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Yaz was my 4th or 5th BC that I tried and I’ve been on it for about 2.5 years now and don’t have a problem with it.  I kept having to switch from the others because of the side effects I was having and then said screw it, it really wasn’t helping with my period so I got off.  Then I got diagnosed with PCOS and I told the doc my history with BC pills and she suggested this one.

I don’t have any complaints other than I wish I wasn’t on any meds, nothing personal about Yaz though 😉

You take your chances with each BC and it takes some time to find one that works for you.

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I took it for a few years with no problems.  I would not worry about it, if you look online for any type of birth control, you are going to see the worst stories.  This is because the people who are unhappy are more vocal (I know it’s true because I’ve never gone on forums and talk about my good experiences on BC).  Take it for a few months to see how you like it and if you don’t like the side effects, talk about going on something else with your doctor.

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I took YAZ and it caused me to spot on/off throughout each month.  But I switched to YASMIN (it’s a sister of Yaz) and now I’m perfectly fine.  It all has to do with each body and how it reacts to the levels of estrogen etc in the pills.  I agree NOT to read online for reviews bc then it just gets scary.  I’ve seen commercials from law firms for women to call them if they’ve had blood clots etc from Yasmin! It’s scary, but I’ve learned to ignore them and just watch/listen to my body for any potential serious side effects. 

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i’m on it and like it overall. it gives me more frequent migraines, but i didn’t gain weight, my face breaks out less, and my cramps aren’t as bad. plus, aunt flow is only there for like 2.5 days. no BC is perfect, but i like yaz better than nuvaring, orthotricyclen, the patch, loestrin, orthotricyclen LO, and like 2 other pills 🙂

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I think it is really a person-to-person thing, but I hated it. When I was first on it I had my period for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. While I was in Europe. SHOOT ME. After that I was spotting on and off for months. Somewhere around month 5 I said f this and switched back to my old stand-by:original ortho.

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I just switched to Yaz after 5 years on the same pill.  I love it so far because my mood swings are already better.  Just finished up a month of it and I like it so far.  My Gyno said the horror stories are mostly from lawyers picking stuff apart and I trust her so I take them 🙂

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I’ve never personally been on it, but I had a friend who was perfectly healthy before taking it. Then very shortly after, she got bad migraines and gall bladder problems that she never experienced before taking it. Her gall bladder problems meant that she had to permanently change her eating habits, which were healthy beforehand. Obviously everyone has their own unique body chemistry and how they react to certain medications so what works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa. But honestly just one bad case is too many, not to mention the fact that countless people have had problems with it in order to warrant any public health notices at all while you don’t hear about any with other brands.

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I have been on and off the pill over the last 8 years, although in the last few years its been mostly off because I can’t find one that I really like.  Last summer I realized that my very regular period would be arriving on the day of our wedding in September so I talked to my doc and she said I could go on Yaz and skip the placebo pills for 2 months (skip two periods) and get my body onto a new cycle to avoid the period on wedding thing. So I started taking Yaz in June and like magic–it worked! I didn’t notice any of the normal side effects and so I thought I had found a pill that I would really like.  My mood was a bit crazy, especially the closer we got to September but I attributed that completely to the stress of the wedding and did not once think it was connected to the Yaz.  But when the wedding was over and my mood swings continued getting worse and worse, I started wondering. And when I say mood swings, I  mean I felt like I was losing-my-mind-crazy. I went off Yaz in December and immediately noticed that I felt better (and my husband noticed that I was nicer and less crazy)! In January I went for a physical with a new doctor. I told her I had been on Yaz and her face said it all. She said she didn’t know any doctors that prescribed it anymore because there had been so many problems…She did some blood work and a couple weeks later I got a call that my liver enzymes were elevated.  Let me point out that all my levels (BP, Cholestorol, Liver enzymes, etc.) have always been perfect so this was highly unusual.  I had to go back for additional tests and they never found a reason for the levels and it eventually went back to normal. And while they can’t positively link the Yaz to the liver enzymes, I have no doubt. 

IMO, while a lot of women may take Yaz/Yasmin and feel there are no side effects, I truly think that where there is this must controversy it may be best to opt for something else.  Good Luck!

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