Opinions!! Larger moissanite or smaller used diamond?

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futuremrssmith102 :  It depends on your budget – if you’re willing to search a little more, I would definitely suggest preowned diamonds. In addition to what was mentioned, Ruby Lane, Ebay, and estate sales are good options. I’ve observed preowned diamond rings being about the same price or cheaper than what some have paid for new moissanite rings. When you shop, keep in mind diamonds can be reset if you don’t like the setting. Also, moissanite performs differently optically than diamonds and may develop a stain. That being said, moissanite can also be quite cheap (30-150 dollars).

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If you think the larger size looks better on your hand, go moissy. The stone is not going to make that much of a difference, although I like the extra occasional flashes of color my moissanite gives off. 

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futuremrssmith102 :  since you’re ok with a simulant and really just want a large presence,  go with moissanite. Don’t pay the exorbitant prices some charge for the “branded” ones though.  As a pp said moissanite is available very cheaply now (not quite as cheap as CZ yet)

The only downside I see is that as pp posted, moissanite sparkles differently, and often has a splintery cut, or a soft haziness (lack of crispness).  There will be those who will notice it appears “off”/different than a diamond. They may not know about moissanite and assume cz. However it’s unlikely they will directly mention that, or actually be rude enough to ask, especially as it’s an engagement/ wedding ring.   Moissanite is beautiful, but some gets a hard to remove stain.  (Do a search for threads)  Good luck!

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Congrats on your engagement and e-ring shopping!  I personally would 100% take a pre-loved diamond over a moissy for an e-ring, even if it meant going smaller in size.  I would even go with a plain band or colored gemstone ring and save up for a real diamond vs. moissy for an e-ring.  If your heart is set on diamonds, have you considered going with an eternity band as your e-ring?  Those tend to be less pricey than a solitaire and you can add a plain wedding band to it and upgrade to a solitaire later.  But if you love the look of moissy and would be proud to wear it as an e-ring, aren’t try to pass it off as a diamond, won’t feel self-conscious about people thinking it’s a “fake diamond”, etc., then go for the moissy.  However, if you really and truly want a diamond e-ring, I don’t think you will ultimately be happy with a moissy and it would be wasted money anyway.  GL! 

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I have both a 1.5 carat diamond solitaire and a 2 carat eq Moissy they are both pretty. I actually like the moissanite better for sparkle factor. They are similar but deff not the same! I say go with moissanite with an amazing setting now and save for the diamond size you want ideally. 

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I’d look at moissanite in person if I were you. Some people love it but personally I wouldn’t  want it for an engagement ring. I like it for fun pieces but I’d rather have a Smaller diamond for sure especially for my engagement ring. 

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I haven’t read all the responses, but have you considered lab created diamonds? Might be a happy medium. 

I‘m getting Moissanite because, tbh, I can’t afford a diamond right now. If I could go that route I would. Maybe not if I had to sacrifice in size though. I know me, and if I got something smaller than what I wanted, I’d always want to upgrade. And diamonds obviously don’t bring a fraction of what you paid when resold, so then I’d just be losing money in the long run. Could you do Moissanite now and replace it with a diamond later? 

If your heart is really set on a diamond, what about starting smaller and buying from a company with an upgrade policy like Whiteflash? 

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I was in the same situation and chose to go for a Moissy (not engaged yet though). For me finger coverage is important and I know that we could not afford a diamond the sort of size I want. Maybe in the future but I am 100% happy with my choice. It is a ring that I love and is in our budget.

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I’d definitely prefer the smaller diamond personally as long as it’s got good specs.

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futuremrssmith102 :  I’d say moissanite but that’s because I wanted moissanite. It performs differently than a diamond and I prefer it. 

Besides, I’d rather not spend $xxxxx on an included diamond. I’d rather spend $xxx-xxxx on a literally perfect stone. 🙂 I love my moissy – it’s my third moissanite piece – and I’ll never buy a diamond again. 

There are some brands like NEO that are cloudy, not crisp. Then C&C which is splintery, but if you do enough research, you’ll find brands that have beautiful cuts & color grades. 

I also got my dream ring with an antique cushion cut, which is suuper rare in diamond-form. If you’re looking at rounds, be picky! There are lots of ladies on here pro-moissanite that can help you. 🙂

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Personally I would go for a larger moissanite over a smaller used diamond. I’ve owned both a 1.3 carat diamond and a 1.3 carat moissanite. Smaller used diamonds probably aren’t going to have any certs with them, so you won’t know the quality you’re paying for and will just be going off your untrained eye and to get it appraised will cost a couple hundred dollars. Or you can get a very diamond-like moissanite for less than $500 in the 1.5 carat range and you’ll know the exact specs you’re getting (G color, ideal cut, VS clarity… all great). 

I don’t find moissanite to be overpriced at all anymore. If anything I think moissanite is an amazing deal now and they offer free returns (you just pay return shipping) so nothing to lose.

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 We looked at all the options: used diamonds, moissanite, sapphire, etc. I left the final decision up to him. 

He had contacted sellers on idonowidont, but no one was willing to negotiate. He ended up buying my diamond on James Allen.

There are tricks to get the most for your money with buying a diamond. You can find eye clean stone at a SI2 or SI1 clarity. You can lower the color to J. I don’t know your budget, but MoCo is way to expensive for what you get (check the /r/moissanite on Reddit to get a good deal). 

I love my ring. I’m glad he went with diamond. I’m not sure moissanite would have been satisfactory for me. 

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I have a diamond (and diamond cluster and a sapphire) and am getting a moissanite currently. Honestly, my diamond kind of bores me which is why I wanted to try a Moissy. I’m intrigued by the rainbow disco ball thing that moissy does so maybe that will peak my interest more. If not, then the search will continue.

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