Opinions/experience on using birth control pills + pull out method?

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My opinion and that of the medical community is that birth control pills are extremely effective on their own. This post and your other post also make me of the opinion that you are not well educated on how birth control pills work. Talk to your healthcare provider about how a woman’s cycle works and how birth control pills help prevent pregnancy.  Being more educated on this topic will help you make the best decisions.

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I use birth control pills alone.  I have been using them for years and I have never had a scare.  (I am fairly consistent about their use, but I def fail to take them at the exact same time everyday.)  As long as you use them as directed, they are extremely effective.  

The pull out method is very ineffective as a method of birth control, and I would not recommend it.  I have a friend who used it for several years, and swore by it.  We all warned her it was a bad idea, and it was extremely ineffective as a form of birth control.  She is due in March.  


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The pill is effective on its own, but it needs to be taken correctly and consistently for it to be effective. Pull out isn’t a recommended form of BC. (The only people who I think pull out makes sense for are married couples who wouldn’t mind an “oops.”) It can’t hurt to use pull out in addition to BC, but it’s the BC that will be doing the legwork. If you’re not planning to use the pill consistently and correctly, then don’t think you’re covered just because you also used pull out – e.g. if you miss a pill, use condoms as a backup, NOT pull out.  

FWIW, I used the pill for 12+ years without any scares. But I was very consistent with it – never missed pills and generally took it at the same time every day or within 30 minutes of the same time. 

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I’ve been on the pill for years, never used the pull out method and never had a pregnancy scare. The pill is very effective, I don’t feel the need to pair it with any other birth control method.

There are many birth control options besides the pill though. Talk to your doctor to see if you can find an option you have more confidence in.

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I use the pill and the pull out method combined. I am well awared the pill is enough (and I use it properly as per the instruction), but DH still chooses to come “outside” because it gives him a better sense of security. Hahaha. I’ve tried explaining to him that it is okay either way, but he still chooses to pull out…not complaing though, I actually find it fun.

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The pill is designed to be used as a sole form of birth control. Taken as directed, it is upward of 98% effective. On the other hand, if you do not take all your pills, skip pills, or take them at random times, then don’t think that either the pill or pulling out will help. Get a more reliable form of birth control like an IUD instead. As already mentioned, pulling out is not a reliable form of birth control for any reason. Talk to your healthcare provider to get some real information about what will be most effective for you.

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im not on birth controll and we use the pull out method. i used to be on the iud and it didnt matter but it made sex painful so i got it removed.  we arent ttc at all. ive asked plenty of my cousins and friends and they have told me their guys do orgasm inside them while my husband tried his whole heart not too at all. i also track my period so i can monitor my cycles. i have had a few scares but my period always bled through

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Pull out isn’t a form of birth control. Pills work on their own. I can’t use pills as they exacerbate my migraines and cluster headaches and would probably struggle with taking them at a regular time each day, so they’re not for me, but none of my friends have ever had a scare or bad side effects on the pill. 

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Pull out IS a form of birth control, just not a hormonal/medical one.

Pills will work just fine on their own as long as they’re taken as directed. Pulling out can be very effective, if done right consistently, but has a much higher chance of a mistake happening. My cousin had no problems while using it, but she also had an issue that required surgery before she could conceive the baby they tried two years to have, so take her advice as you will. 

I personally would not use pull out method as a main method of birth control unless I was okay with conceiving an oopsie baby. 

My husband and I only use condoms. Haven’t had any problems. Do what works for you.

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If taken correctly, the pill is effective on it’s own. 

I’ve used the pull out method in conjunction with the rhythm method, but it requires a high level of abstinance. Not fun. And only really works if your cycle is regular. I’ve found it to be effective for my post-wedding/pre trying for a baby years, but my husband and I had a really high tolerance for error, and an oops baby would have been a happy accident for us. 

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christmasjoy123 :  I have 3 other good girlfriends that use the pull out as well as myself. My other 3 friends have used that method with their long term relatioships and never got pregnant. One of them is in a 6 year relationship and no pregnancy. Some are more careful around ovulation time, me I don’t worry about it as long as he pulls out 100%. My opinion is that it is pretty darn effective but I wouldn’t use it if I wasn’t in a long term relationship and of an age where i wouldn’t mind having a kid just in case. 

To clarify when they say pull out method being done effectively it means he has to pull out a full 4 onethousand count at least before he finishes. There needs to be an obvious ability to pull out way before finishing to make sure none gets inside. That is the effective way to do it, anything else you are playing with fire. Also the only other requirement which never is even a problem for us is, the guy would have to pee before having sex again or some stored seamen could come out and get you pregnant. So if you are doing 2 sessions in a row make sure he pees in between them. 

I dont take birth control because I have gotten bad headaches my whole life and I am not willing to add more hormones into my body. Works for me. 

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I’m on the BC pill and we don’t use the pull-out method with it. Been pregnancy-free for over 2 years and we do it pretty often.

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We never pulled out when I was on BC. Never had so much as a scare.

The pull out method is not effective just on its own. They did a study that showed a significant amount of men had sperm in their pre-ejaculate. So maybe you’ll get a lucky guy that doesn’t, but maybe not.

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