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I am by no means an expert, and didn’t regularly get super dark positives, but I can answer some of these:

– I usually tested between 10am-noonish. Tried to aim for at least 11. I read that it’s best to test from mid morning to late afternoon, because LH builds in the morning. I did test at work, and I just took my test into a private washroom and hung out there while it developed. I work an office job, and no one notices my comings and going’s. I get that this could be much more difficult in some circumstances. 

– I would usually pee first thing when I got up (~7-7:30) and aim for 3-4h old with fairly minimal drinking in the morning. However, this was a struggle. I was always thirsty. This is why I couldn’t test later in the day, I was desperate to chug water by test time haha

– I used Premom – you can take pics of your test and it lines them up nicely next to each other. It gives an assessment of the ratio from test to control line and gives a ‘peak’ darkness, but I found this wasn’t always super accurate vs what I felt I was looking at. Still, it was nice to have the pictures while each test was fresh rather than trying to keep/compare dried tests etc. 

– I would recommend testing at a couple times a day if your tests are dark but not quite positive, or if you have to test first thing then when your tests get close test at 7 am and 7 pm. Some people (me included) have super short surges that can be easy to miss. Like near positive at 11 am one day and definitely negative the next

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I test at 4ish.

Yep, at work.  There’s an out of the way cabinet in the bathroom, and I keep a little plastic pee cup in there.  Pee in it, dip the stick, rinse the cup and put it back, walk back to my office as discretely as possibly while holding a wet pee stick 😀  The brand i have takes 5 minutes and I don’t want to just sit there waiting.

I’m a big water drinker too so I don’t dehydrate myself or hold it.  Still works pretty well.  (But the cycle we conceived our baby, I never got a full positive even though obviously I ovulated, which I chalked up to being hydrated.)

I use Premom to save the OPK pictures.  Great app!  Then also enter  -, +, or peak OPK test result in FF.

I agree with PP about testing twice a day when things look like they’re about to happen (if you want to be sure to catch it on a test).  Temping is also a really easy way to make sure that you DID ovulate.

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heyyall :  

– what time are you testing? — Starting day 10 I test once a day with second morning urine until I get one thats close to positive, then morning and night, then once it’s positive I become super freak and test 3 times a day. Once it starts fading I do a day of morning/night, till it’s clearly negative again.

– if you’re testing during the day, does that mean you’re testing at work? How do you make that work? —LOL I started doing that this cycle. It was a bit awkward, but I’m only about 30 feet to the restroom. So I go, pee on it while attemting to cover the area above the max line (dipping works SO much better), then I sneakily ninja my way back to my office with it still held flat in my hand, then I stash it in a drawer for a few min until it’s time to read. I then wrap it in a tissue and put in my purse because the lady that changes our garbages never changes the freaking liner, so she’s often hand picking through our trash (yes, ew….)

– how long are you holding your pee? —I’d say maybe 3 hours if I can? This cycle I’ve focused on drinking a lot more water, and even the diluted urine has been getting good OPK results

– I’ve seen a couple app screen shots in other posts – is there a good app for OPK testing? I have a Fertility Friend account but currently only track period and CM details. —I use FF for my charting, but I use the premom app to store my OPK results. It shows them all next to each other with cycle days/times next to them, which I really like

-any other advice or things you’ve learned while testing?—don’t pee on the upper part of the test. It totally messes it up. Take everyone’s advice and use second morning urine, even if the test says to use first morning urine. I also prefer the strips to the digital clearblue one, because once that one gets a peak, you can’t test again for a few days, which doesn’t fly with me lol. Also, learn how they work with YOU. Some people get BLAZING positives, some people don’t ever. Just learn what yours typically do and base your conclusions off that. 🙂

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heyyall :  I started tracking with opk’s my last cycle. We plan on tracking one more cycle before actively TTC. here is what u found helpful.

– I keep a journal in the bathroom. I tape in my strips each day and write the date and cycle #.
– I start testing cycle day 6 

– I do it once a day when I get home from work. 
– by saving them and taping them in a journal you can see the progression of the hormone getting higher. 

