO when I moved home… through a friend πŸ™‚ Personally, I’m really glad we met through friends – it was more romantic that way. Just my personal preference though. 

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    I started with eharmony several years ago and while I traded e-amails with a few guys, it just never moved to anything more.  I was youngish (mid 20s) at the time, but I always was connected with guys way older than me and with nothing even close to in common.  After that I was on match.com for a while.  I did get two ‘dates’ out of the site, but they were both surreal and creeepy.  One guy wouldn’t drive, didn’t have money to pay of the date and flat out told me that he’d only hook up with a chick for a date when he didn’t have the money to pay for a dinner, but wanted to go out for a nice meal.  The second guy seemed like a total dream, we had an amazing date, he was the perfect gentleman… until the end of our first date.  He pushed me up against his car and said that since he was nicde enough to take me on a date (we split the costs) the least I could do was have sex with him.  He was so pushy and wouldn’t take no for an answer.  When I get away and went home he left several messages on my phone about me being ungrateful and not putting out.  I swore off online dating after that, aparently I’m just a creep magnet.  I met my Fiance the old-fashioned way in person saying hi.

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    I first started on POF and hated it. The guys on it that were in my area were scuzzy and creepy, and were only on there to get hookups. I was only on it for about a month or two.

    I actually met my SO on Match. My mom actually got me a month on it for my birthday, just because we figured we’d try it. I came across my guy after about 2 weeks on it and messaged him. We talked online for about 3 days, on the phone for 3, met up after a week, and official after date 2. I have only the best things to say about match. πŸ™‚

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    I’m in my early thirties, but I’ll answer anyway!  I met my Fiance on OK Cupid!  He was my first and only guy I met thru that site, and I was the one who contacted him first!


    I had done match for a bit in my mid-twenties, with no real success.  I also signed up for e-harmony back then but never went on a date.


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    @ladyamalthea:  My friend had a really great experience on Match, so I figured I’d give it a go for fun.  I’m not going to say “it was a total disaster”- because it wasn’t.  But it just wasn’t what I expected.  I didn’t think it was automatically going to lead me to my one true love LOL- but I was surprised at how many guys on there were nowhere near anyone I wanted to hang-out with.

    I wasn’t expecting anything special, but when guys would send me message- they were just so lame- almost like they were willing to say anything, just to see if they could get you to write back :/  After the first couple weeks, it just wasn’t fun.  I closed the account, and not too long afterward, I started hanging out with Fiance (who I met at work months before!)

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