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@mwitter80:  I don’t necessarily agree with that. I sometimes get annoyed at what my brother posts on FB. That certainly doesn’t mean that I love him any less or have my own issues. He’s just my annoying little bro ;o)

And FWIW, I’m not CBC, but I totally agree with the OP. Some friends’ kid updates are a little Too Much Information at times…which is why I love that blog so much!

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@chasesgirl:  agreed

I am very careful about who I’m friends with on facebook. I like facebook because it helps me stay in touch with friends & family, but I’m not friends with people on there that I’m not friends with “in real life”. If I had someone on there that I haven’t seen since high school and they had annoying status, they would either get blocked or defriended. Problem solved.

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@Ms Rocky Point:  As a mother to a special needs little girl (certainly not “retarded”), I post a TON of updates on my child for our extensive family and friends out of state who take a lot of interest in her progress, because they have been with us since the beginning of that journey. This would be a typical post:

“Finally got things ironed out with school and she’s starting next week!”

“Speech therapy went really well today, she’s advanced enough that’s she’s ready to start the integrated program!”

I suppose I could send out a mass email when people request updates and pictures, but I prefer to just do it on facebook where everyone can chat openly. Don’t like it, please by all means, delete away.

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@Ms Rocky Point:  By The Way that last phrase is INCREDIBLE offinsive to the MANY people who DO in fact have children that reading at six would be a wonderful milestone or who will never read because their mental disablities. 

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@ViaMinorViator:  Eh, I don’t think that’s true. I think those who are more likely to share every single detail of their pregnancies, children, etc. are the same who share every single detail of their relationships on FB. I make maybe one post every couple of months in reference to Fiance, and usually it’s a funny quote or something. We have few pics of the two of us up on there and I have made wedding/engagement-related posts… three times? Yeah.

Oversharers generally do it for everything, so that annoying chick who constantly posts how much she luuuuuuuuuvs her bf/husband/fiancé is probably going to be the same one blabbering on about the contents of Timmy’s diaper.

The hide button is a fantastic FB invention 😀

ETA: Though I will say, I think everyone is entitled to make updates regarding their life because that’s what FB is about. If your kid just learned how to read, damn straight you post that on facebook! That’s awesome! I think when it gets grating is stuff like, “Today baby said twenty-seven words (complete with a list), burped six times, and smashed mashed potatoes into her hair.” Some stuff just isn’t necessary to tell the world, lol.

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lol this post is quite funny, who really cares what they post? If you don’t like it then HIDE it, is that not common sense?

I’ll admit, I have atleast 10 or so people hidden on my news feed, the super emo ones, the game requesters, super lovey dovey ones & negative 24/7 ones. I do get the pregnancy/baby posts often but they’re not as much of a bother. (FYI I’m not a mother/wife lol)

Hahaha  completely agree with MrsNeutrino sooooooooooooooooooooooo TRUE!!!!

If the status is harmless, the problem really just seems like another case of the green eyed monster.  The status isn’t an issue until you make it one 😛  Stop being a facebook hawk, delete/hide, and move on.

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@chasesgirl:  Thank you. It astounds me that it’s 2012 and people are still speaking this way. I dread when my daughter has to attend middle school, truly.

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@abirdword:  yup, that’s what i do too.

and when facebook gets really boring (for me boring does include 1000s of baby pics and statuses about their development amonst many other non-baby boring topics), i just come on over to weddingbee! so much more stimulation on a larger scale. although sometimes weddingbee is boring too.

@BrightGreen:  haha, so true!

@chasesgirl:  they are sharing for somone, so true, because now that i think about, i have never posted about babies because i have none, but i have often posted about school stuff/applications/exams etc and i am sure about 80% of my facebook friends don’t care, but my friends in my program or that i made on internship last  year always comment and we have fun going back and forth. it’s our way of relating to each other, and having someone to commiserate with no matter where we are.

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@Juliepants:  You’re not weird…I always say the same thing, that when I get pregnant, I definitely won’t be posting belly/ultrasound pictures on facebook.

I love babies and kids too, and do like looking at pictures of friends and family babies on facebook, but some people just cross the line with what’s appropriate and what’s not!

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@ticatica:  Agreed, far worse IMO lol

@MissPine:  Agree with this too.

I’ll share with you a sad story now. There was a girl I kind of knew who used to post all her pregnancy news, you know every little thing e.g “Me and bump off to the midwifes”, “bump kept me awake all night”, “bump playing football in my stomach” and I guess a lot of people found it a little (or some people maybe a lot, like you guys find it) annoying. She continued this right up til the “Going to hospital, contractions started. Exciting!” and then the next we heard from her….her baby had died during labour.

I would have much rather have read all her “annoying” updates about everything the baby had done than seen that sad news 🙁

We never know what life will throw at us so sometimes a little bit of live and let live doesn’t hurt. People want to share their joy with the world and I think that’s ok, especially when there’s so much tragedy in this world already.

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That last sentence of yours pretty much sums up everything here. And if people disagree, they’re just plain evil, but that’s their problem.

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@j-adore01:  Evil? That hardly seems appropriate in a thread where all we’re discussing is a minor annoyance. No one is wishing ill on anyone.

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I had to block the friend that posted every day how long her baby’s nap lasted!  This, in addition to every cute thing that baby said or did, and what her current mood was.  I am talking probably 8-10 updates a day.

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Eh, I’m sure my friends feel the same about my constant wedding and volleyball updates. Everyone has an obsession…babies included.

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. I agree. This thread is just a gripe about something, no ill wishes are intended. Everytime I come across a board I don’t agree with I just move on to one I do. Sometimes ppl just wanna vent and there is nothing wrong with that.

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