– the only thing they say about when to pee on the strips is dont do it first thing in the am. Other than that you can do it whenever and you don’t have to hold your pee to test it. 
– Someone in a video I watched said that in some women the line being dark might mean you still don’t ovulate right away so they suggest you keep having sex for a few days after you get an ovulation positive line even if the test strips you take after that dark line get lighter in the next few days. 
– i think with anything you do to get pregnant people tend to do more things or test more often like twice a day or more depending on how long it is taking to get pregnant and how much you want it to happen. I myself would probably go to testing multiple times a day myself if I didn’t get pregnant the first or second cycle using the strips. 

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– what time: Life/work gets in the way of being consistent, so mostly at lunch but sometimes 9a, 6p..

– I’m usually lucky enough to come home for lunch, so I’ll do it then, or after work.

– I love water too much to give it up for OPKs. I drink my usual tons of water and still get positive OPKs.

– Good app: PreMom is great at quantifying the test/control line ratio. It says that it is optimized for certain brands, but it has worked just fine for me with an “Other” cheapie.

-any other advice: My tests take 10 minutes, which is kind of annoying. I’d go for a faster test, if possible.

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I am also a big water drinker. I know it isn’t recommended but I test late at night, like before bed and then the next morning. I was testing at like 2pm and then 7pm like always recommended but I never got anything I do beleive it was due to my pee being too diluted.

3 months ago I was predicted to ovulate the next day so I peed that night very late, prob the most undiluted my pee had been that day and got a positive, it wasnt blazing but it was there, I tested the next morning FU and it was blazing positive and I ovulated the next day. I’ve done tyhis the last 3 months and predicted my ovulation on point with it. 

I know so many people will tell you not to do the AM but it just worked for me, I had peed in the AM many other times and didn’t get a positive, but when my LH surge happened it was crazy positive. Just as long as you understand how to read the test morning testing is fine in my humble opinion.

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I’m pregnant now, but I got my BFP the first cycle I used OPKs.

– I always tested late afternoon/early evening (4pm-6pm)

– I tested when I got home from work

– I didn’t hold my pee, I just went normally once I got home from work. I peed in a disposable collection cup and dipped the test in.

– I used Glow — I took a picture of the test in the app (right), and it converted & analyzed it for me (left). It took the guess work out of everything.

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I test in the morning – i usually get up once and pee at 6, then test when I pee before I leave for work like 8:30. If it looks promising and my other signs (I chart cm) are lining up, I test again when I get home from work about 5:30. If I’m hovering in that “almost positive” phase, I do try and test once in the afternoon like 1-3, but also drink a lot of water. I just pee on the strip like a pregnancy test when I test at work, it’s not perfect but it works. I take the strip back to my desk and look at it there. 
Mostly however, I’m able to get away with testing at 8:30 am and 5:30 pm. I don’t start testing until I’m seeing peak quality cm, so usually only test for 2-3 days before a positive. 
I also like the pre mom app, even though I’m not TTC, it’s handy to have all the tests captured there where you can see the progression. 

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Agree with everything stated above. I also tested at work (~10-11am, plus sometimes around 2pm if I was nearing peak), and I’d take out the OPK from its little package, and then pee into the little package it came in (holding it open as much as I could) and dipped it in there. Sometimes a tad messy but as a pp mentioned, it’s a lot easier than trying to pee directly on the stick (I found at least). Then I could throw out the package/stick (mine were 3min waits) and not have to worry about keeping a cup or anything in a staff bathroom at work haha. 

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heyyall :  

– I test in the morning usually. When I get closer to O (once my CM starts improving) I will test twice a day, once in the morning and then again when I get home from work. I don’t worry too much about not drinking water or doing a long hold as I’ve found it doesn’t affect my OPKs like it does with pregnancy tests.

– I use the Premom app to take pictures of my OPKs so I can track them over time, but I log them in FF as well!

– Everyone’s surge is different. Sometimes a surge can start in the morning too (I’ve had a negative right before bed, and then a positive the next morning, for example) so I’m not sure why a lot of the internet says to test in the afternoon. My LH surge lasts a few days for example, but I know someone whose LH surge lasts only a couple of hours so they test a few times a day to not miss it. Sadly it’s the type of thing that you’ll only figure out after peeing on too many OPKs one cycle to figure out what your LH surge looks like, and even then it can vary from cycle to cycle!

As a side note: I LOVE the TempDrop and totally recommend it. You can use it even after you’re done TTC just to track your cycles and stuff. It was totally worth it for me!

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