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mnanch : 

1. OPK would be positive, CM would be egg whites and temp only confirms O after three high temp spikes.

2. Best to BD day of positive. Everyone is different…. you typically O anywhere after positive 48 hours. BD best is 3 days before O, on O and day after O. However if DH sperm is low this could be too much so you may want to do every other day.

3. You could… I wouldn’t though. When I first started 17 cycles ago (this doesn’t come easy to all of us) I did opk in morning Nd afternoon. I also started CD 7 until I got a positive and then until negative. Now that I know I Get a positive around CD 12 I’ll start CD 11 and morning only. Why waste the tests. Also for me I know I O when my temp dips. The more you chart, the more you learn about your cycles.


hope this helps.

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mnanch :  OPKs detect a surge in luteinizing hormone. This surge is what triggers ovulation (however it’s also possible to have a LH surge and not ovulate, that’s why ovulation is only confirmed through temping). Everyone is different, so you may have 3 days of positive (or almost positive) OPKs and you may only get a positive OPK within a 12 hour period. When you ovulate in relation to a + OPK is also very individual. I think the general idea though is that as long as you BD once you get a + OPK you should be fine.

EWCM is what is considered the most fertile type and it occurs right before ovulation. Sperm can survive in this type of CM for up to 5 days (but that’s unusual, it’s likely more like 2 days for most people). 

Watch your body’s signs and try to aim for your fertile window, but give yourself a few cycles to learn how your body works. 

Good luck!

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The best way for me to think of it was the CM opens your fertile window and BBT closes it. Essentially, once you start getting EWCW or WET CM you have “opened” your fertility window and once you have 3BBT higher than the previous 6 temps, your window is closed. OPKs help in that they can help you identify O while you are still learning your CM pattern. I can usually tell just by CM when I will ovulate.


Another method for frequency of BD is the “sperm meets egg method”. You can google it, but ina nutshell:

1. BD every other day starting CD 8

2. Once you get a positive OPK = BD every day for 3 days

3. Take one day off, then BD one more day

This is all assuming your partner has a normal sperm count. These are just a few ideas to get you started. I can’t recommend TCOYF enough. It will teach you a ton about your body. I don’t think I will ever go back to hormonal birth control. Keep doing what you are doing and best of luck!

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icastro25 :  we are trying this method for this month, ive tried so many other things, so im hoping everyother day is what finally does it for us. I picked temping back up this month, and ive been getting a fairly normal chart, compared to in the past. Also just got another pack of wondfo’s in the mail today. Ive always either done just charting or just Otest, so ill be interested to see how it works doing both at the same time. 

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mnanch :  1) Your best bets for figuring out if ovulation is coming up are your CM (wet & EWCM are most indicative that O is on its way) and OPKs. Some people also find cervical position as a good indicator. Personally, I think O-2 and O-1 are your best bets for BDing!

2) When you get a positive OPK, I would start BDing every day until you’ve confirmed O with BBT, unless your DH has a low sperm count in which case I would just do EOD. Sperm can live up to 5 days and sometimes even longer, it’s the egg that can only live up to 24 hours.

3) It depends on what kind of OPKs you’re using. For the digitals/clearblue I believe they tell you to use FMU. If you’re using wondos or other cheapies you actually should use second or third morning urine after a 3 hour hold- I would aim for 10-11 a.m. and then they say late afternoon after a 3 hour hold so I would usually do 4-5 p.m.

As far as your chart being accurate, it’s hard to say because there are so many open circles and a missed temp right around the time that FF is giving you CHs. It’s most accurate if you’re taking your temperature at the same time every morning, at least within 30 minutes after 3 consecutive hours of sleep. Could you set your alarm for 4:30 a.m. every morning if that’s sometimes when you wake up, take your temp, go pee, and go back to sleep after? If you did O, it’s possible you caught the egg, but BDing before you O is usually the best way because you want the sperm to be there when the egg is released since they have to travel quite a ways! I would say keep up with the temping and tracking of CM in case you haven’t O’d yet. Best of luck!  



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