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Honsetly a CZ will not hold up with everyday wear.  It will get cloudy. As for a 1 ct ring for 1100 with a lab created stone I think that’s crazy overpriced.  Have you looked at overstock.com?

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If it’s just for the time being until you can afford a more expensive ring, then go for CZ! Yes, CZ is not the most durable, but it doesn’t have to be if you’ll only be wearing it for a few years. I’ve heard a ton of good things about Asha CZs. They have a “diamond coating” which makes them much more durable and gives them a luster more similar to diamonds.

Heads up, REAL lab-created diamonds are very expensive. Please be careful, there are a lot of companies that use misleading advertising to market stones as lab-created diamonds. But they’re actually NOT diamonds, they’re diamond simulants, just like a CZ. Read the description of what you’re buying very, very carefully. If the price is too good to be true, it is.

My 1.2ct moissanite is gorgeous, and I got it for about $600. If you can go that high, I really recommend moissanite. They are almost just as hard as diamonds, MORE durable, and have MORE brilliance and fire. The drawback is that they have a slight color to them. Watch out for old stock, which can look noticeably green or yellow. New stock is much whiter, and some retailers offer enhancement which whitens the stones even more. There is no noticeable color in mine. PM me if you want to know more!

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@laurana: Lab created diamonds are real diamonds, and they process of making them (especially white and at larger sizes) is still pretty difficult and expensive, so the price makes sense. In the future there will probably be less expensive lab made diamonds, but for now they’re not much better than a natural diamond cost wise.

High quality CZ (like Asha) will also be more expensive than a cheap CZ, but it will also last longer and look better.

I still highly recommend moissanite. My moissanite itself (1.5ct enhanced) cost only $655. I opted for a fairly expensive setting, but if you got a more economical setting you could definitely get a killer ring for under $1000. Moissanite will stand the test of time, unlike CZ. If you really don’t want to go moissanite, my next suggestion would be Asha. Whatever you do stay away from Diamond Nexus Labs.

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Long ago I decided that I did not want a real diamond in my wedding set.  I have been married for 13 years and have used rings from QVC (diamonique) or HSN (absolute) and honestly, they are as bright and sparklie as they were the day I got them.  NO ONE can tell the diff…and really…who cares if they could. I get TONS of compliments on my jewelry and enjoy the fact that I didn’t have to break the bank.  It took a bit to convince my honey to buy a “fake” stone…..but once he realized how much money we could put on things other than a ring, he was happy.  Plus..I change my mind on what I like so I have had about 7 sets in the last 13 years.  I will admit it though, these boards have inspired me and I am now searching for a LARGE really dark amethyt to make my dream ring out of.  (think Princess Diana big).  I like big and bold and can get more ring for my money with a colored stone….oh..and it doesn’t hurt that purple is my favorite color! 🙂  I attached some photos…the last one is a Diana recplica ring that my twin gave me..I LOVE IT!

I say get what you want.  Marriage is a LOT more than a ring.  If you are happy, that is ALL that matters.

[attachment=1637804,203485] [attachment=1637804,203486] [attachment=1637804,203487] [attachment=1637804,203488] [attachment=1637804,203489]

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I think there are TONS of myths about CZ and people are really misinformed. Handcut CZ is VERY hard to tell from a real diamond and will stand up over time. The best ones I’ve found so far are from FreeCZ.com (hope that’s okay to post). Most people can’t tell what they are without VERY careful examination.

The pros to CZ are that it’s inexpensive so even though they aren’t as strong as diamonds, if something happens to yours you can replace them very inexpensively. Also, if you put them into a quality setting, no one can tell the difference. Also, CZ comes in a ranges of colors so you can get one that is not day a D in color, and it would look real. They are not all white or cloudy at all.

I had a diamond and a CZ from freecz and I couldn’t tell the difference between the two (and I’m a jewelry addict) without  REALLY looking for them and the ONLY way I could tell was when it was not in a setting and looking at it from the side or putting it flat on paper. 

I, personally, would opt for that over Moissanite unless you just want another type of stone. Gemstones are another great option, but if you have your heart set on the diamond look, you may want to look into CZ. There is also white sapphire which some use as an alternative however it doesn’t tend to have as much sparkle and brillance as a diamond.


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I think Moissanite is gorgeous but still a bit too expensive for someone really looking for a much cheaper engagement ring that has a clear stone.


I LOVE Absolute rings!  Have tons and no one can tell the difference!  I have a real diamond (free from family or godmother) but wear absolute wedding rings all the time!  I’m on HSN all the time! QVC rings are pretty but the one ring I bought, a stone fell out right away so that made me not want to buy from them, although my mother has been given tons of Epiphany jewelery and they are gorgeous!  Love your rings!  Is that last one from HSN?

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@pinkstardustdesigns:  The blue ring is from QVC.  My twin sister sent it to me for Christmas…my husband ordered the same thing, LOL.  Under $60 too!  The epiphany line holds up pretty good. 

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I say…get what you want and who cares what other people think!! It’s not really anyone’s business but your own 🙂 

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Nothing wrong with CZ at all, if that’s what you can afford and you’re cool with it. I think it would be way worse to keep waiting for several more years OR go without a ring at all (given that you want one) OR go into debt to get a diamond.

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