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Dear Professor,

Just because you don’t agree with my ideas, doesn’t make me wrong. I have just as many credible sources to back up my opinion as you do. Get off your high horse.


Your ticked student.

Dear Wedding Guests,

We got engaged a month and half ago and you already have your Save-The-Date Cards. Invites are coming with all the information you need, shortly. Please stop asking me questions about every little detail 4 months out. Trust me, you will know.


The Bride

And a nice note:

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being so supportive. You’re keeping me sane.


Your Loving Daughter

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Hey Fiance,

How about you ask me about MY day?  Huh?  I just got off 9 hours of a crazy day in shopland and the least you could do is ask me how it was.


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Future Mother-In-Law,

Leave me alone, you told me that you were unable to help me with planning so keep you 2 cents to yourself.  Also I do not care about tradition I will make my own.  This is my day you had your now let me have mine.

Dear Toronto Maple Leafs,

Please win this god damn hockey game you need to make the playoffs its been 7 years. 

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Dear man glaring at my daughter because she was singing in the checkout line,

Is grocery shopping your relaxation time? Should I have lit you a scented candle and put on my chanting monks cd for you? Would that make your shopping experience more tolerable than listening to a 3 year old sing quietly to herself for 5 minutes? Fuck you idiot!


Your friend Katy

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@KatyElle:  Bahaha nice.  What an ass.


Dear Leafs,

Omg, stop sucking.  I mean, it’s just the Habs.  What the hell?  I rushed home to watch this crappy game.

Sincerely, Juliepants

Ps. please bench Schenn

ETA: ^ forever.

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I love this post!!

Dear abdomen,

Please be smaller. Thanks.


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Dear unemployment office,

Where the hell is my money?


Poverty Aimee


Dear world,

where the fuck is my cake? 


Fat Aimee 


Dear dog,

Please go potty. =( 


Tired Aimee 

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  • Wedding: June 2012

I love this! lol


Dear Myself :


I wish you could learn to appreciate yourself a lot more and love who you are. Your very special and a great person and you need to stop worrying about every little thing in your life. Yes, you are great to be around- So stop beating yourself up about it, Your Fiance loves you and cant wait to spend every day with you.


Sincerly, Me <3



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I think that I really needed this post right now.

Dear Darling Husband,

It is not that hard to use a check register, you learned how in HS, now use it and quit bitchin when you are over drawn because of YOUR mistake.  *palm face*

Dear Cousins in California,

I love you all, but you all are all idiots and your mother, god rest her soul, would be ashamed of all of you except one.

Dear Grocery store Manager,

I hate you, I really hate you.  Your store is dirty and your staff are morons.  How hard is it to put more than two items in a paper bag?  Is it really that difficult to make sure the milk isn’t out of date?  Or that the shelves are stocked?  Do you possible think that once “fresh” veggies start to rot on the shelves that it would be a good time to throw them away?  Seriously, how has the health department not shut you down?

Last one,

Dear step sons girlfriend,

If you show up to my house one more freaking time in PJs, no coat, and no bra, then think you are going to sleep with him in my house, you will find your sorry butt walking home in the snow and cold.  And NO you cannot go on a secluded vacation with us, NO you cannot stay overnight at my home, and NO he cannot stay overnight at your home.  and finally NO, we will not be buying you jewelry for Valentines day, it is appauling to even ask.  You are a using tramp, now go away.


I really needed that!

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Dear Research Paper, 

I am sick and tired of you sounding like shit. I would really appreciate it if you would write yourself and stop taking up my time. I would much rather be finishing my thesis, studying for comps, or actually enjoying my life for once. I hate you and your 20 pages of crap about grief counseling.

K, Thanks. 


I am sooooooo over being in school! M.S and Ed.S, you cannot come fast enough! 





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@tksjewelry:  Oh wow, Pjs- no bra and asks for Jewelry? And how long have they been together? cwwazy stuff here

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@Eva Peron:  Seriously, yes she did.  Apparently her parents are stupid also, they dropped her off that way.  Who lets their kid go out to their boyfriends house like that?

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