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sbl99 :  my husband doubles down – seat and lid – every time. Always has! I also put the lid down every time. It drives me INSANE when we have guests over and they don’t put the lid down. So gross. Google “toilet plume”. Blech. Just. No. Honestly it would have been a hard deal breaker for me if a man left the seat up. 

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My fiancé used to forget to put the seat down until one night at like 3am, he stumbled into the bathroom and tried to sit down…and fell straight in and screamed. He’s been a lot better about putting the seat down since then. 

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I’m a lesbian so thankfully this is not a problem, toilet seat is always down in our house! 

When I lived with my dad and brother they always left it up, and left wee all over the toilet bowl, I honestly hate sharing a bathroom with men. 

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My husband is an animal who mainly pees in our backyard (I can’t train him out of it) but at least our seat is always down.  My Father-In-Law lived with us for a little while and would always leave it up.  I wasn’t used to it and did the whole plonk yourself down straight onto the porcelain at 3am in the dark a couple of times.  If DH did leave the toilet seat up though I’d just get used to checking before taking a seat.  I don’t think it’s worth an argument over and don’t think down is necessarily the “right” thing. 

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Eh. He cleans the bathrooms most of the time. but either way, I’m sure he finds it annoying to pick it up as I do putting it down.


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My husband doesn’t leave it up, he closes the lid when he’s done. 

Some of the guys in my office leave it up, and I know it doesn’t take much effort to put it down but I think it’s gross to leave it up. If there’s any splatter (gross) of any kind you can see it. We have 13 guys in my office and the cleaning people come at the end of every week… the toilet gets a lot of use so I think it’s better to just leave it down so no one has to see anything they don’t want to. 


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chelbell23 :  Hahahaha yes, it happened to my husband too! He never left the seat up again. They know the terror now. 

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DH always leaves it up and it drives me bananas! We are trying to start a family and once I am pregnant, we will be working on changing that habit for safety reasons.

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My husband closes the whole thing down every time he uses it, which I actually don’t like! lol 

I prefer the toilet seat down but the lid open. IDK why but I always assosiate the lid closed with opening it up to find a horrific bathroom scene left behind lol.

For reference our toilet and our sink / vanity/ tooth brush area are separate so we don’t have to worry about “bathroom particles” in the air that everyone always likes to mention lol

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When the lid is up and toilet is flushed, I’ve read all the germs also travel. EW! So, I personally always put the lid down. My fiance he keeps the lid up time to time, but never the seat. He doesn’t pee standing at home, I love him so much for that. 

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It doesn’t bother me when he leaves the toilet seat up. Once I’m done cleaning I put all the toilet seats down but if he doesn’t it’s ok. It’s truly not an issue 

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I’ve got a new one for you guys!

Fiance shuts the whole toliet lid because it bothers him that the dogs will drink out of it occasionally. BUT SOMETIMES HE FORGETS TO FLUSH! surprised

So which is worse, opening the lid to find someone didn’t flush OR leaving the seat up?  lol


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My husband has better bathroom manners than me, he closes the lid, I never remember. But either way it’s always down and I am very thankful for his mother for teaching him that. Typically women always use the seat down and men sometimes use it down (#2 or sitters) so statistically, it needs to be down more often than not. Put it down! 

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We have had many a debate over the years about this. And many times I have fell down the toilet because he’s left it up. I grew up with a family that always had the seat down, my dad never left it up.


my argument is that if you can’t be bothered to put the seat down when you’re done, don’t bother lifting it up and just sit to pee. Men can sit and pee, it’s their choice to stand, we don’t have a choice. I’ve now successfully ‘trained’ my fiancé to do it. It only took 4 years 😂

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