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Sugar bee
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You know what pisses me off?

How come I’m graduating with my Bachelors in Computer Programming in December…

…with other Seniors…

…in Senior-level classes…

…and they still don’t understand basic concepts of OUR MAJOR?!



On the other hand, thank you for leaving all the great jobs for me.
I really appreciate it.

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Busy bee
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Omg god, I hate that lady for you, she sounds like a complete nightmare. I would probably lose my temper and tell her that if she loves managing my job so much, she can just do it, and then walk off for a lunch break, or straight to wherever I could make a formal complaint against her.

Maybe you can politely say you’re not trying to interrupt them but you can’t concentrate where they’re talking across you and ask if they could keep the chat work related. She probably would still react like a selfish hog but at least she’d know she’s doing something wrong

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Busy bee
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Why are you people all sticking your oars in? I understand my idea of a wedding is completely the polar opposite to the norm, but it’s mine. I didn’t butt in on yours. So kindly stay out. I’ve only been engaged 3 months and you’re ruining it.

Current job – meh. New job on horizon – amazing, so much more money per hour, less petrol money, more company benefits… But you forgot to mention about the shift patterns. Great. So, you dangle this amazing job in front of my face and I now have to decide whether to sacrifice my university work for rubbish shifts, or keep the job that is flexible in hours etc but crap everywhere else?

Uni, it is now around 20 days until we start back, and still no timetable? Really? I hate you.

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Buzzing bee


I do.not.give.one.single.fuck about BIL’s wife.  In fact, I find her deplorable in the most severe form.  I understand she’s just the greatest thing since sliced bread to you, because your grandchild is currently floating around in her amniotic sac of pure vodka.  But, I do not give a crap about her.  Please stop trying to shove her down my throat.  No, I am not doing anything for her baby shower, other than showing up with a gift.

@asscherlover:  Yikes!  That person sounds like a major b-word!  I hate dealing with people like that.

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Honey bee
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Oh. a post where I can vent?

I work in retail at a chain store. I’m a cashier. I deal with shitty people every single day that I work. I’m used to people looking down on me because of where I work, telling me I must be an uneducated, high school drop out because I work there and at the same time getting pissed and cussing me out because I’m a human being and sometimes I make a mistake, like not using a coupon or scanning something twice and not catching it. I make a little more than minimim wage, I don’t get weekends off, I have to work most holidays and not be able to spend time with my family because I need the money, but it’s a job and I’m thankful to have one. When I started working for this company, I informed the manager that my availability would have to change on August 20 because I was starting school. They told me that whenever I got my schedule for classes to bring it in and I could make changes to my schedule so I could go to class and keep my job. I put in to change my schedule three weeks ago and the day before classes, it still hadn’t been changed. In the three weeks leading up to this point, I spoke with the manager several times explaining that I needed the schedule to be be signed off on and finalized as soon as possible. The manager kept promising me that it would be done in plenty of time for school to start. Several days before school starts, I notice that my schedule still hasn’t been changed and I’m scheduled to work during the times that I will need to be in class. I find the manager, he tells me to talk to the assistant manager, who then tells me to talk to my shift manager and so on down the line. I’m informed by the shift manager that she won’t do anything to the schedules and I need to see the manager. I go back to the manager only to have him tell me that I should have made a request sooner and the schedule is now finalized. Eventually, I found out that he just stuck my request in a drawer and forgot about it. So, my schedule wasn’t actually changed until around 6:00 this morning and I didn’t get the hours I requested because “they need me”. I wanted to be off work by 9 so I’d have plenty of time to get home, do whatever school work needed to be done and get to bed at a decent hour since I have to be up at 6:00. They have me working until 11:00 every weeknight now, working six days a week, and until the store manager gets back from her vacation in three weeks, I’m going to have to stick with the schedule I’ve got since “it’s already been finalized in the system and no one can change it”.

If this stuff doesn’t get sorted when the store manager gets back from vacation, I’ll be finding myself another job because this isn’t worth $7.90 an hour.

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Honey bee
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@asscherlover:  I hope so too. It’s been nothing but trouble since I started. At first they thought I wanted overnight shifts! Nope, I like to sleep at night… The thing is, this was the ONLY job that called me after my second interview, so I took it. The HR people told me that being a student wouldn’t be a problem, that my schedule would be changed easily… Pshhh, yeah right. I don’t mind working at night, I just don’t want to work until 11, and maybe two days off a week would be nice, so I could you know, pay bills and stuff. Right now I get Sunday off (and today because I lucked out) and I can’t pay all of my bills online, so a weekday would be nice to have.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Oh gosh a venting post, love it. My venting is all about my FBIL!

He’s a jerk face and seriously needs to be bitch slapped across the face a few times. I am not stealing your brother u damn idiot, we’re still going to be living in the same house and if you think you can just barge in whenever you like to go see the dog that youclearly no longer wanted, you are in for a rude awakening! He is now our dog and not yours, if I’m with him, I do not need you to yell at him or tell him to come to you and leave me alone, he is now OUR dog got it! 

As for wedding, just because u are the best man, it does not entitle you to treat me like I don’t exist, news flash buddy, I am the bride! Don’t make me go all BRIDEZILLA on your ass!!!!!

Ahhhh that fells better, thanks!

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Bumble Beekeeper

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@couawilou:  news flash buddy, I am the bride!

Lol – you tell him, C!!

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