Opinions!! Larger moissanite or smaller used diamond?

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CowboyBootsAndGlitter :  My advice is usually this; if you would be embarassed to admit you DON’T have a diamond, then you should get one. If the only thing holding you back is cost, you will likely be much happier with a smaller diamond than a larger simulant. 

Many people can’t tell a diamond from a moissy, but plenty can. If you would be buying the moissy hoping people would mistake it for a diamond, it’s likely someone would notice; either because of the behavior of the stone, or the idea that a diamond of that size and quality would be out of your price range. 

I love my moissy and prefer its shine to diamonds. No one has ever asked me if my stone was a diamond, but if they did I would have no problem telling them it wasn’t.

Diamonds have externally assigned value that doesn’t have a lot to do with objective value; they aren’t rare – supply control and marketing is what artificially inflates their cost. All that said, diamonds have a cultural cache a lot of people care about. 

If you want a diamond, get one. You’ll always be disappionted you compromised otherwise.

If that isn’t something you care about, then get the moissy. From what I hear, round stones in the 1-1.5 ct range are the most diamond like. My F1 has no greenish tinge, but I do have to clean off the “oil slick” from time to time if I expose it to too much soap. It comes off with the cloth they include with the stone. 

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sunburn :  Hi there! That’s actually my listing on LT (.75ct D VVS2.) I sent a private message to the OP with the link to the DiamondBistro listing. Thanks!

While I wanted to avoid the whole moissy vs diamond thing, I will say that I have both and can attest to the fact that they perform differently. At this point, having seen a LOT of moissanite and MANY diamonds, I can definitively say that I do not care for the 4H H&A cut moissanite. It has no funky colours for sure but it also underwhelms in terms of scintillation and sparkle. The old 6H Forever Brilliant had what has been described as a “splintery” cut but it was that cut that helped light to move through the stone in a way that resembled the finest diamonds.

In any event, at this time, I’m moving away from moissanite to pre-owned diamonds and would whole heartedly recommend that over moissy.

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sunburn :  Just to play devil’s advocate, I literally did get a diamond similar to that in a pawn shop. It’s GIA certified, XXX, G, VS1, 0.76. And we paid $1440. 

Now, I realize that’s more the exception than the rule, but I just want the OP to know that with some good shopping and a little patience, she can find a beautiful used diamond in a lot of different places.

Also, I do love the 0.75 that you posted and even though it’s more expensive than what we paid (but drooling over the D color!) if I was still in the market, I would scoop that one up in a heartbeat 😉

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littlemoon :  It is really a firecracker and such a classic setting! If I wasn’t already overloaded with sparklies I’d snatch it up myself and maybe make a pendant. It’s from a happy home – a 36 year marriage and going strong in case anyone is concerned about bad juju. This set would not be sold if weren’t for an upgrade opportunity too good to pass up.

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Go with the diamond!(Comment moderated) 

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CowboyBootsAndGlitter :  “what I really want is a good quality stone that is super sparkly and either white/clear or pale yellow. It definitely has to be something that will last the rest of my life since I’m sentimental and can’t imagine ever upgrading or changing my engagement ring in any way. The ring he proposes with will be my forever ring.”

Do the moissanite! That’s where I was too. I didn’t care as much about it being a diamond because I just didn’t buy into the whole concept that a diamond is all that should be in an engagement ring, but I wanted a clear/light yellow stone. 🙂

Moissanite WILL last, if you lose it for whatever reason, it won’t cost as much to replace. Plus.

The splintering everyone is talking about is in round cuts really. So doesn’t look like what you’re looking at. The older cuts don’t have the “hearts and arrows” sought after in round cuts.

The oil slick is also something I think is more aligned with C&C brand and old moissanites. I have not heard anyone recently with newer moissanites mention it. It was just a oily slick on the top of the stones, on the table, that can come off with silver cleaner.

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 CowboyBootsAndGlitter :  I personally don’t consider moissanite a forever stone. From what I’ve heard, the oil stain is not unique to one brand, and can be difficult to remove. Additionally, if it matters to you, a lot of the fancy shape moissanites are less diamond like. If you haven’t, I would recommend seeing moissanite in person, as many people have reported not being impressed. Finally, I think given your budget you can definitely find a nice preowned diamond if you’re willing to search.

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Diamond all the way!

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CowboyBootsAndGlitter :  Splintering can be seem in some moissanite cuts, where the double refraction makes the facets look smaller and more abundant, like splinters. Personally, I like it. I think it makes it look cooler and more sparkly. Not really something you’d see in an emerald cut.

Oil slick stains can happen on moissanite, but honestly I haven’t heard of it happening on newer moissanite. Mostly it happens on the older or coated moissanites. It tends to look like an oil slick sitting on top of the stone, or can make the stone look cloudy if it’s on the underside. Sometimes all you need is a little silver polish, but sometimes they can be nearly impossible to remove. The WORST case scenario is you have to get the stone replaced – but again I have never heard about this happening with newer moissanites.

As far as lasting forever – yes, it is a forever stone. It is nearly as hard as a diamond, highly resistant to chipping, scratching, etc. I would guess that since you don’t really care about it being a diamond for the sake of being a diamond, and you just want something pretty and sparkly that will last, you would be happy with a moissanite. 

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CowboyBootsAndGlitter :  You will find that people selling pre-owned jewelry are often happy to negotiate price. I don’t really like the brownish light yellow diamond you posted. It’s not a very desirable color due to the brown modifier, and I’m into fancy yellow diamonds. The diamonds I posted are slightly over your max limit, but as I mentioned, the seller might be flexible. Often that flexibility is built into the price. And they will be crisp and colorless, not brown. And they will be cut much better.

Of course if you decide to go moissanite that’s up to you. I’m not thrilled with moissy except for their old cuts which can be quite stunning.

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sunburn :  I agree with everything you posted except for sellers being open to negotiation.

My evidence is anecdotal, but my fiance tried buying used online. Sellers weren’t willing to negotiate on price. He ended up going with James Allen. 

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